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10 Music-Related Movies To Watch On Netflix



For someone who belongs to the music industry or someone who longs to be a part of it, such as an aspirant musician, watching music-related movies can be quite motivational. Sure, there are some documentaries that can bore you to death, but some of them are so exceptional you feel like you can conquer the world.

Although if at any you feel like you need a break from these music documentaries, you can indulge yourself in this recommendation for best Netflix movies in 2022. We’ve covered every possible genre there is so that you can have an amazing time.

So, before you lose your determination on the road to success, here are the best music-related movies that are a must-watch:

Homecoming (2019)

The 2019 Coachella was ruled by Beyonce without a shadow of a doubt. Homecoming is a documentary by none other than Beyonce. The star went above and beyond to write, direct, and produce this masterpiece that captured the eight-month rehearsal process which went into Beychella.

The Coachella set also included a live album introducing Beyonce’s latest music to the world. The movie captures Beyonce’s life from school games all the way to her life now at this moment. It is nothing short of a breathtaking experience.

The Two Killings of Sam Cooke (2019)

This movie documentary is a sequel to Netflix’s original series ReMastered. A documentary about the American legend Sam Cooke and one of the only few movies that don’t “whitewash” his character or his story.

This documentary captures Cooke’s life in the most holistic manner, from his early roots to his passion for music and eventually how he takes part in political activism, which may have played a part in his actual murder.

The movie is a reminder of a gentle and determined soul that was gone too soon.

The Sparks Brothers (2021)

Behold the pop-rock genius of a duo that was as idiosyncratic as they could get. Ron and Russell Mael carried The Sparks on their shoulders all through the 60s with their glam rock, electronic pioneering, disco, and whatnot. They weren’t the least bit afraid of experimenting or letting down crowds; they just wanted to create music.

The Sparks Brothers is a wholesome collection of how the duo lived their lives to the fullest and made them joyful for others around them.

Miss Americana (2020)


Remember the first time you heard Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” and instantly fell in love? Millennials should be able to relate, at the very least. Miss Americana features the bond Taylor Swift shares with her ‘Swifties’ aka her die-hard fans.

Instead of taking the usual approach of ‘she’s a star, but she’s just like us,’ this movie tackles the relationship rather differently. Her inner struggles and desires mirror that of any average teenage girl. This insight into the life of the “Wildest Dreams” singer is a must-watch.

No Direction Home (2005)

One of the biggest directors of all time, Martin Scorsese, dives deeper into the life of Bob Dylan. Taking an adventurous approach, Scorsese documents the 20-year-old Dylan as he clowns like Chaplin. The home-movie footage doesn’t indicate in the least how he’ll reinvent the history of music.

Even through the years, one can see how time has passed by in Dylan’s life, and yet once he takes the stage, all is forgotten. It’s just him, his audience, and his music.

I Called Him Morgan (2016)

The story of two troubled people, one of whom dies at the hands of the other. This documentary sure is no homage to Romeo and Juliet, mind you. A jazz musician Lee Morgan dies as his wife Helen shoots him dead in the winters of 1972 New York.

The movie focuses on the events that led to Helen pulling the trigger and putting an end to her husband’s life and his musical career based on jazz that he longed to pursue.

Untitled design (47)

Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids (2016)

Filmed over just two nights of Justin Timberlake’s tour in Las Vegas, this movie is so finely tuned you can’t find an ounce of fault in it. Jonathan Demme directs Timberlake and his tour ensemble in the best way possible. Each frame depicts a beautiful amalgamation of scenes that wouldn’t have been captured by any director, but Demme made it possible.

This movie is like you’re watching a well-directed theatre play. The positioning of the cameras, the lights, the stage, everything is top-notch from the start till the end.

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (2017)

In 2017, a genius and mastermind thought of throwing a legendary Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. The event was marketed to millennials and influencers alike; no effort was spared. In the hopes of attending an exotic music festival getaway, throngs and thongs of people bought into it.

However, things took a turn for the worse when big-name artists pulled out last minute; people were forced to sleep in tents, and there wasn’t enough water or food. In short, it was a disaster. All the doing of one narcissist Billy McFarland.

What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015)

Liz Garbus directed the life of Nina Simone, a genius whose mental health complicates her life in a number of ways. However, getting to narrate Nina’s abusive ex-husband wasn’t Garbus’ finest choice. Simone was extraordinary, and that much was apparent as she spoke on the screen enthralling every single person.

