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15 Best Food Delivery Service to Work For That Pay Well in 2021



15 Best Food Delivery Service to Work For That Pay Well in 2021

Food delivery service companies are increasingly popular but a lot of people still don’t trust them. In fact, it’s still quite difficult to find the best food delivery service to work for. Given this, we’ve decided to make a list of the 15 best food delivery service to work for that pay well in 2021, which will help you choose the one that suits your needs. Some of the food delivery services may no longer be the best after 2021, so it’s best to check their recent performance before signing up with any of them.

We are in the middle of an economic boom. According to the National Federation of Independent Business’ (NFIB) Small Business Optimism Index, the percentage of small business owners who expect their businesses to be better in the next six months rose to a seasonally adjusted 64.8% in April, the highest level since May 2010. This is a major turnaround from the NFIB’s October Index, which found that the percentage of small businesses expecting better times dropped to the lowest level since January 2009.

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The best delivery driver jobs


DoorDash gives you the ability to keep 100% of your customers’ tips.

You have the freedom to choose the orders you want to take.


Earn up to $20 per hour (no minimum hours required)

Bonus: You can earn $3 for each 5-star review.

Weekly payments – plus immediate payment options


Work to your own schedule – use your day as you see fit.

Earn at least $4 per order, plus tips from customers.

Earn up to $1,500 per week without much experience.

16 best food delivery services at work

1. Instacart

(Estimated salary – $11+ per hour).

The Instacart platform is a food delivery service. What makes this platform interesting, however, is that you can make money even if you don’t have access to a car.

There are two ways to make money on Instacart. The first is that of a shopkeeper in a store. As the name suggests, these are purchases ordered by the customer but delivered by someone else. The other option is a full-service buyer. They buy orders from customers and then deliver them.

You can make over $11 an hour. In addition, some workers report making hundreds of dollars a week.

Instacart has an iOS and Android app that allows you to manage your customers’ orders and deliveries.

To become an Instacart customer, you must be over the age of 18, pass a background check, and have a smartphone compatible with the app. If you want to be a full-fledged buyer, you also need access to an insured vehicle.

Summary Instacart

  • Earn up to $20 an hour
  • Bonus Opportunities
  • Weekly payments
  • Flexible schedule

2. ByDash

(Estimated earnings – $12 per delivery)

DoorDash is a food delivery service of local restaurants. As a driver, you can earn up to $12 per delivery, plus tip.

The company is delaying the start of work by about two weeks. The application process involves filling out an online form and undergoing a background check.

You will also need :

  • be over 18 years of age
  • Possession of a vehicle
  • You have a relatively clean criminal record
  • No more than three accidents in the last three years

Once DoorDash has accepted your request, the company will provide you with an activation package. It consists of an insulated delivery bag and your red card. This is a prepaid debit card that you can use to pay for food orders. You will also be prompted to download the DoorDash app so you can easily manage your deliveries.

Summary Doordash

  • Work to your own schedule
  • Earn $15 to $25 an hour
  • Selection of the order
  • Earn more with tips

3. Postmates

(Estimated earnings – $20+ per hour).

Postmates is a platform for the delivery of restaurant food, groceries and other products directly to the customer’s door. On the platform, you can earn $20 or more per hour, plus tips.

With this platform, you can get paid for the miles you drive and the time you spend waiting for orders, with bonuses if you complete more orders within the hour.

Postmates differs from other services in that the app encourages its customers to tip their drivers. This makes it the best food delivery service to work with, saving you 100% on your tips.

Become a driver:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Access to vehicles and smartphones
  • You have to pass a background check

Once Postmates has accepted your application, you’ll receive a welcome package that includes a delivery bag and a prepaid credit card. You will also need to download an application to manage your orders and set up delivery alerts.

Postmates Summary

  • Work to your own schedule
  • Earn at least $4 per order
  • You can earn up to $1,500 a week.
  • Generous advice

4. Uber Eats

(estimated salary – $12 an hour)

Many people know Uber as a public transportation platform, but the company also has a food delivery division. With Uber Eats, you can order food from a restaurant and have it delivered to your home. Orders are placed through the Uber app, and the company needs delivery drivers who work as independent contractors to pick up and deliver these meal orders.

It works the same way as Postmates or DooDash. Uber takes a 25% commission, but you can expect to earn up to $12 an hour after car costs are deducted.

The platform offers fees for pick-up and drop-off and pays a fee per kilometer.

5. Delivery note

(estimated salary $22 an hour).

Shipt is a food delivery app, but it’s a little different than Instacart. Instead of paying by the hour, you get commissions and tips from customers. While this does not mean a guaranteed income, you have the opportunity to earn up to $22 per hour.

This means that Shipt has the potential to be the best grocery delivery service for the job. As with other platforms, there are certain requirements for the driver.

You’ll need:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • Run a background check
  • Possession of a valid US driver’s license.
  • At least one year driving experience
  • You have an insured vehicle with a year of construction of 1997 or less.

Kick Summary

  • Keep 100% of your tips
  • Determine your working hours
  • Selection of the order
  • Easy to use application

6. Eaze

(Estimated salary – up to $26 an hour).

Eaze is a little different than most of the food delivery services on this list. Its sole purpose is to provide medical marijuana. This platform has been in existence since 2014. There is an app that allows you to buy products from cannabis dispensaries with home delivery.

This company acts as an intermediary. It connects sellers and customers instead of growing or selling marijuana directly.

You are not paid on a delivery basis, but on an hourly basis for the work you are assigned. You can earn between $18 and $26 an hour, depending on where you work.

7. Desired delivery

(estimated salary $18 an hour).

Favor Delivery has independents who are runners in their area. When you download the application, you can set your own working hours. You can make up to $18 an hour and get 100% tips from the customers.

