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I am delighted that you decided to drop by. I love talking to people from all walks of life. You could be a scholar yet get inspired by a vegetable vendor. You never know what the source of your next great idea could be.

I make it a point to converse with people every day. If you’d like to listen to me, I would love to have you over for a virtual coffee chat.

  • To contact me formally, fill up the form below or email me at mohit (at) betterthisworld (dot) com
  • To contact me informally like we are long lost friends, hit me up on social media.
  • To enquire about advertising, guest posts, anything, email me at the above-mentioned email.

Don’t hesitate to come to me with anything. After all, I do this to reach out to people. Let us both learn something from each other.

You can use the form below to get in touch with me.