Simone struggled with the fame and the insane musical talent that she had with a piano. To be precise, “the very qualities that made her great also haunted her.”

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

Yet another take on Bob Dylan by the maestro himself, Martin Scorsese. The artist draws the viewers in to join him on his tours as he goes from one place to another, devoting as much of his music to the people who are beloved of him. The film is an accurate depiction of a star that rose to shine through and through.

The movie also includes Dylan’s interview and how he had no idea how he’d get so famous. It is the kind of movie that’ll leave you exhausted, but you’d still want to watch it again.


That’s all, folks! Hope you know what you’re going to watch next for your latest musical inspiration. Also, ensure you’ve got the snacks or tissue boxes as per need!

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From Algorithms to Outreach: The Dynamic World of Link Building Experts




In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, link-building remains a cornerstone strategy for boosting a website’s visibility and authority. Link-building experts are the architects behind this crucial practice, constantly innovating and adapting to the dynamic algorithms of search engines. This article delves deep into the world of link-building experts from a link building agency, their strategies, challenges, and the unique perspectives they bring to the table.

The Link Building Landscape

Link building is a multifaceted endeavor, involving the acquisition of hyperlinks from external websites to one’s own. These hyperlinks, often referred to as backlinks, serve as the highways of the internet, connecting webpages and facilitating the flow of information. Search engines like Google use these links as a significant ranking factor, making them an essential part of any SEO strategy.

The Art of Outreach

One of the primary skills of link building experts is outreach. Successful link builders are adept at forging relationships with webmasters, bloggers, and influencers within their niche. They do not merely fire off generic emails requesting backlinks but craft personalized, persuasive pitches that demonstrate the value their content offers.

This personalized approach is not only effective but also adds to the burstiness of their work. Link builders often switch between crafting concise emails and engaging in in-depth conversations with potential collaborators, adding a dynamic rhythm to their outreach efforts.

Content Creation Mastery

Link-building experts understand that the foundation of any successful link-building campaign is high-quality content. They excel at creating content that is not only informative and engaging but also highly shareable. Whether it’s a blog post, infographic, or video, they know how to craft content that resonates with their target audience.


In this aspect, their approach is characterized by both perplexity and burstiness. They are capable of producing long-form, in-depth articles that thoroughly cover a topic, as well as short, snappy pieces designed for quick consumption and social sharing. This versatility allows them to cater to various platforms and audiences.

Navigating the Algorithmic Maze

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and link-building experts must stay ahead of the curve. They are well-versed in the intricacies of algorithms and adapt their strategies accordingly. This adaptability injects an element of unpredictability into their work, contributing to its burstiness.

Their approach to algorithm updates is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, they analyze each update’s impact on their websites and adjust their tactics accordingly. This may involve disavowing toxic backlinks, optimizing anchor text, or revising content to align with new ranking factors.

Challenges Faced by Link Building Experts

Link building is not without its challenges, and experts in the field must navigate a myriad of obstacles to achieve success. These challenges contribute to the perplexity and burstiness of their work.

Algorithmic Uncertainty

As search engine algorithms change, link builders must decipher the latest updates and adjust their strategies accordingly. This perpetual uncertainty keeps them on their toes and necessitates constant learning and adaptation.

Content Diversity

Creating a diverse range of content that appeals to different audiences and platforms is no easy feat. Link-building experts must continuously brainstorm creative ideas, produce content, and refine their approach to suit various niches and industries.

Building Trust and Relationships

Gaining the trust of webmasters and influencers can be a lengthy and challenging process. Building genuine relationships takes time and effort, and the strategies employed by link builders often need to be customized for each individual or organization they reach out to.

Unique Perspectives of Link-Building Experts

Link-building experts often bring a unique set of perspectives and insights to the table, making their work both perplexing and bursty in nature.

Holistic SEO Understanding

Link builders understand that successful SEO extends beyond just building backlinks. They grasp the broader picture of on-page optimization, user experience, and content quality. This holistic understanding allows them to approach link building as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In the digital age, data is king. Link building experts rely on data analytics to measure the impact of their efforts and make data-driven decisions. This analytical mindset adds a layer of complexity to their work as they continuously analyze data to refine their strategies.



