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How Is Technology Transforming EV Charging Space?




The EV charging industry is witnessing a great metamorphosis with the introduction of advanced technology. While these modern technological advancements open several opportunities, they help simplify the complexities in the best way. This exhaustive guide covers a list of all the amazing technologies that are changing the current EV charging space in the best way. So, keep reading further to learn more about them below!

4 Popular Innovations In The EV Charging Space

Battery Innovations

LPF(Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries are gaining popularity in the EV charging space as they come with better charging speeds than the NCM(Nickel Cobalt Manganese) ones. Moreover, they offer a cost-effective solution. However, the LPF one is a less energy-dense battery, offering a shorter travel range in the EV. So, several established manufacturers and corporate giants are investing money to further develop solid-state batteries for EVs so that they can offer a better range, performance, and safety.

Rise Of Wireless Charging

Well, wireless charging is quite prominent in the smartphone domain, and soon, it will offer its perks in the EV charging domain. The owner will enjoy a higher degree of convenience with this type of charging. Wireless charging can be implemented with two approaches. The first approach revolves around EM(Electromagnetic) inductive charging. Here, the EV is parked over a charging pad that uses the EM waves to charge the vehicle. Today, this approach can be seen in some models, but it is limited to homeowners only.


The second approach is in-road dynamic charging. It leverages the power of devices that are embedded in the roadways to supply power to the EV when the driver is driving it. This approach will result in smaller EV batteries and reduce the range anxiety among the masses, which will further promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

Bidirectional Charging

Bidirectional charging will soon transform the charging space. With the recent developments in space, the V2G and V2H vision will become a reality. EV owners can use the vehicle to offer power to their home appliances in case of emergencies or blackouts. There are some EV models that come with an AC power outlet that can be used to power electric devices with simple plug-and-play.

Smart EV Charging & On-Site Energy Storage

Several private and public charging operators are using on-site EV storage devices with the addition of grid electricity to charge the EVs. They are investing in a smart EV charging system that utilizes and optimizes the energy distribution from all the resources and allows the operators to offer better services to the clients. Smart EV charging is beneficial for the operators, drivers, and the power grid as it will manage everything seamlessly without causing any energy shortage. The UK government is planning to invest in smart EV charging points London for the betterment of the city and people.

The Bottom Line

By now, you must be well-versed with all the top-notch technologies that are shaping the upcoming trends in the EV charging industry.


This will not only make EV charging convenient for EV owners but also aid in reliable charging without disrupting the environment in any way. Believe it or not, you will love the future that is revolutionized by these technologies!

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