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Download Windows 10, Mac And Linux | Google Chrome 90 FINAL Full Offline Installer



Google Chrome 90 FINAL Full Offline Installer Download Windows 10, Mac And Linux

Download Google Chrome 90 FINAL Full Offline Installer Download Windows 10, Mac And Linux| UPDATED | CherryGrind.com | No 1 Download Sites For Android Apps And Games | CherryGrind.com .

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser. It is one of the most used web browser in 2017, and it is one of the top web browsers for mobile devices, too. Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Chrome’s fast speed and simple interface are its USP. Chrome 90 Final Full Offline Installer Download Windows 10, Mac And Linux Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. It is free and open source. Google Chrome is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, and Chrome for Android. Chrome for Android is the official mobile version of Google Chrome. Google Chrome for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Chrome for iOS

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, which has gained massive popularity in the past few years, due to its speed, advanced features and the extensive customization options. Google Chrome’s customisability is what makes it so useful for modern day computing. With Chrome’s customisability comes a great deal of security risks. Chrome’s security flaws and vulnerabilities have become very apparent over the past few months. Google Chrome is constantly under fire for its security issues and vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome 90 FINAL, the latest version is now available for almost all devices with one of the following operating systems.

  • Windows 10, 8.1, XP
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android

All new download links for the offline installer, all intact, attached below, all working and the latest browser version.

Chrome 90, full standalone installation for Windows 10

Windows 10, 8.1, 7 74 MB

If anyone needs to download mac, leave a comment and we will update mac offline installer for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome 88-66.0 new features

  • As of version 88, Flash content is no longer supported.
  • Version 87 contains security fixes and some improvements, as can be seen in the following video
  • Revised security settings
  • Advanced protection with Safe Browsing and Secure DNS
  • Third-party cookies are blocked in Incognito
  • Tab groups are now available and you can group pages
  • Badge for unread quantity
  • Images are now uploaded via HTTPS, otherwise the images or photos will not be uploaded.
  • The problem of mixed content on some sites has been solved by forcing downloads from HTTPS.
  • Now you can get rid of those annoying z notifications. B. Turn down the volume of this navigation (Settings > Site settings > Notifications).
  • Freezing tabs saves CPU (and battery/power).
  • Improved and strengthened password security features
  • You can now share the clipboard between your computer and your mobile phone.
  • EV SSL no longer shows the green address bar, but a green padlock like all other ssl sites.
  • Removes incognito detection mode so you can enjoy private browsing.
  • Also, the flash is now locked by default. So if you’re a fan of flash, you’ll have to activate it manually.
  • Reader is now available in Chrome, but you will have to do it manually. Just paste this code into the address bar.


  • The new dark mode is available, but must be activated manually by the user!

Enabling dark or black mode in Chrome 74

  • Right-click on the Chrome shortcut on your desktop and go to Properties. In the properties window, add -force-dark-mode to the end of the Target text box (after the quotes).
  • Oculus Rift support has been added, but it is disabled by default and you have to enable it manually.
  • Nothing special, only corrections and improvements

Version 45 – 65 Basic functions

  • NPAPI plugins are permanently disabled
  • Launch your favorite web applications directly from the desktop using desktop shortcuts.
  • TBA
  • Stability improvements and corrections
  • New JavaScript engine (V8)
  • Supports Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) hardware, previously only available in beta, and helps you make music without needing software.
  • A number of new applications / API enhancements
  • SSL and HTTPS speed optimization
  • Stability and performance improvement
  • HTML corrections

Backing off a bit

Google launched its Chrome web browser in 2008 with the aim of providing a better web browsing experience than any other player in the industry. The package has unique features such as. B. a sleek, minimalist design that uses most of the screen to display the web page, with close, minimize, and maximize buttons in the upper right corner, and a voice search feature available only in Chrome, although WebRTC is supported in Firefox, which allows users to use their microphone to speak a search query for a Google search. The automatic translator of web pages from another language into English has saved us a lot of time and money, because we no longer need to use other services to read web pages in a foreign language.

Additional functions

  • The tabbed browsing style has created a new trend in the way we use the internet without having too many windows open like pop-ups or a taskbar full of Internet Explorer windows. Competitors in this field have also adopted the tabbed navigation style in their releases, as it is more user-friendly and allows anyone to quickly navigate or switch to another site with one click.
  • Speed and download manager
  • In our experience, it offers the same browsing and download speed, as it depends more on your provider.
  • Flash and pdf support

Before the advent of Chrome, we had to download and view a pdf file with a pdf viewer, namely Acrobat Reader, but now you can read the contents of the file in your browser, even if it contains many images.

