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Trends Of Fashion Bags For Summer 2023




Of course, the summer season has already arrived, but since we were in a state of self-isolation all spring, it was somehow not up to fashion. And if one of the girls right now is puzzled by the search for a fashionable bag for the summer of 2023, our mini-feedback will be useful to them.

It should be noted that there were no cardinal changes in trends. As in the last summer season, two multidirectional vectors are relevant: small ( and very small) handbags of rigid shapes and large ( and very large) soft trunks. But there are also new nuances.

Bucket Bag

Perhaps the main sign of the summer of 2023 is a bucket bag. This is the name of a handbag with a solid bottom of an oval or round shape. But the top can be variable – soft, hard. So is the material: it can be natural or eco-leather, leather, straw, or textiles – summer is democratic. At the spring-summer 2023 shows, a variety of buckets could be seen from a variety of brands Prada, Furla, and others.

Bright Colors

The bag still often plays the first fiddle in the image. But if earlier public attention was achieved by overly decorative design solutions: bags-houses, bird cages, etc., now this function is performed by color. The juicy vital palette of lemon, apple, strawberry, orange, and fuchsia is what you need this summer. Valentino, Chanel, and Tod’s voted for it.

Thing Bag

Huge bags of soft shape also do not lose ground to our joy. After all, they are much more comfortable than fashionable babies. This season, giant bags have a soft shape, often unusual, and the absence of unnecessary details. This was clearly demonstrated by many brands in the Spring-Summer 2023 collections, from Bottega Veneta to Maison Margiela.


By the way, along with large rectangles in the new season, the so-called hobo bag, hobo bags, are also in favor. They are distinguished from others by their soft shape and semicircular neckline.

The Modest Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Fashion for the 70s has become a landmark for this year, which means that in the new collections, there was a place for classics and respectable bourgeois. A trend that will please those who are tired of hypertrophy and creativity. Noble natural shades of brown, medium size, rigid shapes, minimum details, folding clasp. Among the models are both a semicircular bag – a messenger, saddle, saddle bag, and rectangular bucket bag purse.. In general, as they say, a thing for the ages. A worthy example is Celine.


An accessory with a funny name bucket bag is actually an incredibly practical thing. In fact, this is a modified shopper bag, only elongated and voluminous. Laconic shape and spaciousness are the main advantages of a bucket bag. It’s easy to pair with smart pieces like wide-leg trousers, smart shirts, and flats. Look closely at those accessories that are made of matte leather.

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