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4 Tips for Getting Ready For a Trip




No matter if it’s summer or winter vacation planning, prepping for any trip requires an extensive checklist of tasks. Here are 8 tips to ensure a truly relaxing and enjoyable getaway experience!

Clear out your fridge – use or discard food that could go bad while you’re gone, leave your itinerary with someone, and suspend mail delivery if possible.

Do Your Research

No matter your travel style, conducting some preliminary research can make the most out of your journey. Blogs and Instagram posts offer valuable insight into local culture, top accommodations, and must-see attractions that could save time on exploration. For instance, a simple Google search can highlight posts like the best things to do in South Korea.

Google can also help reveal things to do at your destination, like attending live music performances or football matches. Knowing what weather to expect also ensures you arrive prepared.

As an added benefit, knowing what to expect will enable you to be more flexible and open to opportunities when they present themselves, thus eliminating stress and wasted time when booking transportation, accommodations, or activities on the fly. To keep track of all your research efficiently and quickly when needed, store it all digitally or use an app that lets you organize and tag notes – that way, it will always be easily retrievable when required.

Create a Packing List

Packing lists are the ultimate way to ensure you don’t forget any essential travel items. Start by categorizing items such as clothes, technology, documents, etc. If traveling with others, add a “shared category” so you know who brings what.

Once you have organized your items into categories, decide how many of each to bring. For a seven-day trip, bring one pair of underwear and socks per day, as well as two pajamas, three dressier outfits, four casual ensembles, and comfortable hiking shoes with extra socks for any hikes you might take.


Apps and online tools offer multiple ways to easily create packing lists. Popular options such as Packing Pro, PackPoint, and TravelList provide customizable templates, reminders, and alerts – some even provide calendar views that help visualize items more clearly.

Schedule a Check-Up

Planning a trip can be tempting to daydream of relaxing on a beach or skiing down snowy slopes; in reality, however, extensive preparation must be undertaken in order to ensure a seamless and safe journey, particularly on long journeys.

Crowe suggests the best way to ensure you’re equipped with all of the appropriate health and travel supplies is to visit a MinuteClinic(r). This service offers personalized advice based on location, season, and accommodation – helping protect against serious illness while traveling.

At 17), it’s essential that you provide your itinerary and accommodation details to friends and family in case there’s an emergency while you’re traveling, helping them keep track of you while also protecting them from having their credit card flagged as fraudulent because your location seems out of the ordinary.

Prepare for Your Flight

As your trip date approaches, it’s essential that you do everything possible to prepare for the flight. This may include taking an anxiety pill and packing your favorite travel blanket; additionally, making sure that there’s enough entertainment on board – including cheaper alternatives than paying overpriced airport prices for entertainment!


Before your flight, double-check its status. Arrive at the airport on time with all necessary documentation, such as a valid passport, ID, and ticket in hand.

Notifying a trusted friend or neighbor of your travel plans is also wise so they can check on your house, pets, and plants, if necessary – nothing worse than returning home to find dead grass!

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