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How to Find Affordable Wedding Venues of Your Dreams on a Budget



How to Find Affordable Wedding Venues of Your Dreams on a Budget

If you were to start looking for a wedding venue today, you would be in luck! Wedding planners are finding ways to make their venues more affordable and unique, and that includes the number of venues available. You no longer have to wait for a popular venue to become available, either! Try looking at venues that are on the market but not yet booked, because they have the best prospects of becoming available at a good price!

Whether you are looking for a wedding venue in the US, or you are planning your dream wedding overseas, finding a venue that fits all your needs with a budget is hard. Budgeting can be stressful and overwhelming, and you want to make sure your big day goes smoothly—so this blog post will give you tips on how to find a venue that fits your budget.

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What to look for when looking for an affordable wedding venue

When you’re looking for an affordable wedding venue, there are a few important things to consider. Brides.com has compiled a list of tips to help couples choose the perfect wedding venue, and we’ve narrowed it down to the three most valuable.

Know your budget

Affordability is one of the most important factors when choosing a venue for your party, so don’t forget your budget. Once you’ve found the right place, don’t forget to factor in the cost of furnishings and any other specific changes the space may need.

Understand the size of the guest list

This tip is especially important if you are planning to have your wedding at a non-traditional location. Determine if the venue is suitable for your guest list. Otherwise, the completed guest list will help you decide if you need to shorten the list or increase the number of attendees.

Talk to the wedding planner

If you have room in your budget, contact a wedding planner. The wedding planners are experienced enough to know the best venues that will meet all your requirements. They can even help you find unusual places that will impress your guests and still respect your budget.

Why choose a non-traditional location?

Non-traditional wedding venues offer many advantages for couples on a tight budget. Since most of the options we cover here are not typically used for weddings, you will not pay seasonal surcharges or prices set by the wedding industry.

Secondary benefits fall into the planning category. Most venues on this list are not subject to the same competitive booking practices as traditional wedding venues. Essentially, a non-traditional location gives you flexibility.

If you’re looking for cheap wedding venues, be prepared to think opportunistically. You will want to find activities and areas that meet your needs at the most basic level.

You may have to rethink the functional definition of a wedding, but what you lose in tradition you can often gain – in large part – in atmosphere and creative freedom.

Here are some examples that are becoming increasingly popular with thrifty brides.


If you and your partner are festival goers or if you like music in general, this could be a great option for your wedding ceremony. You can enjoy the energetic atmosphere that is already there, and you have a sea of built-in entertainment.

Improvisation by some of the most in-demand musicians in the genre is just another layer of magic for a wedding your guests won’t soon forget.

The cost of these types of services can vary depending on the festival you are aiming for and the level of elaboration you want for your wedding ceremony.

If you want to get married at a festival, professionals recommend that you contact the festival organizers and see if you can work with them to organize your ceremony.

Many festivals will do their best to help you create a magical event, and sometimes your request is so unique that most of the logistics can be taken care of at virtually no cost.


Campsites are the ideal wedding location for couples who love nature. You can say your wedding vows and create memories in a natural setting that provides a whimsical backdrop for your photos.

You can even spend your first night as a married couple under the stars.

According to familytentlife.com, camping costs on average between $24 and $90 for two nights. Compared to the $9,000 cost of a traditional wedding venue, camping can be a significant savings for most couples and provide a beautiful ceremony.

Surprise marriage

A surprise wedding is not a wedding venue per se, but it is a fun, non-traditional way to have a wedding and still save a lot of money.

Just invite your close friends and family to what they think is a birthday party or dinner, and surprise them with a surprise wedding for some laughs and great memories.

A quick wedding allows you to forgo the formality of a traditional ceremony and have a limited service wedding to focus on the celebration that follows.

You can book a waiter and a restaurant and get married between a main course and a meal, or say your vows over a drink at your favourite bar.

Search online

Cheap wedding venues are easier than ever to find thanks to the introduction of convenient marketplaces. This means that creative sites and on-demand offers are only minutes away from your search.

There are several digital platforms that can help you find your wedding venue. Here are some of our favorites.


EventUp.com is a website that helps users find venues, and that includes weddings. The website first asks you where you want to hold your event and goes from there. The simple user interface should make it easy to find a location.

