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What Color Crocs to Choose




Crocs manufacturers try to minimize the use of chemicals and harmful substances that are released during the processing of materials. One of these methods is the use of water-based glue in production. Another benefit of the Crocs process is the reuse of used cross-light material. Thus, manufacturers are trying to maintain the course taken for the environmental friendliness and safety of their products.

Popular Models of Crocs

Crocs for Women

The range of women’s models is quite large; there are various styles and colors with croc charms. The choice is so great that it will not be difficult to choose a convenient option for yourself. So, women’s crocs are presented: flip flops, sandals, flip flops, as well as clogs, and ballet flats. In addition, wedge shoes, as well as sports sneakers and sneakers. All products are made from unique croslite material.

Baby Crocs

A wide range of models has also been presented for children: summer flip flops, flip flops, and sandals. At the same time, among the shoes for children are classic models and sports Crocs, boots, and boots made of cross light.

Men’s Crocs

Among men’s models, moccasins and loafers can be distinguished, which are made from mixed materials: a combination of cross light and textiles, leather, suede, and synthetics.


In addition, in the men’s lines, there are classic crocs and sportswear. The range of colors is completely different: from traditional black to the brightest: yellow, orange, purple, blue, and red.

How to Care for Crocs

Crocs are quite unpretentious shoes, but you need to follow some care recommendations in order for the shoes to retain their qualities throughout their service life. Crocs are best washed by hand under running cold water; a soapy solution can be used as a detergent. Do not wash them in hot water, as high temperatures can deform the shape of the shoes. Strong pollution is removed by means of a brush or a sponge.

A good solution would be to use special water-repellent sprays; this will extend their life and add shine to the shoes. It is not recommended to use aggressive chemicals as a detergent, and they can have a negative effect on the material; crocs will lose their rich color and presentable appearance. For suede crochets, it is best to use a soft brush and a water-repellent spray. For models made of smooth leather, it is recommended to use a soft brush and a sponge as care in order not to damage the surface of the shoe.

Can You Wash Crocs in a Washing Machine?

Crocs can be machine washed, and they must be placed in a special bag, and old towels or pillowcases can also be sent to the wash along with the shoes. You should choose a delicate wash, while the water temperature should be no more than 30 degrees.


Next, you need to turn off the drying and spinning mode. Otherwise, these shoes may change shape and be unsuitable for wear. Crocs can be washed with the most ordinary powder.

How to Dry Crocs

Due to the unique material, crocs dry quite quickly, and it is forbidden to dry products on a radiator, as well as with a hairdryer and other artificial heat sources. Also, do not leave products in the sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, shoes can be deformed. The best solution would be drying in natural conditions, in a ventilated area. In addition, to speed up the process, you can stuff paper or napkins into shoes. This will help them keep their shape better and dry out faster.

How to Store Crocs

Crocs can be stored in a storage box. Before that, they must be cleaned of dirt and rinsed thoroughly. Then you can treat it with a special spray. In addition, it is recommended to stuff paper or newspapers into the sock to keep the shape. Crocs are best stored in a closet, away from direct sunlight.

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