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10 Best Budgeting Apps for Personal Finance [2021 List] – DollarBreak



10 Best Budgeting Apps for Personal Finance [2021 List] – DollarBreak

While personal finance has typically been a male-dominated field, more women are starting to get their hands dirty in the financial world, and that’s a great thing. Unfortunately, our personal finance world is a messy place, and figuring out how to manage your money can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve got some excellent finance apps available, that make it a lot easier to keep track of your finances and get ahead financially. Here are 10 budgeting apps to help you get started.

The interesting thing about budgeting is that there’s not really one right way to approach it. Depending on your needs, you can do it in a super regimented way, or a very casual manner. No matter what you do, though, you need to keep personal finance in mind. It’s always important to keep a budget and stay on track with your finances.

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Best money management apps


The application can be downloaded for free. No savings, no fees

You can save an average of $96 per year. has an 85% success rate

Monitors your account balance to prevent overdrafts and alerts you to upcoming bills.


Track and cancel unwanted subscriptions

Negotiate with service providers to minimize your bills.

You pay Trim with the money you save.


The average savings is $300. No savings – no commission

Billshark has a 90% success rate in reducing its customers’ bills.

A $10 gift card for each family member or friend you refer.

Best budget applications:

1. The best budgeting application You need a budget

Why we recommend this application:

1. Easily connect all your bank accounts in one place.

With YNAB, you can easily sync your bank account to see your transactions in real time! No manual data entry is required, which can be tedious. You can also rest assured that all your transactions are accurately synchronized.

2. Get advice on how to get out of debt

This is one of our favorite features. YNAB offers advice to help you get ahead financially. When creating a budget, the application identifies areas of opportunity and suggests what you can do to improve your financial situation. If you z. B. you have paid off a certain debt, the YNAB application will offer to increase your payment to a certain amount and you will reduce your debt by X.

3. Setting and achieving your financial objectives

If you don’t have clear financial goals, you may not find anything! YNAB encourages its users to set clear financial goals so you can easily achieve them. Easily track your progress with the dashboard’s graphs and bar charts.

4. Track your progress by comparing costs over time

What gets measured gets improved. YNAB allows you to keep track of your spending by viewing your progress on your dashboard.

5. Access to FREE budgeting seminars

Who says budgeting has to be a lonely journey? There are a number of free budgeting workshops where people can connect with like-minded people and improve their financial situation. You will learn how to set up a budget, deal with overspending, handle credit cards, pay off debt, save money for groceries, etc.

Special function:

1 year free for students

YNAB supports the financial lives of students. Students can take advantage of the special offer to get free access to the application for a year! If you’re a student who struggles with budgeting, you can finally start keeping track of your finances with YNAB, a free app! Start now and reap the benefits later.


The YNAB application automatically comes with a 34-day free trial. Then you can use all the features for just $6.99 a month, the price of a Happy Meal at McDonalds.

2. Best free application: Currency

Why we recommend this application:

1. Receive notifications of overdue fines, invoices, rate changes, large purchases and budget overruns.

Mint allows you to receive notifications when an invoice is about to be paid. This way you always have an overview of your invoices and avoid painful penalties for late payment. You can also configure the type of alerts, for example. B. Late bills, large purchases, budget overruns and rate changes. This gives you full control over your budget.

2. Track your investments

If you budget like a boss, you’ll eventually build up a sizable bank account and be able to move on to investing. That’s where Mint comes in, as you can track your investments and see the growth of your portfolio over time.

3. Know exactly what you’re spending your money on with a clear graphic format.

No more boring spreadsheets full of numbers. Mint allows you to track your money with clear graphs and bar charts.

4. Automatic reconciliation of your financial data with Mint

Once you have created your account with Mint, you can automatically synchronize your transactions with Mint. This process is secure and Mint does not store any sensitive information such as your PIN, etc. When you sync your data with Mint, you can access your financial data anywhere in the world and on the go.

Special function:

View your credit score for FREE

Mint even has a credit check feature. Simply log in and check your credit score to see where you stand financially.


