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Investing in One of Turkey’s Prime Locations




Description: Investing in a sought-after city in Turkey. A brief overview of Alanya. Residential real estate that is available in Alanya. Buying real estate in Alanya.

Turkey has a lot of successful cities. The country itself has a strategic location. This makes it a hub for investment and trade. The country also encourages foreign investments. This invites visitors into the country to make money. There are many ways to make a living in Turkey. You may work as an expat. You may establish a business. You may as well invest in real estate. This is the easiest.

Real estate in Turkey is desirable. Investors are drawn to the affordability. There are also many options to invest in. Apart from the wide range of properties, there are diverse locations too. Turkey has many cities you can choose to invest in. One of such cities is Alanya. This city is popular for many reasons. It is, therefore, a wise choice to buy a property for investment in Alanya.

What is Alanya Like?

Alanya is a city in Turkey. It is known for its mild climate. The weather in Alanya is friendly as even the winters are not too cold. This city has some of the best beaches in Turkey. An example is Cleopatra Beach with golden fine sands and crystal clear waters. This city also has historical sites. Landmarks like The Red Tower often draw tourists to Alanya. It also offers activities like snorkeling, diving and so on. This makes it a desired place for holidays.


Alanya is also a great place to live. The city has all modern amenities. Alanya is very laid-back and serene. It has all the perks of a city. It also has the gentle aura of the suburbs. The city has a good commute system, you can take the bus to anywhere. Although it is developed, living costs remain affordable. Alanya also has beautiful properties. A lot of homes have a great view of the sea and many people want to live there. This causes a lot of interest in its real estate. Investors have discovered a goldmine in Alanya real estate. It is relatively affordable. It also has high return potential.

Residential Properties You Can Buy in Alanya

Alanya has different types of residential properties. Each property has its perks. Before choosing a property, you need to consider many things. For example, your budget and what you need the property for. Alanya has the following residential properties for sale:

  • Apartment: It is also known as a flat. It is a unit in a residential complex. Apartments in Alanya vary in size. It can work as a permanent home. It can also be a vacation home. Some are close to the city center. Some are closer to the sea. Residential complexes often have amenities. This is for those who live in units. The amenities may include a pool, gym, garden and so on. There is also security for residents. Read more on the official website – https://turk.estate/en/
  • Villa: A house in Alanya is luxurious. It is often located in serene areas with great views. Villas in Alanya also differ in size. They ensure maximum privacy and come with exclusive amenities. Villas may have private yards and gardens, swimming pools, parking spaces and lots more. Many villas have security systems. A lot are located in gated communities which makes it even more secure. It is a popular choice for families with children.
  • Penthouse: A penthouse in Alanya is a large apartment on top of a building. It offers amazing views and exclusive amenities. This may include a private terrace and a roof garden. Some penthouses offer concierge services. This may include maintenance, arranging transport, making reservations and so on.  A penthouse offers a comfortable life in Alanya

How to Buy Real Estate in Alanya

There are steps to follow to buy property in Alanya. The first thing to do is to define your budget. After having a clear budget, determine the property you want. Knowing what you want and how much you have is smart. It helps you find the perfect home faster.


After a successful property hunting, contact the agent in charge. It is advisable to hire a lawyer. The job of the lawyer is to help you with the legal aspects. You should also hire a property inspector. This is to inspect the house and surroundings. It helps to confirm that it is truly what you want.

Before you pay for a property, find out if there are any debts on it. You should also confirm all important documents. An agreement on the details of the transaction will be drawn up. Look at this document carefully before signing.

It is usual to pay a deposit upon signing the agreement. You may pay the rest when the title deed has been transferred to you. This transfer is done at the Land Registry Office. With that, your purchase is complete. You can go ahead to rent it out or move in.

High Returns on Real Estate Investment in Alanya

Alanya appeals to investors for many reasons. The real estate is relatively affordable so you don’t need too much capital. There are many attractions in the city. These draw tourists. The properties also have perks that increase their value. Aside from this, Alanya maintains a serene atmosphere. This makes it a great place for families to raise their children. All of these make real estate in Alanya attractive. Once you buy, you can easily make money off it. This is because many are looking for a place to rent. You can get a constant stream of income by renting properties out. You may rent to tourists or residents. With a little patience, the value of the properties increases. This makes your chance of making a profit higher. You can sell the property when the value rises to your desired level. Investing in real estate in Alanya ensures high returns are guaranteed.

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