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Tips on Choosing your Perfect Engraved Name Necklace




Engraved Custom Name Necklaces are available in various shapes and colors, thus confusing the mind of a wearer. Here are some straightforward tips that would allow you to explore your options and find a name necklace that resonates with your energy:

Skin Tone:

Each of us has a different undertone that looks tasteful with certain metals. For instance, silver and platinum jewelry looks alluring on a cooler undertone, whereas gold compliment a warm undertone. On the other hand, silver, gold, and even rose gold looks irresistible to people with a neutral undertone. It would be best if you determine your undertone before choosing the metal so that your engraved name necklace looks stunning.


Pendant Style:

Pendant style can tell so much about your personality. For example, if you focus on details, your choice of name pendant is small and intricate with precision. On the other hand, if your sense of expression is bold and extravagant, you will mostly be drawn toward a thick and wide pendant style with chunky chains.

Metal Option:

Name necklaces are made from different types of finishes and metals. The most common ones, as mentioned before, are sterling silver, gold, rose gold, platinum, and stainless steel. Some of these metals are premium than others. Materials like gold, platinum, and rose gold are precious. Therefore, the necklaces created with them are more expensive than the ones crafted from sterling silver and stainless steel. If you are looking for a formal event masterpiece, buy an item with a premium set. On the other hand, if you are looking for a necklace that is the best every day wear, consider silver and a slightly inexpensive setting.

Font Style:

There is a wide variety of fonts available for name necklaces.  The most common of them all is Carrie font. According to the history of name necklaces, the rise of this jewelry item started with a popular movie of the 90s ‘Sex and the City” where Carrie, a character played by Sarah Jessica Parker, wore her name necklace everywhere she went. There are many other popular fonts, like Old English, Mexico, Roman, Comic, and many more. For formal events and occasional wear, go for a precise font with lesser distraction. Choose a casual font style if you like a low-profile life with everyday attire.


The shape and size of the pendant directly depend on your neckline and body frame. Therefore, it is advised that you choose its shape after thorough consideration.


A dainty necklace is not good for people with bulky frames as it might take away the attention from the details of the name pendant. Similarly, bold, visible pieces are off-putting on people with a smaller frame. Besides that, choose the chain size according to your neckline so that your name pendant can sit in the middle of your chest and have skin-to-skin contact.


Your field of work and lifestyle is other contributory factor when choosing the right name necklace. For casual living, a colorful name pendant is an ideal choice; however, dainty, decent, and sophisticated pieces are the best for a formal lifestyle.


If you want to choose the perfect name necklace, it is important that you know all the details. From necklace style to font style, every detail is important to have perfect edge. In this article, we have shared factors that you need to understand and have in mind before making an informed decision.

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