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How To Become a More Organized Person?



Unorganized people find it difficult to succeed; they have to spend a lot of time looking for the right things. They are late for meetings and forget important things. Chaos prevents you from working actively, depriving you of strength and energy. Being organized means keeping in order not only your possessions but also your own time and your whole life. Try to put into practice at least some of the proposed recommendations for the rational organization of your plans, tasks, and surroundings.

Some people put things off because they are used to procrastinating in making decisions. If a person can make quick decisions, he will not procrastinate and violate his schedule, which means he will finish the project just in time.

The Rule Of 5 Minutes

If you are late for the same time (constantly missing “5 minutes”), perhaps you belong to the category of people whose schedule is always full of things to do. You like this kind of life, and idle time and long waits seem like torture to you. If that’s the case, you’re unlikely to want to make your schedule less dense, but you can re-prioritize and replace some tasks with others. Incorporate rest and recreational breaks into your plan; think about activities that can fill your waiting hours (reading a book, newspaper) and leisure time (going to the movies, theatre, museums, travel). Try to rework your schedule so that there is time not only for important activities but also for entertainment, socializing with family and self-improvement.

People who adhere to the rule of having 5 minutes to spare end up with 10. However, too much time reserved can have the opposite effect. If a person comes to a meeting 40 minutes early instead of 10 minutes early, it may indicate that time is not of great value to them, that they are uncooperative and disorganized. A time allowance of 5-10 minutes contributes to success, while a 30-minute allowance can disrupt your plans.

If your slowness in doing things comes from indecision, don’t forget your strategic goals; keep an overall plan of action in mind. Remember that each task in front of you is only one point of this plan, and if you make a wrong decision, one wrong task will not destroy your plan, will not stop you on the way to your goal.

Don’t Forget About The Order

Order is necessary for fools. Geniuses rule over chaos.” Yes, I am a genius, of course! But how do you rule when you’ve lost your keys and can’t get out of the house?

Well, even if you aren’t a follower of perfect order, and for mental comfort, you need a little clutter (sometimes smoothly turning into a terrible mess), try to keep a minimal set of important and necessary things in order. A diary, pen, phone, keys, wallet, and important documents are the very things you should always put in their places.

Avoid Distractions

Do not be distracted by idle chatter or social media while you are doing important things. Your thoughts will immediately “run away” from you, and you will forget to do something important. The best option is to set aside some time for other things that are not very important. Think about how much you got done that day when your Internet was not working! So, for example, avoid being distracted by casino games in a swiss casino or watching some videos on Youtube.

Take Notes

Do not sacredly believe in your memory; it can easily let us down. Write down all the important things, meetings, calls and dates. For each case, be sure to specify a deadline. Plan for the day and try not to deviate from it. You’ll be surprised how much more productive and faster you’ll start working!

Use Applications And Gadgets

Even in the most basic play market, you can find a lot of apps that will not only help you get organized but also simplify your life. All sorts of assistants, alarm clocks, reminders, timers, and income diaries are exactly what we need right now. By the way, if you use a “smart” alarm clock, it will be much easier to wake up in the morning – it will be triggered at the moment of fast sleep, and a sleepy person is more organized.

Make it a Rule To Rest For About 5 Minutes Every Hour

Look out the window take a walk down the hallway. By changing the activity and shifting your attention, you will be able to actively engage in the work again.

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