Flash is a media file that can be played automatically without additional plugins or extensions, and the Flash module is updated automatically when Chrome is updated.

What about data compression?

In the early days of Internet browsers, Opera was the only one that supported data compression (images and videos) by passing unencrypted data through its servers, which is now known as Offroad mode (formerly Turbo mode). Chrome also has this feature, but it was originally limited to Android mobile phones. Since version 41, the data compression technology is also available to desktop users through a web application, extension or plugin called Data Saver extension for Chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/data-saver-beta/pfmgfdlgomnbgkofeojodiodmgpgmkac. Just grab it and it does all the work for you and you can also disable it in the menu.

Now the question arises: Does Google one offer better bandwidth reduction or compression than Opera?

  • No, Opera Pioneer is much better at delivering high compression files.

Note that compression does not apply to https or ssl websites.

Rapid update cycle

It was the search giant that quickly started offering updates to its users with various security patches and bugs that have kept many safe while surfing the web. This mode is now also followed by Firefox, as well as Opera and Vivaldi.

Can I run Android applications on this browser?

  • With the ARC Welder application (from the webstore), it is now possible to run a number of Android applications.

Do we say app instead of app?

  • Yeah, you can only use one right now.

When you try to download the apk, you will be asked in which mode you want to run the package. Choose the landscape orientation of the tablet as it is more suitable for desktop and laptop computers.

Main problem

  • If you are so concerned about your privacy, you can opt for a VPN or virtual private network that encrypts your data.

Download according to your operating system

Message: From now on, these download links will not have an expiration date unless the link is removed from this page. Since the official Google link expires after a while, we add the full installation file (EXE ) to Google Drive Cloud, a trusted cloud service.

Version 87

Windows 10, 8.1, 7 63.5 MB

Version 85

Windows 10, 8.1, 7 63.5 MB

Version 80

Windows 10, 8.1, 7 55.0 MB

79 Version

Windows 10, 8.1, 7 55.0 MB

Mac (Macbook Air, Pro, iMac) | 79.6 MB

78 Version

Windows 64 Bit 55.0 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 54.2 MB

Mac (Macbook Air, Pro, iMac) | 79.6 MB

77 Implementation

Windows 64 Bit 53.6 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 53.0 MB

76 Version

Windows 64 Bit 53.5 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 52.7 MB


Windows 64 Bit 53.2 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 52.1 MB


Windows 64 Bit 53.2 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 52.1 MB


Windows 64 Bit 50.4 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 49.8 MB


Windows 64 Bit 50.4 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 49.8 MB


Windows 64 Bit 50.4 MB | Windows 32bit or all versions except XP | 49.8 MB


Windows 48.1 MB all versions expected XP | Windows 64bit | 48.6 MB


Windows 46.2 MB all versions wait XP | Windows 64bit | 46.6 MB


Windows 44.5 MB all versions wait XP | Windows 64bit | 50.1 MB


Windows 42.0 MB all versions except XP | Windows 64bit | 45.8 MB


Windows 42.0 MB all versions except XP | Windows 64bit | 45.8 MB


Windows 42.0 MB all versions except XP | Windows 64bit | 45.8 MB


Windows 41.8 MB all versions wait XP | Windows 64bit | 45.3 MB


Windows 42.7 MB all versions wait XP | Windows 64bit | 46.76 MB


Windows 42.3 MB all versions wait XP | Windows 64bit | 46.2 MB


Windows 44.9 MB all versions wait XP | Windows 64bit | 54.1 MB


Windows 42.1 MB all versions except XP | Windows 64bit | 48.7 MB


Windows 43.7 MB all versions wait XP | Windows 64bit | 50.3 MB


Windows 43.2 MB | Windows 64bit | 49.6 MB

49 Buildings

Windows 42.8 MB | Windows 64bit | 48.9 MB

48 packets

Windows 42.3 MB | Windows 64bit | 48.2 MB

47 Implementation

Windows 41.3 MB | Windows 64bit | 47.7 MB

46 Buildings

Windows 41.3 MB | Windows 64bit | 47.1 MB

45 references

Windows 41.4 MB | Windows 64bit | 47.1 MB

43 current references

Windows | 64bit

42 references

Windows | 64bit


There are also alternative methods of finding an independent installer

If your operating system is 64/32bit, just follow the link here.

