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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pick-Up Lines




There’s a fine line between impress and offend when it comes to dropping pick-up lines to your person of interest. What sucks is the fact that it can be easily crossed without the sayer even realizing they’ve crossed the line!

You could say there’s an art to pick up lines that one must grasp, which is just a fancy term for basically what to say and what not to say.

So today, we’ll explore The Do’s and Don’ts of Pick-Up Lines. Don’t worry; while there may be an air of rigidity around the title, we’ll put it as simply as possible. We guarantee that when you wrap your head around these, you’ll land a bulls-eye on every pick-up line you drop from here on out!

The Do’s

First up, we’re talking about the do’s. The things you can do and say with pick-up lines that won’t push you over the line and the edge of civility.

  1. Authenticity Wins The Race

While it may sound cliche to say, “Be Yourself”, it really matters when you do it. When you are in your comfort zone and being yourself, which is as real and authentic as it can get nowadays, in a world of pretenders and imposters, your person of interest will appreciate the genuineness.

Whether you’re complimenting them, or expressing an opinion or thought it generally, how it comes across to the other person matters. And when you’re genuine and conveying authenticity, it is reflected organically.

So forget those rehearsed phrases or dialogues from Barney Stinson. Saying something meaningful and, again, authentic demands a more positive response and initiates a more comfortable, open, and honest connection.

Something cute like, “Hey, your smile just brightened my day. So thanks for that!” works like a charm.

  1.  Keep It Cas’

Keep it casual and light. Humor is always a great and effective way to break the ice on first meetings and dates. A funny and lighthearted pick-up line can make the other person smile and make them feel at ease and comfortable, which should always be what you strive for: making them feel safe with you.

But always remember as you set free the Chandler Bing within you, be sure to not go overboard, make sure your funny pick-up lines are inappropriate and not offensive.

For example, a popular pick-up line that goes, “Do you have a name? Or, should I call you, mine?” has proven to be a successful one when it comes to awakening those butterflies in the recipient. So give it a shot!

  1.  Read The Room

This shouldn’t be ignored; before you drop your pick-up line, make sure you pay ample attention to the other person’s context and body language.

If they seem open and friendly, go for it. If they seem distracted or have their guards up, which you’ll be able to tell by their demeanor and how they respond to you looking at them, wait for a better moment. It’ll come.

Take context into consideration, you don’t want to drop rizz pick up lines at the hospital or in the queue at the bank.

You also don’t want to do that when they’re with a group of people. It may be effective when it’s friends but with family or colleagues, it can be quite an awkward situation. So it’s best to let them enjoy and be comfortable.

  1.  Practice Good Timing

Timing is everything. Choose a moment when the other person is not busy or preoccupied. You don’t want to interrupt or catch them off guard, or else it’ll be uncomfortable, and they’ll remember you, not fondly.

This takes us back to number 3, you must read the room and the person’s demeanor. If their body language indicates they want to chatted up, shoot.

  1. Be Respectful

This goes a long way in any interaction, especially when it comes to impressing somebody with your pick-up line. Make sure your line is respectful, within the seams, and doesn’t make them uncomfortable.

You might want to steer away from lines that objectify or intrude on the person’s comfort zone.


“I saw you from across the room, and I just had to come say hello” is simple and works great. While “Your Body is a Wonderland” should only be reserved as a song.

  1.  Praise Specifics

Listen, classic lines like, “Did it hurt when you fell to the earth from heaven?” sound lovely but can be vague. They can always end up asking you why they would be let out from heaven, which could leave you wanting to rewind moments before and wishing you hadn’t said it all.

This is where complementing specifics pays off. Focus on something that stands out to you; it could be their shoes, hair, or outfit. It shows you’ve paid attention and appreciate something unique about them. Again, stay on the line where it’s not crossing into objectification.

For example, “Your shoes go great with your outfit.” Or “That color really brings out your features.” This shows you’re observant and not creepy, which would be the case if you said something like, “Your lips look so juicy.” Yikes.

  1.  Confidence Is Key

Since we’re obsessed with fine lines today, you must steer clear of the one between confidence and arrogance. Your pick-up lines must also reflect a confident person. Say something like, “I couldn’t help but notice your amazing energy from across the room! Mind if I join you for a bit?

And not, “I usually don’t do this, but I figured I’d make you lucky enough to have me come over and talk to you.” So cringe, so arrogant, and so tacky.

How you say your pick-up lines also matter. Stand tall, make eye contact and smile. You want to make the other person feel comfortable and not intimidated. We get it, you’re a gym freak, now stop puffing that chest out.

The Don’ts

Finally, we’re discussing the don’ts of saying pick-up lines. You better not miss this one!

  1.  Let The Cliches Go

As you shrug off your anxiety and nerves, be sure to shrug off those cliche pick-up lines you browsed through from the internet while you’re at it. Classic lines are great, but they may often come across as cheesy, cringe, or just plain lazy.

Retire those, “Are you tired? Cos you’ve been running through my mind all day.” and think of something creative.

  1.  Don’t Be Too Forward

An aggressive or excessively forward approach can be off-putting. It’s very important you strike the right balance between being confident, showing interest, all while giving the other person their space and making them comfortable.

Pick-up lines shouldn’t be too personal or suggestive right off the bat.

  1.  Don’t Lie

You use pick-up lines when you meet someone for the first time and if you start off lying, it just spells negativity for the rest of your journey. Just keep it real and honest. Dishonesty will surely backfire in the long-run in your dating life.


Even little white lies could be problematic as your connection flourishes, so keep your pick-up lines as realistic and truthful as possible.

  1.  Avoid Controversial Topics

We live in a different world now, where political and societal issues are open for discussion for and by everybody, as they should be. But save it for later when it comes to pick-up lines.

Lines like, “Are you COVID? Because my heart’s been on lockdown ever since I saw you.” are not only bizarre but may also be unintentionally hurtful for the other person as they may have lost loved ones in the pandemic.

Or including topical events in your lines such as, “You must be Brexit because I can’t get you out of my mind.” are also not a good idea, as you don’t know what the other person’s political stance is or even if they’re interested in it in the first place! It might instantly make you unattractive.

  1.  Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

If the conversation isn’t flowing or the other person hasn’t been responding to you the way you’d like, don’t push it. They’re probably not interested. That’s alright; you have nothing to lose; be gracious, thank them for their time, and move along. There will always be more opportunities.

  1.  There’s More To It Than Pick-Up Lines

Don’t just rely on your pick-up lines; move the conversation along. Don’t respond to questions with another pick-up line; it’s weird, and you’ll seem unoriginal, among other things.

Pick-up lines are meant to break the ice and start a genuine conversation that’s going to determine the longevity of your connection. They shouldn’t become the only way you talk to them!


With this handy guide at your disposal, we hope you’ll land those dates with your perfectly appropriate and effective pick-up lines. Keep them respectful and genuine, and always make sure to make your person of interest feel comfortable with your invented poetry.

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