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Why You Need to Use Flash For Shooting and Video Editing



Videos that don’t stand out regarding story or editing rarely end up in TikTok’s recommendations. Lighting in a video is important to users because viewing high-quality content is much more comfortable. Once you understand how to use flash on TikTok, you can add artificial light to your project or apply light leaks and lens flares. Using lighting effects in post-production can be beneficial if you don’t have the resources to capture the effect on camera.

The Role of the Flash

If you want to shoot video at night or in a dark environment, do not underestimate flash and other types of space lighting.

  • the right light significantly improves the quality of the content;
  • it is easier for users to consider you and your actions, and this affects interest;
  • dark and unclear videos are usually not skipped right away.

If you consider this nuance, you will receive a noticeable response from the audience and see an increase in subscribers to your account.

How to Make a Flash in The Editor

You will need a few simple steps to apply a filter like this to a video using the TikTok editing app. Open the program and create or upload a video.

To do this, you need to click on the corresponding “add” button, which is located on the main screen. As a result, a gallery with your videos will open. Select the material to which you want to apply the flash preset. Next, select the desired effect and wait a little while. The professionals of the best TikTok editing app send you the finished clip, processed according to your wishes. This will take a few minutes.

What Can the Effect be Used For?

Many novice users may ask, what is the purpose of flash in a video, and in what cases is it advisable to use it? As you can often see in videos on YouTube. Often, many bloggers use this effect to edit TikTok videos in the following cases: transitions, interruptions between inserts, titles, and unexpected inserts. 

Current TikTok trends are setting a trend in which top bloggers use flash to interrupt two scenes. Often, you can see trends in your recommendations when a person is standing in one suit in a video, and then there is a flash, and he appears in a completely different image before the viewer. This is just one example of using glow with fading in your videos.

Apart from this, many other lighting effects in Tiktok video editor help enhance the perception and emotional impact of the video. For example, a gradient transition allows you to smoothly change the color scheme of a video smoothly, creating the effect of changing mood or time of day. Light rays that imitate sun glare or artificial lighting. 

These rays add depth and dynamics to the frame, making it more vibrant and realistic. The saturation and intensity of the light can also be adjusted to create a specific mood. Bright, intense light is associated with energy and joy, while dim, dim light can create an atmosphere of mystery or melancholy.

If you learn how to use a simple effect, you can later master more complex editing. But for beginners, ready-made effects and templates are perfect.

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