See the illustration below for more information

Final thought

Google Chrome 87 seems to focus more on dark mode and fixing various issues in Windows 10.

Chrome 77

  • Speed
  • Data protection
  • UI
  • Compatibility

Google Chrome, the Web browser that Google has developed, is a favorite among many people for its speed, security and ease of use. With its newest version, 90, it has committed to continuing to improve with each new release. Among the new features, Chrome can now pass information to Chrome Extensions through new channel interfaces, and has made requests for extension updates more efficient. The release also includes an integrated version of the Web Audio API, which allows Chrome to communicate with native browser audio processing.. Read more about google chrome 84 offline installer and let us know what you think.

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How to Stay Motivated When Pursuing Ambitious Goals




Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to make the progress necessary to reach your ambitious goals? Keeping yourself motivated can be a challenge and is often necessary if we want to achieve success.

The good news is that staying motivated while pursuing big goals is attainable; all it takes is understanding how your mindset works and applying those principles to stay on course. But with just a few simple techniques and strategies, you will be well on your way towards achieving incredible things. Let’s get started!

Incorporate Positive Quotes Every Day

As the workweek winds down, it can be easy to lose motivation and focus. For this reason, you want to incorporate positive quotes into your daily routine to keep your spirits high. But why stop there? Why not make the end of your week extra special with some Friday motivational quotes designed to get you pumped up for the weekend? You can even take it a step further and create inspirational wallpapers for your desktop or phone so you are constantly reminded of your goals and motivation. The power of positive thinking can go a long way in keeping you motivated.

Celebrate Small Victories

When pursuing ambitious goals, it can be easy to get caught up in the bigger picture and lose sight of the small wins along the way. But celebrating your achievements, no matter how small they may seem, is crucial in maintaining motivation.

Take some time to acknowledge and reward yourself for each milestone you reach. This will not only boost your confidence but also serve as a reminder of how far you have come and the progress you are making towards your ultimate goal.

Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

It’s often said that we are a product of our environment, and this holds true when it comes to motivation as well. If you surround yourself with negative influences or people who constantly bring you down, it will be challenging to maintain your drive and focus. Instead, seek out individuals who inspire and motivate you.


Even consider joining a group or community of like-minded individuals who share similar goals and can provide support and encouragement when you need it. Having a positive support system can make all the difference in staying motivated.

Break Large Tasks Into Smaller, More Manageable Parts

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a task that seems too big to handle? It’s easy to lose motivation when you don’t know where to start or how to complete a difficult project. That’s why breaking down larger tasks into smaller, more attainable goals is crucial. Once you divide a complex project into smaller steps, you have a clear plan of action and a tangible sense of progress as you complete each part. This approach can make a challenging task seem more achievable, giving you the momentum you need to keep going until the end.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Tracking progress is one of the most effective ways to stay motivated toward achieving your goals. When you keep track of your progress, you get a clear picture of how far you have come and what lies ahead in your journey.

Keeping track also helps in holding yourself accountable and staying on track with your plans. Whether it’s tracking your fitness journey, your professional development, or personal goals, regular check-ins with yourself help in staying aware and motivated towards success. Remember that it’s not just about the end result but the journey you take to get there.

Find Your “Why”

Understanding why you’re pursuing your goals is a powerful motivator that can keep you going even when the going gets tough. Is it for personal satisfaction, professional advancement, or perhaps to make a positive impact in your community? Your “why” is your internal driving force, the reason you get up every morning ready to face challenges head-on.


Reflect on your “why” regularly, especially during difficult times, to keep your motivation levels high and your focus sharp. It’s a reminder of the bigger picture and the purpose behind your actions.

Motivation is not a constant state but a flowing process that requires daily cultivation. With these tools in your arsenal, you’re well-equipped to stay motivated and achieve your ambitious goals. Incorporate positive quotes into your daily routine, celebrate small victories, surround yourself with positive influences, break tasks into smaller parts, keep track of your progress, and always remember your “why.” With dedication and persistence, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. So go out there and make it happen!

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Is a Career in Life Insurance Worth Pursuing? 5 Key Considerations




From insurance specialist to claims writer to claims representative, a career in life insurance poses numerous job opportunities. With various big-name companies seeking immediate employees in this field, now is the time to start (and grow) your career!

