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How to Get Better at Writing: A Complete Guide for Students



Writing is very important because it follows us through life and helps us reach our goals. Anglo-Saxon educational system writing is the most important assignment. Via writing, professors decide whether your skills are enough to proceed with a particular class, whether you understand some topic enough, whether you can express your ideas well enough to be understood. There may be lots of discussions about whether this system should stay as it is or it should develop.

It is not an article about whether essay writing should play the last role in our education and professional systems. Here, I want to show you how to get better at writing. It is up to you what exactly you use your writing skills for. You may want to become better at writing to have better grades for your essays, research papers, and high school or college projects. You may want to become a professional writer or set up a blog that will make you famous and help you earn some money. You may also be interested in writing as a tool for your professional development. Reasons differ, but the ways to become better at writing stay the same.

How to Strengthen Your Writing Skills Being a Student

Let’s face it, being a student; you have many other things to pay attention to aside from getting better at writing. You have to study for tests and exams; you have a social life, you may have a side job that supports you, you have a family, etc. If you are an ESL student starting in a foreign country, you also need some time to adapt to a new reality.

Sometimes, even finding the right products right food may be rather challenging. Still, we recommend you to check on these tips on how to get better at writing and choose the ones that may be suitable for you right now. Don’t try to attack all of them at once; it won’t work; you need to choose one or two and proceed from there.

Read Proactively and Effectively

If you open basically any recommendation related to how to get better at writing, you will stumble upon a recommendation to read more. It is sound advice. You can use and follow; however, just reading more won’t help you to become better at writing much faster. When it comes to reading books that are not very interesting to you, you tend to get bored rather fast and cannot get any use for your writing skills out of it. However, when you are reading something truly interesting, you don’t think about how to use what you see in a book for your writing, just enjoy reading. Reading online blogs, for instance, can be both interesting and useful if the articles are written by talented writers. One example is The Doe, where you can find many interesting and exciting real-life stories from writers worldwide.

That is why we say you need to read proactively and effectively to make your writing skills grow. Underline a note down stale expressions you can use in your writing. We don’t necessarily mean quotes; we mean some ways of explaining things that can be used in many cases without plagiarizing the plot. Also, pay attention to the footnotes mentioned in most fiction and nonfiction books. Write them down later for citations. This way, every book you read will help you to write and submit better essays. 

Learn From the Best and The Brightest 

You are supposed to learn how to write good essays in class and based on your textbooks. It is a valid path, but it is not everything you can do to get better at writing. Learning from examples is one of the most successful ways to learn something and be able to use it in your daily life. You learn when you read essays and articles written by professionals.

One of the ways you can use here is to order custom-written papers online from writing services or an expert writing company similar to SmartWritingService. You can analyze those essays based on their content style, cited articles, and much more. Addressing experts for assistance is a normal Plan B for students who are not sure they can deal with specific assignments on time. You cannot write creatively and pay the utmost attention to details when the deadline is scarily close. It can be good both for your writing skills and your grades to address a writing service for help.

Courageously Face Your Mistakes 

It is the most painful and difficult advice to follow. We all know how it works. You receive an essay that has been checked by your professor, and you don’t care about anything else but a grade you got. It is a mistake. If you want to get better at writing as fast as possible, you should first of all pay attention to mistakes made on a regular basis.

You cannot do it without analyzing your past writing assignments. It is a free and very efficient option to strengthen your writing skills. You don’t need to check all the grandma from the very beginning; you don’t need to repeat all the rules of formatting style; you just need to pay attention to repetitive mistakes and learn how to avoid them in the future. It will take care of more than 70, if not 80%, of your problems and allow you to get much better grades very soon.

Why Writing Tips Often Don’t Work

There is one major reason for essay writing tips not working for you or your peers. If you just read about these tips and don’t actually apply them, you won’t get any adequate results. Take just one piece of advice and start applying it for a month or more, and you will see how you are getting better at writing even without investing too much effort. Attention to detail is key.

Even without introducing new writing habits to your routine, we’ll be surprised at how better your essays become if you just leave enough time for meticulous editing and proofreading. Don’t forget about using online services for proofreading your essays and making butter citations. Most of those services are free, but when it comes to serious papers like research papers or your dissertation, we advise you to use paid versions of proofreading services to make sure you come up with the best piece of writing possible.

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