Totally free.

3. Best application for debt repayment: Developed

Why we recommend this application:

1. Getting rid of debt by setting goals

One of the keys to successfully paying off debt is to set a clearly defined goal with a date by which you will have paid off the debt. With the Mvelopes app, you can easily set a repayment goal and start paying off your debt by keeping track of your progress. Many people have paid off their debts this way, and you can too.

2. Access to a real-time overview of all your accounts

When you create an account with Mvelopes, you can see how you made the payment directly in the application. With a real-time view of your accounts, you can make smart purchasing decisions.

3. Divide the money into envelopes before spending it

Is your money slowly disappearing like water from a leaking bucket? Money needs a purpose, and Mvelopes helps you achieve that purpose. For example, you can B. Take one envelope labeled holiday and another labeled charity. If you have multiple envelopes, you can divide your remedies accordingly and have peace of mind.

Special function:

Participation in the Budgeting Bootcamp

Budgeting Bootcamp is ideal for those who want to meet like-minded people. You can connect and network with like-minded people who are committed to financial advancement. Why budget alone when you can budget with people who want you to win?


Mvelopes is free for the first 30 days. After this period, you can choose between three rates: $4 per month, $19 per month and $59 per month.

4. Application for top students Acorns

Why we recommend this application:

1. Use it for free if you are a student.

The advantage of Acorns is that it is free for students.

2. Install an application to create your change automatically

You don’t have to sit down and plan a complicated budget. With Acorns, you can find money to invest in your daily business. If your latte costs $5.70 at Starbucks, Acorn automatically invests 30 cents in your wallet. It may seem trivial, but imagine that with every transaction made, a little money is invested.

After a while, you wake up one morning and find that your investment portfolio has grown to a significant size. Acorn invests in ETFs, such as the stock market and bonds. Many people claim to get 4-7% returns by investing in Acorn.

3. Get cash back with Acorn credit or debit cards.

They can even get money with their credit or debit cards. This is how they treat their loyal customers, and you will end up saving more money. The amount you receive depends on the merchant, but you can expect to receive up to 10% of your purchase or $10 to $100 in cash.

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4. Developing spending strategies

The beauty of the Acorn program is that you can develop a good strategy and action plan for your finances. If you plan to pay off your credit card debt in the next few weeks, you can use Acorn to develop a strategy to help you achieve that goal.

Special function:

The investments are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is a government agency that provides deposit insurance to commercial banks and savings associations. If you save and invest money through Acorn, you can be sure it is protected by the FDIC up to $250,000. That way, not only can you plan your budget with peace of mind, but you also know that your money is safe.


Acorns has a simple pricing structure where you only pay $1.25 per month for accounts up to $5,000. If the amount exceeds $5,000, the rate is only 0.275% per year.

Acorns Summary

  • Automatic free money investment
  • 5 sign-up bonus.
  • Minimum investment of $5 on the account
  • The average return on your investment is 7.5%.

5. Application Top investor: Personal capital

Why we recommend this application:

1. You can check whether you are on the right track to your pension

Personal Capital has a feature that allows you to build a retirement portfolio to prepare. This part of your life is governed by the automatic management of your funds and allows you to build up a substantial nest egg.

2. Track the status of asset allocation for investments

No need to update the spreadsheets. You no longer need to check the results in real time. From within the application you can view the health of your investment portfolio. You can make smart decisions and decide to invest more in a particular segment of your portfolio or reduce its size to balance the portfolio.

3. Compare the costs of some universities with the Education Planner.

The educational planner is a game changer. The app has a great comparison tool to help you determine the best rates for the college you want to attend.

4. Access to additional asset management and investment services

Personal Capital is offered with a wide range of additional investment and wealth management services. This includes investment assessment, education planning, 401k advice, cash flow and expense analysis, comprehensive financial planning and much more. You can use this opportunity to explore different ways to get ahead financially.

