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6 Benefits of Regular Check-ups at Franklin Vet Clinic



It is essential to make certain that you are regularly taking your four-legged buddies in for an appointment with the vet. At Franklin Vet Clinic we strive to offer gentle care and preventative medicine for your pets so that they can live long happy lives. Keep reading for the 6 reasons you need to book appointments at Franklin Vet Clinic for your fur baby.

1. Early Discovery of Health Problems: Regular monitoring at Franklin Vet Facility enables our vets to determine health issues quickly. Pets can have dental disease, arthritis, and even diabetes just as humans. Our veterinarians can sometimes detect early warning signs that most people will not notice, with more frequent routine examinations and treat them to make sure problems don’t develop into active states.

2. Protocols and Preventative Care Plans Customized to Your Pets: Just as your pets are unique, so too is their level of care. Routine exams allow vets to form preventative plans with annual examinations tailored specifically for your animal. These types of services may include vaccines, parasite control, dietary guidance, and dental care. Following are a couple of the things you can do. By type of pet, you have to take care of its well-being and health so that your pet is not ill or catches any ailments.

3. Examination of Vital Health Parameters: Vets examine not only important things like body weight, pulse rate, and blood pressure but also the temperature.

By tracking these values over time, they can see any changes in the numbers which might indicate a cause for concern. Quick intervention on those signs of fading can go a long way toward helping your pet achieve successful therapy and the highest quality of life.

4. Dental: Health dental exams are a critical component of your pet overall trade that nearly all forgets to value. Perform regular dental examination with other health checks, as a part of the routine for your pet. Professional dental cleanings remove the plaque and tartar that causes Periodontal Disease which in turn can be a contributing factor to both heart disease and diabetes.

5. Behavior Assessment and Support: Changes in behavior can be a symptom of underlying physical or emotional issues.

Veterinarians are trained to see these as signs during examinations. We share with you do-it-yourself methods to tackle issues your pet may be having in terms of behavior which allows for a more harmonious living situation.

6. Regular Visits: Help your vet establish a good relationship with you and your furry friend. This will lead us to the appropriate care that meets your expectations of your pet and his/her needs as well. For wellness exams for sick pets, our goal is to do our very best to meet you and your pet at the level of care you believe is needed.

Early detection of health problems, individualized preventive care planning, and dental health assessment as well as a host of other options make up our thorough plan to improve your pet’s quality of life.

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