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Play and Analyze your Golf Practice – The SmartGolf Android App



The SmartGolf App is for golfers who want to play and analyze their practice sessions. It lets you create a custom course, that will be saved on your phone, and the app will analyze all your shots and find the correct club and angle for them.

SmartGolf is an Android app to track your golf practice, with a unique combination of features that allow you to analyze and improve your golf game. SmartGolf gives you access to all your golf data, so you can analyze it to see what your strengths and weaknesses are. It is the first golf app to combine these features in one place.

SmartGolf is an Android app that lets you play golf and analyze your game statistics. It’s a great way to improve your overall golf game, and has many features that make it easy for you to track everything.

SmartGolf is the company behind two revolutionary products – Smart Club and Smart Putter. Both are designed to help beginning golfers practice anywhere, anytime and store data with the SmartGolf app. This app is available for Windows, iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from their respective stores. Let’s find out more about this application and how it works.

SmartGolf application – Introduction

The SmartGolf application serves as a virtual simulation tool for golfers to practice their swing and strokes when used in conjunction with the Smart Club and Smart Putter. Golfers can easily improve their skills by practicing virtually with SmartGolf Club & Putter during the off-season after logging into the app. This application tracks the player’s movements and momentum and provides real-time analysis.

SmartGolf’s clubs and putters are efficiently equipped with powerful sensors that track the entire movement of the golf club and capture a wide range of details. So, practice golf everywhere and improve your skills by following the tips given to you with the analysis reports. This application also serves as an excellent golf coach.

Why SmartGolf?

For now, you can only connect your Smart Club putter to this app to get all the swing analysis reports, but once the Smart putter is available, you can connect it to the app and improve your stroke techniques. All golfers should use this excellent app to improve their golf skills. You don’t have to go to the golf course to play golf. The in-app SmartGolf putter helps you practice golf efficiently. At the office, at home or anywhere else, you will never miss a golf lesson with him.

The application includes different types of analysis, training and single or multiplayer games. With regular use of the Smart Club and this app, you can train wherever you are and improve your hip rotation, shoulder extension, and core and wrist potential. All SmartGolf Club members receive the following free tests through this great app:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Rhythm Analysis
  • Coherence analysis
  • Speed Analysis
  • Analysis of the club’s trajectory
  • Analysis of the club’s stroke surface
  • Distance analysis
  • Management analysis
  • Analysis of the angle
  • Analysis of the slope of the terrain
  • Golf ball trajectory analysis

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How does it work?

Once you have connected the Smart Club to the SmartGolf app, you can start practicing. The putter shaft is generally used to hit the ball over long distances. Hitting the ball over long distances requires good strength and technique. With SmartGolf Club you can practice on the virtual green without hitting the ball.

  • Once connected, pick up your club and get ready to hit like you’re hitting a ball on a real golf course. The application will also start tracking your movements.
  • As you swing, the putter’s sensors record all shaft movement and give you a detailed report.
  • By looking at different analyses and improving your performance based on the advice given, you can take it to the next level.

Accurate real-time analysis

  • Vibration analysis : Real-time swing analysis lets you determine club speed, angle and rhythm.
  • Impact Assessment : It allows you to observe the face and angle of the putter during actual contact.
  • Method of comparison : Allows you to compare your recorded swing to that of a professional golfer.

Once Smart Putter is available to golfers, people who have installed the app will also receive game analytics when logged into Smart Putter.

  • Putting analysis: You will be able to analyze the bounce of the ball based on key factors such as clubface/pitch angle, rhythm/tempo and speed.
  • Virtual Greens: You can also practice putting on the virtual green while monitoring wind speed.


Overall, the SmartGolf app for Android is an effective app for improving your golf game while practicing on a virtual course with Smart Club & Putter. It can also entertain you, as you can play golf alone or with other competitors in multiplayer mode. Try it now!The SmartGolf App is a free Android app that helps you track your golf swing with data-driven analysis, so you can learn from your mistakes and regain your optimal swing. The app tracks your swing every 4 seconds, so your golf swing is analyzed in real time and compared to your last 30 swings. Best of all, the SmartGolf App automatically detects your swing tempo, and lets you choose from two swing speeds: slow and fast.. Read more about smart golf simulator and let us know what you think.

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