Special function:

Analyze 401(k) plan fees. Committees can add up over time, even if they seem small. If you add up the costs you will pay over 10 to 30 years, you will be shocked at how much you will have to pay. That’s why Personal Capital has taken the liberty of providing you with a commission comparison when choosing a 401(k) plan.


Unlike other applications that charge an upfront fee, Personal Capital charges a management fee ranging from 0.49% to 0.89%.

Summary of personal assets

  • Provides a complete financial picture
  • Comprehensive pension tools
  • Fees – 0.89% to 0.49% for accounts over $1 million.
  • has extensive tax optimization strategies

6. Better use of pairs Hanidu

Why we recommend this application:

1. Share the bill with your loved one

A couple that works together stays together, so learn to share the bill with your loved one. You can work together by opening joint accounts and discussing your finances.

2. Know the expenses of your life partner in real time

If you’re in a relationship and one person is better at managing their finances, why not let them help you by keeping an eye on the other person’s spending habits? One person may be too busy to manage their finances, while another may be a budgeting expert. It’s all about teamwork.

3. Receipt of budget proposals

The suggestions really help you find what you are looking for. If you overspend in a certain category or fall behind on paying your bills, the app will automatically make you an offer that you can accept immediately. It’s very convenient to have artificial intelligence do the work for you.

4. Synchronize your bank accounts with the application

Of course, this application has the added benefit of bank synchronization. When you sign up, you automatically sync with your bank accounts, which feed the app with real-time data to help you make smart financial decisions.

Special function:

The special feature of this application is that it promotes cooperation between two people and discussions about certain issues.


The Honeydue application can be downloaded and used for free. The app also has tabs with offers where you can apply for credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

7. Appendix Best Families: Good budget

Why we recommend this application:

1. distribute the money by means of an envelope system

Like the Mvelope app, you can also use this excellent money management system by assigning a specific amount of money to a specific envelope. If you allocate a fund to an envelope, you can track the amount so there are no surprises when the bill comes due.

2. Customize reports to track budget trends, including the ratio of expenses to income or budget.

You can even create your own custom reports to track your progress. There are many types of reports you can create, for example B. Debt reduction, savings, investments, etc. You can even compare the two reports to make a sound financial decision.

3. Differentiated expenditure operations

One of the challenges of managing finances together is that you get them mixed up. It’s hard to know who spent the money on what, and you have to comb through all your transactions and argue what you spent the money on. However, there is a feature that reduces this burden: cost sharing. You can easily see what your expenses are compared to your partner’s, which makes your life much easier.

4. Proposals received by category of expenditure

Of course, recommendations and suggestions are needed. By managing your finances with your family, you will receive advice on how to improve your financial situation. If your partner is overspending, it’s not surprising that the app can let you know and let you both know that you’ve overspent in that area, etc. Instead of getting mad at the other person, blame the app.

Special function:

The Good Budget app allows you to share your budget with other users to get their advice and recommendations.


You can sign up for the free version of the app, which gets you 10 regular envelopes, 1 invoice, 2 devices and more. The Plus plan costs $6 per month ($50 per year) and includes unlimited envelopes, accounts, 5 devices and more.

8. Best practice for retirement provision: Quicken

Why we recommend this application:

1. Setting and achieving your pension goals

When you log into Quicken, open the Retirement page and set your retirement goal. If you plan to retire in 10 years or a certain amount of time, you can simply set a goal and work towards it directly through Quicken.

2. Manage all your investment accounts

Whether you invest in stocks, real estate or businesses, it’s hard to get a clear picture of your overall asset portfolio. With this app, you can track all your investment accounts and see where you stand with your investments.

3. Check the condition of your property, the occupancy rate, the rental income – all at a glance.

You can even view your investment properties by analyzing rents, occupancy and vacancy rates. This feature alone can save you thousands of dollars a year in foregone income from your investment property. It’s like having your own administrator on your phone.

4. Automatic cost allocation per category

When managing finances, expenses can get out of hand. You can easily categorize your expenses by labeling them and automatically assigning a specific amount, so you don’t have to do it laboriously.