Unsure of what a career in life insurance entails? We have you covered! Read on to discover our five key considerations.

1. A Versatile Career Choice

With so many career paths to consider in life insurance, this vocation is a versatile career choice, to say the least! It’s a profession that you can tailor to your specific skill set. If you’re detail-oriented, a claims clerk may be a good place to start, while if you’re interested in valuations, an insurance appraiser may be more your cup of tea.

All of the roles boast different salaries, different skill sets, and varying opportunities in terms of growth. When asking yourself, ‘Is life insurance a good career path?’ It’s a good idea to do your research before applying for a specific role, considering where your strengths lie and comparing these to the available roles.

2. A Career that Allows You to Make a Difference

An excellent insurance pro has the tools to protect clients and help those in need. Whether a client is suffering a health crisis or has been the victim of a crime or a natural disaster, it’s your job to provide them and their beneficiaries with the best advice possible.

On another note, a career in this self-driven industry is an ideal opportunity to assist humanitarian workers through international insurance coverage. Military personnel, international teachers, non-governmental organizations, and the Foreign Service often take out this type of life insurance coverage.



Why? Most of these people are working in high-risk areas. It’s your job to find bespoke, affordable cover that protects assets and people.

In addition to assisting clients with insurance claims, insurance professionals can assist individuals wishing to invest in a business or climb the property ladder.

In a nutshell, wherever there is value, it is your job to help your clients protect, prolong, and increase their assets.

3. Heightened Job Security

A career in life insurance is a great option for those looking for a role that promises heightened job security. Often nicknamed an ‘evergreen career,’ this is a stable job to enroll in, as it offers superb job security. At present, there are over 94,000 job openings for life insurance agents alone in the US! This figure is only set to rise in the future.

If you’re looking for a role that allows you to rise through the ranks, this maybe it! Many companies even offer opportunities for secondments abroad – another enticing consideration for those looking to travel with work!

4. A Job That is Both Rewarding and Engaging

Another big selling point of a vocation in life insurance? It’s engaging! No two days are the same. One day, you’ll be using interpersonal skills; the next, you’ll be using math while combining statistics and critical analysis to assess various situations.

On top of this, it’s a lucrative industry. If you work hard and put the time in, you may find yourself

taking home a six-figure income within just three to five years.


Many companies also offer employees attractive compensation benefits and bonuses, each boasting a different structure. These comprise 100% commission, subsidy plus commission, base plus commission, and base plus bonus for every policy sold. All are an incentive to sell, which makes this line of work incredibly motivating – especially for those driven by sales.

5. There is Plenty of Support Available

Even if you don’t think you have the necessary skills for a life insurance career, many roles offer on-the-job training. From online courses to in-house training to access to a mentor, you’ll receive great support in this line of work. All will add to your CV, development, and, ultimately, your success.


For best results, research the companies before applying for roles, and pick those offering a strong support network, a good leadership core, and an array of educational opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Even if you’ve never considered a career in life insurance, now may be the time to do so! With an array of job opportunities, one is bound to be suited to your skill set. On top of this, the training available makes developing your career a breeze.  

Then there are the many benefits to consider, including the ability to help those in need and the chance to take home an impressive salary. Providing you’re willing to work hard and learn on the job, a career in life insurance is most definitely worth pursuing. So, what have you been waiting for? Check the article and integrate some of the pointers.

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11 Proven Strategies to Achieve Your Dreams in the Real World




1. Set Clear Goals

To embark on the journey, towards achieving your dreams it is important to set attainable goals. These goals can encompass areas of life such as advancing in your career, personal growth, making lifestyle changes or finally signing up at free spins no deposit NZ.

Having a vision of what you want to achieve helps you focus your efforts effectively. It is recommended to establish goals for timeframes including short term objectives and long-term aspirations. Write down these goals. Regularly revisit them as this helps maintain a commitment, towards achieving them.

By employing this approach not will you ignite your passion to keep moving but also expedite the process of turning your dreams into reality.

2. Develop a Strategic Plan

Creating a thought-out plan is crucial, for achieving your desired objectives. This plan acts as a roadmap outlining the steps needed to accomplish your goals. It’s incredibly valuable to break down your aspirations into practical actions through a thorough plan, which enhances efficiency and productivity.

A detailed strategic plan that incorporates goal setting ensures that you’re not just pursuing dreams but following a structured path that increases the likelihood of reaching your targets. The primary purpose of this plan is to break down your ambitions into chunks transforming big overarching goals into attainable tasks.