Link-building experts are the unsung heroes of the digital marketing world, constantly navigating the complexities of SEO, algorithms, and content creation. Their work is characterized by both perplexity and burstiness as they adapt to ever-changing landscapes and craft unique strategies to secure valuable backlinks. As the digital world continues to evolve, the expertise of link builders remains indispensable in helping websites climb the search engine rankings and thrive in the competitive online arena.

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Capturing Homes in Motion: A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Videography




In the fast-paced world of real estate, captivating visuals are the key to capturing a potential buyer’s attention. While photographs have long been the go-to medium for showcasing properties, real estate videography is emerging as a game-changer. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the art and science of real estate videography, delving into its applications, equipment, shooting techniques, and the immense impact it can have on marketing properties in today’s digital age.

The Power of Real Estate Videography

Unlocking the Potential of Motion: Real estate videography goes beyond still images, providing a dynamic view of properties. It allows potential buyers to explore the flow, layout, and ambiance of a property, creating a more immersive experience.

Engaging the Viewer’s Emotions: Videos evoke emotions and storytelling in a way that static images cannot. Videography allows realtors to tell a property’s story, enabling buyers to visualize themselves living in it.

Enhancing Online Listings: In today’s digital age, an online listing with a well-crafted video can be the difference-maker. Videos make listings stand out, attract more views, and hold viewers’ attention longer than photos alone.

Equipment for Real Estate Videography

Choosing the Right Camera: A good videography camera is the cornerstone of any successful shoot. Many DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are well-suited for real estate videography. Look for models with 4K resolution capabilities, as higher resolution means sharper footage.

Essential Lenses: Wide-angle lenses are essential for capturing the entire room or property in one frame. Prime lenses with wide apertures can also provide beautiful depth-of-field effects.

Stabilization Tools: Keeping the footage steady is crucial. Tripods and monopods are standard, but gimbal stabilizers can provide smooth, cinematic shots even when moving.

Audio Equipment: Quality audio is often overlooked but is a critical aspect of real estate videography. External microphones or lavalier mics can vastly improve sound quality.

Techniques for Real Estate Videography

Storyboarding and Planning: Before hitting the record button, create a storyboard or shot list. Plan the shots you want to capture, highlighting the property’s best features and selling points.

Optimal Lighting: Proper lighting can make or break a video. Utilize natural light whenever possible, but consider adding artificial lighting for consistent results, especially for interior shots.


Smooth Camera Movements: Avoid shaky footage by using stabilizers and employing slow, controlled camera movements. Techniques like the dolly shot or slider can add a cinematic quality to your videos.

Narration and Voiceovers: Narration or voiceovers can provide context and highlight key features of the property. Use a clear and professional voice to engage the viewer.

Editing and Post-Production: Video editing is where the magic happens. Cut out unnecessary parts, color-correct, and add music or captions to create a polished final product.

Leveraging Drones in Real Estate Videography

Aerial Shots: Drones have opened up new possibilities in real estate videography. Aerial shots offer a unique perspective, showcasing the property’s location, surroundings, and even proximity to amenities.

Regulations and Safety: Be aware of local regulations when using drones for real estate videography. Safety is paramount, and operators should obtain the necessary certifications and permissions.

Challenges and Considerations

Time and Expertise: Creating high-quality real estate videos requires time and expertise. Investing in training or hiring a professional videographer may be necessary.

Costs: Quality equipment and post-production software can be expensive. Realtors should consider the return on investment that comes with compelling videography.

Privacy Concerns: Be mindful of privacy concerns, especially when capturing interior shots. Obtain necessary permissions and ensure the privacy of the current occupants.

The Future of Real Estate Videography

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): As technology continues to advance, VR and AR may become integral to real estate marketing. Buyers can explore properties in virtual or augmented environments, offering an even more immersive experience.

AI and Automation: Artificial intelligence may simplify the video creation process. Automated video editing and customization based on buyer preferences could become commonplace.


Real estate videography is transforming the way properties are marketed and sold. It offers a dynamic and immersive experience that static images simply cannot match. With the right equipment, techniques, and creative approach, real estate professionals can harness the power of videography to engage potential buyers on a whole new level. As technology continues to evolve, the future of real estate videography holds exciting possibilities that will shape the industry for years to come. Embracing this visual medium is not just an option; it’s becoming a necessity for staying competitive in the real estate market.