Special function:

Generate tax reports to send to the accountant. No more shoeboxes at tax time. All you need to do is prepare a report and submit it to your tax advisor when you file your tax return. All your data is stored securely in the application and you can generate a report instantly at any time. This is especially useful if you need to separate business transactions or have a completely separate account for personal expenses.


Quicken offers three plans, the basic plan for $34.99, which allows you to see all your accounts, categorize your expenses and manage your money. The deluxe package, which costs $29.99, includes the same features as the starter package, but also gives you the ability to manage your debts, simplify your taxes, and more. The Premier package, worth $44.99, includes the same features as the Deluxe package, plus priority support, online bill pay and more.

9. Best money management application: Pocket protector

Why we recommend this application:

1. Synchronize your financial accounts

When you first download the application, you will be asked to sync your bank accounts. Don’t worry, this process is very safe and protected by encryption. Once your accounts are synced, you can easily transfer money to and from your accounts by tracking your transactions. It is a secure way to bank online and by phone.

2. Breakdown of expenditure ceilings by category

Let’s face it, we need help when it comes to cost. Our emotions take over when we see something we need and spend our hard-earned money on it. So how do you control this buying impulse? They set spending limits. The application allows you to set spending limits. Once you have crossed the threshold, you will be notified that you are approaching your limit and can make the necessary changes.

3. Know how much money is left over after all the bills are paid.

One of the most important figures in the financial world is how much you have left over after paying all your bills. This is also known as cash flow. If you know your cash flow, you know where you are going financially. This application gives you a clear picture of how much money you have at the end of the month, so you are protected from unexpected financial situations.

Special function:

Install the app to automatically match low-interest accounts and find high-interest savings accounts. This application automatically searches online and helps you find the best deals for your expenses. It does this by analyzing the costs of credit cards, savings accounts and other charges and then searching online for a better rate.


You can subscribe to the PocketGuard application for free and use its features. However, with the Plus version, which costs $3.99 per month, you have more customization options.

10. Best app for millennials: Terminal

Why we recommend this application:

1. It is easy to transfer money between different banks

The application allows you to easily transfer money to and from different bank accounts. Instead of connecting to each of these bank accounts through a web browser, you can simply use an app to transfer money securely. This will save you time. Instead of trying to remember passwords for multiple bank accounts, just do it directly through the app.

2. Get a FREE credit score

Knowing your credit rating will help you predict how much you can borrow in the future. This app is useful because it helps you know your credit score so that you can borrow money for your personal needs. With Clarity Money, you get a free credit score that you can submit to the bank to apply for a personal loan.

3. Create savings goals

This application also includes a savings plan where you can track your progress towards your savings goal.

4. Automatic cancellation of unwanted subscriptions

This app also helps you find subscriptions or recurring monthly payments that you can delete, which is very handy if you ask me. The application compiles a list of recurring payments and gives you the option to cancel them or track them over a period of time.


Enjoy a personalized experience thanks to machine learning. We are living in an exciting time where artificial intelligence is helping us in our daily activities. Clarity Money features machine learning, and one of its benefits is that it can make recommendations based on what you use in the app. If you keep trying to use the app’s savings feature, you’ll get more helpful tips for saving money.


The Clarity Money app is completely free to use, but there is a one-time 33% charge for invoice reconciliation. If you z. B. lower your bill and save $100 a year, you will have to pay $33.

Organise your budget

While there are many budget apps to choose from, you should choose one that suits your personal situation and needs. What is your favorite budget app or most useful feature?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best finance apps in 2021?

The best finance apps in 2021 are likely to be more advanced and feature-rich than the ones available today.

What is the best personal finance app?

The best personal finance app is one that you use on a daily basis. If you are a busy individual, you should choose an app that is easy to use and quick. What is the best personal finance app for beginners? The best personal finance app for beginners is Mint. This app is easy to use and is designed for people who are just starting out with their finances.

How much does mvelopes cost?

Mvelopes costs $9.99 a month.

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