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5 Tips on Using No Deposit Bonus in Roulette



Roulette no deposit bonuses are special casino rewards given to new players. Certain casinos offer these rewards through the list of casino bonuses, and players only need to register to get them. They do not have to make any deposit to use these rewards, as they are free.

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No-deposit bonuses are generally tricky, which is why this article will consider the best ways players can maximise them. However, before that, the next section will briefly describe the roulette gameplay.

Understanding Roulette Games

Before players should consider using their roulette, they should have a good understanding of what the logic is all about, as well as of royal flush. There are many roulette bet options available, and knowing them will help players direct their no-deposit rewards to the right bets.

Roulette is a special table game involving a rolling wheel and a ball with numbers from 0 to 38. If the ball falls on a number that coincides with the bettor’s choice, they win. There are three major variants of modern roulettes, and it is important to be able to tell the one that they are to use their no deposit bonuses.

The European and French roulettes generally have the following numbers 38 numbers starting from 0, 1, 2, and 38. The American roulette, on the other hand, has two zeros meaning that it has 39 numbers starting from 0, 00, 1, 2, and 38.

The European and French roulettes give players a better advantage of winning and only have a 2.70% house edge. The American roulette has a 5.26% house advantage and offers players fewer chances to win. So players who get no deposit bonus on European and French roulette are more likely to succeed than those who have their rewards on the American.

Bet on Higher Numbers Than on High Odds

It is more important to focus on winning each bet than winning big. In roulette, the higher the focus on high odds, the lower the ability to cover more numbers. For example, in American roulette, there are many bet options.

  • The straight bet allows players to only bet on the possibility of a single number getting selected after the turn of the wheel. This bet pays 35 to 1 or 35:1, which is quite high.
  • The split bet allows players to stake on two numbers and can win if the roulette ball selects either of them. However, since players’ chances are somehow increased, the casino will only pay 17 to 1 or 17:1.

Other bet options have low odds but give players the chance to win if one of the selected multiple numbers comes up. The row bet pays on three numbers, while the corner bet pays for four numbers and gives a much lower odd than the row bet.

Generally, the casino odd is relatively the same for each bet, which is 5.26%. However, since roulette is actually based on randomness, whether online or offline, the larger the possible winning numbers, the better the chance of winning.

Do Not Wager No Deposit Bonus on a 5 Number Bet

While the no deposit bonus bet is a free casino bonus bet, Players do not have to waste it, as wagering on some numbers will be doing exactly that. Whether playing American, European or French roulettes, wagering on the 5-number bet is the worst possible choice players can make.

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So what is a 5-number bet? A 5-number bet is a bet placed on the first 5 numbers at the top of the Roulette board. These 5 numbers in American roulette are:

  • 0
  • 00
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

While the normal house edge for other bets on the roulette table is 5.26% and 2.7% for American and European bets, respectively, the 5 Number bet doubles the house edge. This means casino players’ chances of winning on a 5-number bet are divided by half. For example, the 5-number bet gives the house an advantage of 7.89% for American Roulette, crippling players’ chances of actually winning a casino game. As such, it is not the best choice for players who wants to win, even if it pays 6 to 1 or 6:1

Work With the Wagering Requirement

Wagering requirements will always be a part of any real money casino, and this condition becomes more obvious for a no-deposit bonus. The roulette no deposit bonus offer will always come with a wagering requirement or condition, and players must bet to beat it to get the best out of their rewards.

If a roulette wagering requirement is very high and goes as much as 50x, then players would have to abandon the first tip and wager on the highest odds or, as the second choice, wager on just the split bets. The outside bets are also a good choice because they pay high. If players by chance win their high odds bets, they would have a chance to wager out of their requirement and withdraw any wins left in their bonus account.

Read Roulette Strategies to Get the Best Benefits

There are several gameplay strategies in casinos and roulette that players may find beneficial before they use their no-deposit bonus. It is important to know that these strategies do not contain any secret winning tip but are merely head-ups on how best players may wager.

As a recommendation, the number one strategy players can adopt is to ensure that they already understand everything game rules of roulette before they play. That way, they will be able to bet on the right games and have a real hope of winning. New players should try demo games to help them decide which bets they may want to play.

Players Should Choose the Bet They Are More Comfortable With

While there are always different strategies and suggestions players may choose to follow to increase their chances of winning, the fact remains that roulette is still a game of randomness, and instincts matter a whole lot, just like the importance of being aware of the danger of the unregulated casinos. Players should opt for bets that they are more comfortable with among the available options.

Some players may be more comfortable with inside bets, while others may prefer outside bets. Players with no deposit bonus should wager on the bet that they feel more connected with because it can positively affect their psychology and give them a good feeling.


No deposit bonus for roulette can be very beneficial if players know how to use them fully. In many instances, players have often found it difficult to maximise their roulette no deposit bonus, which is why this article is all the more important.

Players who implement these five tips will enjoy better chances of winning and withdrawing real cash. However, players must ensure that they play in only licensed casinos to ensure that the roulette they play is fair.

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