This process promotes organization, time management. Encourages a proactive approach toward achieving your goals. Additionally having such a plan helps prevent duplication of efforts ultimately saving precious time and resources.

Ultimately developing a crafted plan is instrumental in turning your goals into tangible realities while enhancing productivity and efficiency through a structured approach, to success.

3. Stay Committed

Reaching your dreams is not something that happens overnight; it takes dedication. No matter how difficult the obstacles may seem the key is to keep moving and stay true, to your chosen path. Embrace a mindset of unwavering commitment to maintain consistency. You will see your dreams gradually come to fruition.

4. Overcome Procrastination

To overcome procrastination, you need to address the obstacle that hinders you from achieving your ambitions. Procrastination is when you delay taking the actions to make your dreams come true which can ultimately ruin their potential.


Effective strategies, for dealing with this habit include setting priorities creating a plan for your daily tasks, and adopting a proactive approach to completing them promptly. These tactics not only boost productivity. They, also make it easier to reach your goals.

By doing, you can reduce the impact of procrastination, on your progress and cultivate a more productive and goal-oriented lifestyle.

5. Embrace Failure

Recognizing the importance of embracing failure is crucial, on the path to achieving our dreams. This mindset reframes failure not as something. As a necessary part of making progress.

Making mistakes and facing setbacks is inevitable. They provide opportunities for learning and personal growth. When we embrace failure it becomes a tool for self-reflection, understanding, and improvement rather than something that holds us back.

Consequently, each obstacle can be transformed into a stone that propels us closer to our aspirations. By adopting a perspective that values failures we can gain wisdom from our missteps and apply these insights to our actions. Pave the way, toward reaching our goals.

6. Build a Support Network

Surround yourself with a group of people who have interests understand your path and are willing to provide valuable feedback. Their encouragement can serve as the motivation that helps you push through times.

7. Practice Patience

Practicing patience is an aspect when it comes to pursuing your dreams. It reminds us that achieving our goals is, like running a marathon rather than sprinting underscoring the significance of determination and consistent effort over a period rather, than seeking quick fixes or shortcuts.


Patience plays a role in this journey allowing us to fully embrace the process of realizing our dreams. By valuing and cherishing each step along the way we develop patience. Avoid the temptation to rush for results. It teaches us to appreciate growth value our experiences and patiently await the fruits of our work.

8. Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Nurturing a mindset plays a role, in determining what you achieve. It involves developing an approach that is filled with optimism, hope, and a resilient mindset that sees challenges as opportunities. This kind of mindset serves as a motivator driving you towards the realization of your dreams.

It instills enthusiasm and determination to strive for your goals, which are factors, for success. Ultimately the state of your mindset greatly impacts your accomplishments so it’s important to cultivate an attitude of positivity to boost your confidence and facilitate growth.

9. Prioritize Self-care

Don’t forget to take care of yourself while chasing your dreams. As you work towards achieving your goals it’s important to prioritize self-care, mental well-being and nurturing yourself. Remember that the journey, towards fulfilling your dreams is just as crucial, as reaching the destination.

10. Learn and Upgrade skills

To make our dreams come true it’s important to embrace learning and actively seek ways to improve our skills. This can involve attending workshops and expanding our knowledge and abilities.

The world is constantly changing, so in order to keep up with these changes and achieve our professional aspirations we can’t afford to let our skills become stagnant. It’s crucial to update our skills in order to stay relevant.

By engaging in learning and skill enhancement we significantly increase our chances of success in this advancing world.

11. Believe in Yourself

Having faith, in oneself is a principle when it comes to pursuing our dreams. It’s about having a conviction in our own abilities. This belief emphasizes the fact that we have the power to turn our dreams into reality. It’s important to realize that the vision we have for our lives is ours alone and its not up to others to fulfill it for us.

Believing in ourselves means tapping into every ounce of our potential and using it to make our aspirations come true. Understanding and embracing this concept is a step, towards fulfillment and achieving success. The key lies in motivating ourselves and never losing sight of our inherent value as individuals.


When embarking on the pursuit of your dreams it is crucial to remain attentive uphold self-control and emit optimism. Recognize that the road to success, is replete, with circumstances and fluctuations. Through perseverance bravery and the implementation of these eleven approaches your aspirations have the potential to materialize in the tangible realm.

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