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4 Compatible Browsers to Watch CraveTV in USA



CraveTV is a well-known subscription streaming service in Canada. Geo-blocking, however, is a big problem when it comes to accessing global content. Although you can quite easily get around to this problem. Installing a dependable VPN that can bypass region restrictions is all that is required to stream CraveTV in USA.

Additionally, a VPN helps protect your online safety by protecting your information. Try using a suitable internet browser to watch Crave if you would like more flexibility with your viewing experience.

Why is a VPN required to access Crave TV USA?

CraveTV offers a great selection of series and movies from HBO and Paramount. Unfortunately, it is exclusive to Canadian audiences.

A VPN masks your current geographic location by concealing your virtual identity, AKA IP address. It gives you a temporary and fake IP address of the region of your choice, thus breaching the geo barrier.

4 Best Compatible Browsers to Watch CraveTV in USA

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Firefox Quantum

Streaming services like CraveTV require a fast internet connection and a fast browser to prevent overload and delays. Firefox Quantum offers several features that make it a versatile browser for viewing Crave in USA.

You don’t need to be concerned about your personally identifiable information being given to advertising or other third-party partners because it isn’t being tracked at all on Firefox Quantum.

A variety of privacy options are also included with this browser, allowing you to prevent data collection, manage the data that websites may collect about you, and much more.

As a result of its speed and dependability, streaming CraveTV in USA requires less queueing, fewer errors, and an improved user experience.

Additional characteristics:

  • Proven anti-tracking measures
  • Fully optimized incognito mode
  • User-friendly layout

Google Chrome

Chrome is a popular and widely used browser. With its simple interface and many fantastic features, it’s the perfect tool for watching Crave TV in US.

One of the best qualities of this software is its ability to back up and restore data.

You can access your bookmarks, credentials, and browser tabs from any device with Sync. You don’t even need to install the app to access it on your smartphone or tablet.

Additional characteristics:

  • Fully encrypted incognito mode for privacy
  • Multitasking scrolling function
  • Quick with Javascript processors turned on

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge provides a fast and highly optimised user experience. The browser runs smoothly on your smartphone since it occupies less storage and consumes minimal data. Microsoft Edge artificial intelligence bot Cortana makes it easy to locate apps with voice commands.

Due to its speed and smooth motion, it is a great option for video streaming. Microsoft Edge allows you to watch a video in one window while browsing your top choices in another, which is great for all the multitaskers out there.

Additional characteristics:

  • Watch HD-quality video streams
  • Various video playback options are available.
  • For those with impaired vision, Microsoft Edge has an updated contrast option.


Opera offers innovative features such as lightning-fast navigation and ad-blocking, as well as increased security.

Opera offers faster navigation, handy social media app connections, a built-in media player, and a simple file tracking and reporting system.

Additional characteristics:

  • Reputable VPN security
  • Clever anti-tracking devices
  • Various workspaces and UI customization

What should I do if CraveTV won’t allow me to login in?

If you’re seeing an incompatible platform warning from Crave, your browser is probably out-of-date or you don’t have cookies enabled. Upgrading your browser is the most effective solution for this problem.

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If you are still having trouble logging in, VPN interference could be to blame. You can apply patches to a slow VPN or try switching it off and on again.

Furthermore, if your VPN provider is unstable and isn’t really working for you, you might want to switch to a browser with a VPN built into it.


It’s possible to access CraveTV in USA from a PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, or on your big screen through Chromecast or Apple TV. However, you can only view an episode on one platform at a time. Therefore, choosing the right browser is essential if you are to avoid being inconvenienced.

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