It’s a great way to explore your city and have fun in all sorts of ways. You will be more than just a meal delivery person, as some tasks will be more like a personal assistant.

8. Caviar

(Estimated salary – up to $25 per hour).

Caviar is another food delivery service. You can earn up to $25 an hour. However, Caviar does not have a transparent payment structure. The company calculates wages using an effort-based algorithm.

Until recently, tipping was not allowed here either, but that has changed. You can benefit from flexible working hours, adapted to your schedule.

To become a driver, you must :

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • You have a compatible smartphone
  • have access to the insured vehicle

You can work weekdays and weekends and receive your income each week in the form of direct bank transfers.

9. Pithead elevator

(estimated salary – $11 an hour)

GrubHub is another choice for the best food delivery service for work. You can schedule services in your area and work as an independent contractor. You can track your earnings with the GrubHub application. At the end of each year, you must complete a 1099 form to report your income taxes.

To become a delivery driver, you must be over the age of 19, have an insured car and hold a driver’s license. However, in some cities it is possible to use a bicycle for deliveries.

You can expect to make more than $11 an hour.

10. Control room

(presumably income – ???)

Dispatch aims to replace the old mail industry with an efficient service that offers accurate delivery estimates and real-time tracking.

As the driver, you will be notified when you are closest to the pickup point. You can claim an order with a simple swipe of your finger in the app, and the customer gets an estimated delivery time immediately.

To become a driver-dispatcher, you must:

  • Smartphone
  • Valid driving licence
  • Net driving ratio
  • The car is in good condition
  • Read and speak English well
  • 23 years and older

You can expect to earn between $75 and $125 per day.

11. Coquine

(Estimated earnings – $10+ per hour).

While Saucey isn’t technically a food delivery service, it does offer drivers a decent earning potential. It is an alcohol delivery service currently operating in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. There are plans to expand it, so maybe it will come to a city near you.

As a Saucey courier, you’ll deliver alcohol at specific times, from 12pm to 1am. You can also deliver snacks, cigars and other products through the Saucey website or app. You must make the delivery within 30 minutes.

You can sign up for specific shifts and expect to earn between $10 and $10 an hour. Saucey aims to deliver within 3-5 miles of your location, and customers are encouraged to leave a tip.

12. Amazon Flex

(Estimated salary – up to $25 per hour).

Again, this isn’t technically a meal delivery service, but AmazonFlex is a great option for drivers.

You’ll need:

  • have a van, a pick-up truck with a covered cargo area or a four-door sedan
  • Have proof of valid car insurance
  • Have a driving licence
  • Run a background check
  • Drivers must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Tell AmazonFlex your social security number

These requirements may seem a bit high, but you can earn up to $25 an hour.

Amazon Flex Summary

  • Easy to hire (no interview, just a background check).
  • You are an independent contractor (no taxes are deducted from your salary).
  • Tipping (although optional, many customers leave a tip).
  • Flexible working hours – work when you want to

13. BiteSquad

(estimated salary $15 an hour)

Bite Squad delivers orders from restaurants or fast food outlets directly to the customer’s door. You work as an independent contractor. You can choose your own hours and coordinate time blocks with your other commitments.

To become a Bite Squad driver, you must be at least 18 years old, own your own insured car, have a valid driver’s license and a blank driving record. However, the application process includes a basic interview in which you will be asked about your position. You will also be asked to answer a situational question and a subjective question so that Bite Squad can assess how you handle situations such as order delays or how you make delivery a pleasant experience for your customer.

Your pay will depend on the time you spend on the block, but you can expect to pay an average of $15 per hour.

14. Go Puff

(estimated salary $15 an hour)

GoPuff drivers deliver everyday items such as drinks, snacks and household items. Customers can browse through the list of products in the app and pay for their order. Next, you must deliver the order to the customer’s location.

All items are stored locally, so you don’t have to go to an external organization to pick up your orders. They receive a commission for the delivery of each order and tip themselves 100%. GoPuff says drivers can earn up to $15 an hour.

To become a driver, you must be at least 21 years old, have car insurance and hold a valid driver’s license. You must also pass a background check.

15. Delivery.com

(estimated salary $15 an hour)

With Delivery.com, customers can have groceries, alcoholic beverages, restaurant meals and even dry cleaning products delivered to their homes.

Customers can browse the site to find what they are looking for in their area. Delivery coordinates the pickup and delivery of the order. You can earn up to $15 an hour.

Which delivery application pays the most?

Eaze offers the best price, up to $26 per hour. However, if you are uncomfortable providing medical marijuana or it is not legal in your area, there are good paid alternatives.

These include Amazon Flex, Caviar, Shipt and Postmates, which offer rates starting at $20 per hour.

How to become a food delivery person?

Although some platforms allow bike delivery, the main requirement for a meal delivery driver is to have an insured vehicle and a valid driver’s license. While many companies require a background check, for most people it is often nothing more than a formality.

You must also have a smartphone that is compatible with the platform’s application. This allows you to coordinate orders and deliveries.

Plus, if you’re very organized, you can even work on multiple platforms to increase your earning potential. But don’t mix up your orders, or you’ll end up with a lot of unhappy customers!{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which food delivery service makes the most money?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” The answer is Grubhub.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which food delivery service treats employees best?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” The best food delivery service for employees is Amazon. Amazon provides a generous amount of paid time off, and provides a full benefits package.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which driver app pays the most?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” The most popular driver app is Uber.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Which food delivery service makes the most money?

The answer is Grubhub.

Which food delivery service treats employees best?

The best food delivery service for employees is Amazon. Amazon provides a generous amount of paid time off, and provides a full benefits package.

Which driver app pays the most?

The most popular driver app is Uber.

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