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Empowering Your Community Through a Social Impact Cleaning Business




Are you passionate about making a positive difference in your community while running a successful business? Consider starting a social impact cleaning company. By offering eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning services, you can improve the lives of your customers, employees, and the environment.

One inspiring example is Cleaning Fairy, where only non-toxic, environmentally safe products employ local residents, often from underserved populations.

Here are some ways you can empower your community through a social-impact cleaning venture:

Use Sustainable and Non-Toxic Products

Many conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can harm human health and the environment. Differentiate your cleaning business by using only non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced products. You’ll protect the well-being of your clients and the planet.

Research and test green cleaning supplies to find ones that are effective and affordable. Consider making your own using natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. Educate your customers on the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning and build your brand around your sustainable practices.

Look for products with certifications like Green Seal, EcoLogo, Safer Choice, or Cradle to Cradle to ensure they meet rigorous environmental standards. Avoid greenwashing by thoroughly vetting the brands you use.

Provide Job Opportunities and Training

As a social impact business, you can empower your local community by providing good job opportunities, especially for underserved populations like the formerly incarcerated, refugees, or the homeless. Offer training and professional development so your employees gain valuable skills and experience.

Partner with local nonprofits and workforce development programs to recruit employees who face barriers to employment. Provide on-the-job training in both cleaning techniques and soft skills like customer service and teamwork. Offer opportunities for advancement and leadership within your company.


Pay a living wage and provide good benefits to help improve quality of life for your cleaning staff and their families. Seattle’s Green Cleaning Fairy is a great example of employing local residents and investing in their success. Happy employees will provide better service to your clients as well.

Give Back to Your Community

Find ways for your cleaning business to directly give back and contribute to community causes. For example, you could donate a portion of the profits to a local charity or sponsor events. Organize volunteer days where your team helps clean up a beach, park, or neighborhood.

Partner with nonprofit organizations that align with your mission. Offer free or discounted cleaning services to local schools, shelters, or community centers in need.

By generously giving your time, skills, and resources, you’ll make a meaningful difference and build goodwill.

Consider establishing a scholarship or grant program to help low-income students pursue education or entrepreneurship opportunities. Or partner with a local environmental organization on initiatives to reduce waste, conserve water and energy, or restore habitats. Align your community giving with your company’s social and environmental mission.

Educate and Advocate

Use your platform as a business leader to raise awareness about the importance of green cleaning and its positive community impact. Educate your customers through your website, social media, email newsletters, and in-person interactions. Share tips for sustainable living and reducing household toxins and waste.

Advocate for policies and programs that support green businesses, poverty alleviation, and environmental protection. Attend city council meetings and speak up about the needs of underserved communities. Write op-eds for your local paper and lobby your elected officials. Use your voice to drive systemic change.

Build partnerships with like-minded organizations and businesses. Collaborate on educational campaigns, joint volunteer projects, and community events. Together, you can amplify your message and maximize your impact.

Measure and Report Your Impact

To ensure your social impact cleaning business is making a meaningful difference, establish metrics to track your progress. Measure things like the number of employees hired from target populations, pounds of toxic chemicals avoided, dollars donated and volunteer hours contributed to the community, and percent of customers converted to green cleaning.

Report on your impact on stakeholders through an annual impact report. Share stories and data about how your business is improving lives and the environment. Transparency will build trust and accountability.


Seek out third-party certifications like B Corporation to assess and verify your social and environmental performance. Certifications provide a framework for continuous improvement and allow you to benchmark your progress against other purpose-driven businesses.

A social impact cleaning business allows you to combine profit and purpose.

By following a triple bottom line approach – people, planet, and profit – you can create a successful company that uplifts your community.

Use eco-friendly products, employ locally, provide good jobs, and give back through service. Educate your customers, advocate for change, and measure your impact. You’ll differentiate your brand, attract loyal customers, and make the world a little bit better with every home or office you clean. Start empowering your community today!

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