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How to Keep Your Online Identity Private with Temporary Phone Numbers




Only a small percentage of people browse the internet in total privacy. But it is understandable. Staying private on the internet is about using a lot of different technological solutions, including temporary phone numbers. Those allow users to avoid disclosing their own phone numbers when registering for websites and apps, thus protecting them from potential data leaks and hacks. Below, we will explain in detail how to get temp phone number and use it to become more private on the web than ever.

What is a Temporary Phone Number?

Currently, temporary phone numbers are provided by many specialized online services. It is easy to come upon them when searching on the internet. However, even though there is nothing really difficult about such a feature, some people still have no idea what temporary numbers are and how they operate. But the truth is that it is a simple feature that everyone can benefit from.

Technically speaking, such numbers are regular mobile phone numbers that are just much more private and safe. Moreover, having a SIM card or even a mobile phone is completely unnecessary in this case. These numbers are used with appropriate websites and apps operating on the internet and, thereby, are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Impact on Privacy

The use of temporary phone numbers is very common among internet users who value their online privacy. This is caused by multiple reasons. First of all, there is no need to provide any personal information to get and use them. No one can find out that you are using a particular temporary number unless you tell them about it.


Secondly, temporary numbers cannot be tracked. Every number of this kind is linked to a static location that doesn’t change even if its user is traveling between countries. It is not possible to find out the actual location of the person using a temporary phone number, regardless of the software used for this purpose. In addition, they are designed solely for receiving verification codes via texts and calls from relevant online services. This means that if somehow the temporary number you used gets into the hands of fraudsters, they won’t be able to use it to attack you.

Supported Websites and Apps

Some people hesitate to use such numbers because they think that they are inappropriate for use with certain platforms. But it is not correct. There is nothing to be concerned about. Temporary phone numbers can be used to sign up for any website or app and can, therefore, be utilized in any situation to increase your online privacy. You can use them with:

  • Instant messengers;
  • Social networks;
  • Dating apps;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Food delivery, cab, and other services.

There are no limitations in terms of accepted online services. Except for the mentioned above, you can also use temporary numbers with forums, gaming stores, and other platforms. They are suitable for use with all of those that allow or require verifying a mobile phone number at some point.

How Do You Use a Temporary Number?

You can get and use one or multiple numbers of this kind within minutes. It is simple with the help of SMS-Man. This company has been offering such a feature for many years and provides straightforward yet efficient solutions in this field for everyone. Here is a comprehensive guide for taking advantage of temporary phone numbers using this platform:


1. Visit the sms-man.com website.

2. Open the registration form and create an account with your email address or profile on some other online service, such as Gmail and others.

3. Select a suitable payment option from the relevant tab, and after that, top up your account for further purchases.

4. Choose the country in which the temporary number will be issued on the home page.

5. Browse the tab below the list of countries to find the necessary online service.

6. Click on “Buy SMS.

7. Get a number with the proper settings.

Now, there is only one step remaining to complete.

There is now only one task remaining to complete. You need to copy the received temporary phone number and use it as a regular mobile phone number to establish a new and private account with a one-time password that will arrive on the number when using it as a verification method. Simple as it is.

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