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Hey, I’m Martin, the founder of Better This World. My goal is to help people start/grow their businesses and live a better life.

That is a very tiny part of my bigger vision. Whenever told to describe myself in a few words, I draw a blank. It happens to the best of us, so I don’t sweat over it much. My interests have always been far stretched, you couldn’t peg me down as one stereotype ever (If you are here, chances are you can relate to this feeling, so, hey there, fellow wanderer!)

Over the years, I have narrowed down the niches that I would like to give my heart, soul and mind to. Playing what-would-you-take-if-you-were-stranded-on-an-island works you know.

This blog is the result of extreme decluttering of my mind. I finally decided what I wanted to share, and whom I wanted to connect with, which is why you will find a wide array of articles here all huddled under the bigger umbrella of Personal Growth.

I try to bring, whatever I have learned in life so far, to you, hoping it will help you be the best version of yourself, not only in your career but your life as well. I have a ton of material for you to read on Self-improvement (Goals, Habits, Productivity, Mindfulness), Money, Success, Motivation, Health, Entrepreneurship and more.

There’s no point in gulping the theory when you cannot put it into practice. I take great care to not water down the information in order to make it interesting. I also make sure to not bore you to death with gibberish, trust me, I remember school. I read the bulk so that you don’t have to, and you get a nice little quick read out of it.

I do the boring part to bring you the interesting part. I hope that makes you consider joining me on this journey. If you tag along, you never know what you could get once I launch my ultimate goal. *wink wink*