To find the perfect affordable wedding venue on EventUp.com, use the filters and refine the results based on the number of guests, type of guests (seated or standing), venue budget and location.

In the advanced options, you can also select the type of event, including weddings. Once you have found a good option, you should contact the venue owner and start discussing the wedding. You’d be surprised how helpful people can be.


Like EventUp.com, Peerspace.com is a website that offers venues for various events. Also in the sense that you can use different search options to find the right place.

When you search on Peerspace.com, you first indicate that you want to book your wedding venue. You can do this by clicking on the View all events button under the Reserve a single seat for your event tab on the home page. Then find the Wedding tab and select it.

From here, you can browse the recommended locations displayed on the home page or search using custom filters.

Feel free to search for other types of events. Non-traditional weddings can be held in a variety of venues, and the more non-traditional the venue, the less you’ll pay.


Now, most of you are probably wondering: Is it possible to host a wedding on Airbnb? And the answer is yes! Although the platform is primarily known for allowing travelers to find cheap accommodation, Airbnb also offers a wide variety of wedding venues.

Actually, finding a place through Airbnb is pretty easy. All you need to do is indicate the date and location where you want to hold your wedding, state that the maximum number of guests is 16 and tick the Suitable for events box in the Facilities section. That’s about it.

Once you have a few results that meet your establishment’s predetermined criteria, you should start a dialogue with the owner before booking. They can often be a great help in planning and preparing for a wedding.

Airbnb venues may not be as big as entire cathedrals, but this platform can provide excellent locations for small weddings.

AirBnb Summary

  • More than 30 million users in the US alone
  • Set your own prices
  • Rent accommodation if you wish
  • Meet interesting people

Other ways of finding suitable sites

If you haven’t found the perfect venue online, there are other ways to find great wedding venues.

Use personal message

Using personal connections is a convenient way to find an affordable wedding venue. Ask friends and family for recommendations and don’t rule out a backyard wedding. They can be great and practically free.

Hiring a wedding planner

One of the main advantages of this method is that wedding planners offer many other services besides finding a wedding venue, which makes the whole preparation of your wedding much easier.

Wedding planners can find you a great venue that is not listed online and save you money in the end. The cost of a wedding planner can eat up more of your budget than you think, so it’s worth finding out.

Where to make savings to make room for a more expensive location

Have you ever wondered what percentage of your wedding budget you should spend on your wedding venue? The answer is about 50%, according to TheNest.com. If you plan on spending half your budget on a venue, you may need to cut back on something else.

These are the most expensive items to cut from a wedding budget.

Guest List

Perhaps the easiest way to reduce the cost of a wedding is to have fewer guests. According to a study by The Knot, couples spend an average of $258 per wedding guest. When you consider that the average number of guests at a wedding is 136, that’s a lot of money.

Marriage theme

The theme of the wedding has an impact on the overall cost. For example, a lavish wedding with a formal reception with extravagant decoration and Backdrop Event Drapes will cost much more than an informal wedding at a movie theater or in a friend’s backyard.


Flowers are a big expense at many weddings. Limiting the number of flowers is an easy way to cut costs, and a creative venue can do without them altogether.


Tablecloths, table decorations, and decorations can quickly add up in cost. And many of these items can’t be rented, which means you’ll have to stick with them even after the wedding. Try to use items that you and your loved ones already own, and choose a place that requires little decoration.

So how do you find an affordable wedding venue?

They’re not as hard to find as you might think. By using non-traditional venues, you can plan the wedding of your dreams within a budget you can afford.

Just remember all the tips and tricks we’ve covered in this article, and you’ll find your perfect spot in no time.{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the cheapest destination wedding locations?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” The cheapest destination wedding locations are in the United States.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How can I have a nice but cheap wedding?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” You can have a nice but cheap wedding by doing a lot of DIY projects. A lot of people also have their wedding in their backyard or in a park.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much of your wedding budget should the venue be?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” The venue should be about 25% of your budget.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest destination wedding locations?

The cheapest destination wedding locations are in the United States.

How can I have a nice but cheap wedding?

You can have a nice but cheap wedding by doing a lot of DIY projects. A lot of people also have their wedding in their backyard or in a park.

How much of your wedding budget should the venue be?

The venue should be about 25% of your budget.

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