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What Window Treatments to Choose for Unique Windows




Standard rectangular windows are reliable but can feel banal in design. But if you add a bit more flair to your windows, like beautiful arched windows, space-saving casements, or a stunning bay window, you might be wondering how to dress them up without compromising their special qualities.

While they add their own beauty to a space, you may still want some level of light control and privacy. Choosing window treatments for those distinctive windows can be tricky. But with a little guidance, you can explore fantastic options like custom roller shades in Austin tailored to various unique window styles.

No matter your window’s shape or size, you should consider the overall feel you want to create in the room. Here’s a guideline you can follow when choosing window treatments for your unique windows:

Arched Windows

Arched windows add architectural interest to a space. You can enhance their beauty by using custom arched blinds. They are designed to fit the exact curve of your window and provide privacy and light control while highlighting the window’s shape.

Long, flowing drapes that frame the arch are another good option. This softens the edges and adds a touch of sophistication. For a cohesive look, use a curved rod to follow the arch’s shape.

Roman shades can be custom-fitted to your arch, giving a tailored look while offering a wide range of fabric options to suit your decor.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are perfect for creating cozy nooks. Specialized rods are designed to fit the angles of bay windows. This allows you to hang curtains that can be drawn for privacy or opened to let in light. Interior shutters can be custom-made to fit bay windows. They add a classic look and are excellent for light control and privacy.


Skylights bring in natural light from above, but they can also get too hot or cold. Blinds designed for skylights offer light control and insulation, and the motorized options make them easy to operate.

Solar shades are another window treatment option for skylights that reduces glare and blocks harmful UV rays. They do this without completely darkening the room.

Corner Windows

Finding suitable window treatments for corner windows can be tricky. If you choose curtains as your preferred window treatment, you can use curtain rods. The rods can be wrapped around the corner, allowing you to hang curtains seamlessly. It’s a great way to make a bold statement while ensuring privacy.


If your corner window is large, you can use vertical blinds. They offer flexibility in light control and privacy while maintaining a sleek and modern look. Alternatively, layered treatments can serve, combining shades with curtains for a layered look. For example, you can use Roman shades for light control and add drapes for a soft finish.

Round Windows

Round windows can be fitted with either blinds, films, or drapes. Most of these options are custom-made. For instance, custom round blinds can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your round window.


Decorative window film can also add privacy and style without covering up the unique shape of the window. There are also many designs to choose from, including frosted and stained glass effects.

But if you prefer fabric, hang drapes that can be tied back to frame the window. Use a flexible rod that bends to fit the curve for a custom look.

Final Touches

When choosing window treatments for unique windows, most of the options available to you will likely need to be custom-fitted. As such, precise measurements are important. If you cannot DIY your way out, consider professional installation to ensure a perfect fit.

Also, consider the room’s purpose. Think about how you use the room. Bedrooms might need blackout options, while living areas may benefit from light-filtering treatments. Don’t shy away from combining different treatments for a personalized look. Layering can add depth and functionality to your window design.

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