How to Prioritize Spending

Personal spending can be categorized into fixed, periodic, and variable types. Fixed spending includes rent/mortgage, school fees, taxes, insurance, utility bills, groceries, etc. Periodic spending may include subscriptions (TV, newspapers, etc). Variable spending may include vacation, gifts, hobbies, etc. These are the spending which you may not be able to avoid. So, you need to […]

Credit card

How to Use Credit Cards Efficiently

Credit Card Benefits Credit cards help you build your credit-history within the maximum limits.  They help you handle many of the emergency and unplanned expenses. They can win you rewards like cash-back,discounts, and gifts. When you repay your credit-card balances on time, it can be helpful in securing personal and mortgage loans. Banks and financial […]


How to Stop Being a Spendthrift

Compulsive spending is stated to be a behavioral disorder which is often accompanied by psychological depression and anxiety. The individual may not stop until the last penny in the wallet is shelled out or the credit card limit is reached. Of course, it is an extreme case we are referring here. You may observe the […]