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Building Multiplayer Games in Unity: Challenges and Solutions




In recent years, multiplayer games have surged in popularity, captivating players worldwide with collaborative and competitive in-game experiences. This boom in multiplayer gaming can be attributed, in part, to sophisticated development platforms. Among them, Unity stands out as a frontrunner. The flexibility and comprehensive tools of Unity game development empower engineers to craft immersive multiplayer environments. As the gaming landscape evolves, Unity’s role in facilitating interactive player experiences becomes ever more substantial.

The Popularity of Multiplayer Games in the Current Gaming Landscape

The modern gaming market is significantly shaped by the undeniable allure of multiplayer games. Current trends clearly indicate a robust demand for such a type of game, driven by player preferences for collaborative and competitive play.

Moreover, the inclusion of multiplayer modes not only amplifies a game’s longevity but also enhances player engagement. By allowing gamers to interact, compete, and cooperate, these modes transform single experiences into communal adventures, solidifying the game’s place in the dynamic industry ecosystem.

Challenges in Building Multiplayer Games in Unity

Building multiplayer games in Unity presents developers with a unique set of challenges.

Network latency stands at the forefront. This refers to the delay between a player’s action and the game’s reaction to it. In multiplayer settings, latency can distort gameplay, making movements appear jittery or out-of-sync. Developers often grapple with this, trying to minimize its adverse effects, ensuring smooth interactions for players across various distances and network qualities.

Synchronization is another significant challenge. With multiple players online simultaneously, keeping every player’s game state in harmony becomes paramount. The risk of desynchronization, where players experience different game realities, can disrupt and even break the intended gaming experience.


As multiplayer games gain popularity, scaling becomes essential. Developers must anticipate and manage the technical hurdles that arise when more players join, ensuring servers can handle the increased load and balance the demand effectively.

Security remains a pressing concern. The threats of hacking and cheating loom large, with unscrupulous players seeking unfair advantages. Such actions jeopardize the experience for genuine players and can damage a game’s reputation.

Adding to these challenges is the complexity of game logic in multiplayer modes. Introducing more players complicates game mechanics, demanding rigorous testing to maintain fairness and balance.

Lastly, in our diverse digital age, platform and device compatibility is crucial. Players access games from various devices, platforms, and network conditions. Ensuring seamless gameplay across this spectrum is a task that Unity developers cannot overlook.

Solutions and Effective Practices for Unity Multiplayer Development

Despite the numerous challenges we have described, it is possible to efficiently build multiplayer games in Unity. The GameDev community has already come up with main practices that help streamline the development process and mitigate possible issues.

At the core of these solutions is Unity’s networking solutions. Unity offers built-in networking components geared towards simplifying the connection of players. By leveraging these native tools, developers can enjoy seamless integration, optimized performance, and dedicated support.

However, sometimes the project might benefit from third-party networking tools. Solutions like Photon and Mirror have grown in popularity, offering unique features and scalability options. Developers should weigh the benefits, such as specialized capabilities and broader community support, against the potential drawbacks of these external solutions.

One common pitfall in multiplayer gaming is heavy network traffic. By refining the data being sent and embracing efficient serialization and compression techniques, developers can ensure quicker, smoother gameplay.

To counteract malicious actors, implementing a server authority model proves beneficial. By assigning the server the responsibility of key game decisions, cheating attempts can be substantially reduced, maintaining game integrity.


Load testing and scalability should be initiated early. Regular stress tests ensure that servers can handle player surges, and designing with scalability in mind paves the way for future growth.

Creating multiplayer games also requires a dedication to fairness and balance. Continuous feedback loops and iterative design are paramount in achieving a game that feels both challenging and just.

Finally, with gamers spread across various devices, cross-platform development is non-negotiable. Unity developers must prioritize compatibility, ensure consistent performance, and address platform-specific nuances.

Summing Up

In the evolving world of gaming, the allure of multiplayer experiences is undeniable. While the journey of crafting such games in Unity poses challenges, it’s vital for developers to proactively address them. Unity, with its robust suite of tools, offers an excellent foundation for this endeavor.

The expansive Unity community stands as a beacon of knowledge, brimming with solutions and shared experiences. Developers are encouraged to harness both Unity’s capabilities and the collective wisdom of their peers, ensuring their multiplayer projects not only succeed but shine in the gaming arena.

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