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People who are passionate about their craft always want to showcase their works on the best possible platform. Therefore, it is the dream of every aspiring (and professional) makeup artist to work in Hollywood, having a-list celebrities as their clients. But if you don’t do anything to realize your dreams, they are nothing but wishful thinking. Continue reading this article to find out how you can build a successful career as a celebrity makeup artist in Toronto or Hollywood.

Hone Your Skills

 Only the best of the best is allowed in Hollywood, both on and off camera. Therefore, if you think you have the chops to be the best in the game, you will most definitely fit in Hollywood. If you believe you still have skills to develop as a professional makeup artist, you should go back to school (literally!). There’s no shame in admitting that you need professional training to achieve your dream job. Many institutes let you have a diploma in cosmetology and teach you the basic skills of complex makeup. For example, you may opt for permanent makeup training – Lisa OM to get expert training about makeup and beauty brands. Once you gain practical experience, you can apply the same to further your career as a makeup artist in Hollywood. 

Assist A Professional

 You must build yourself from the ground up if you don’t have any connection in Hollywood. One of the best ways to meet high-end clients is to work under the supervision of an already established makeup technician. The professionals have access to all the exciting events and famous clients. Let them guide you and show you the way how to get more clients. Assisting a professional makeup artist will help you gain practical knowledge of the industry as well as build a portfolio. 

Create An Online Presence

 You must learn how to promote yourself as a brand in order to succeed in Hollywood. Everyone is doing makeup; what sets you apart? What makes your work special? You must learn to create a vibrating online presence and build a loyal band of followers. You will be fairly surprised to find out how having millions of followers help further your career as an artist. 

  • Showcase different types of makeup skills to reach out to a large audience base. For example, don’t be afraid to do ugly makeup and special effect makeup to showcase your skills. There’s a demand for talented makeup artists who can do alternative makeup to bring different visions to reality in Hollywood. 
  • Transformative makeups are very popular online. You can create short Instagram Reels or TikTok videos to do a before and after makeup transformation. Drag Makeup tutorials are also popular with the young crowd. 

Reach Out To Producers

 Once you are in the makeup industry in LA, you will know who the right people are. It is essential to build connections in Hollywood. Don’t shy away from reaching out to casting directors and producers, asking them to see your work. Be sure to do your research before reaching out to people who might help you land meetings with the producers. If you want to work in Hollywood, you must learn to stay professional because there are always replacements available, especially for people working behind the camera. If, however, you gain recognition for your work as a professional makeup artist in Hollywood, you can leverage your status as a professional and find more famous clients. 

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