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What is Andar Bahar Online Game?



Andar Bahar is one of the most prominent traditional gambling games in India. The classic card game is deeply embedded in India’s culture as its roots trace back to the time of the Harappa Civilization. Considering how it was able to stay through hundreds of years, it is no surprise that the game has made a name for itself in the Indian landscape.

Online casinos have noted how prominent the game is, and so several game developers and casinos started offering Andar Bahar games that can easily be accessed in an online casino. As a result, punters can easily download a real cash Andar Bahar app and play the game to their heart’s content.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the traditional and online versions of Andar Bahar, you might be wondering what the game is all about. Here is what you need to know.

Andar Bahar: The Ins and Outs Of The Game

The traditional game commences with a selected dealer who is in charge of giving single cards that are faced up. This card should be placed at the center of the table and right in front of the corresponding player. The face-up card will then be the game card and will be vital in determining the course of the round and when the round stops. Once the game card is selected and placed, it will be time for players to place their specific bets.

They can only choose between two sides: Andar or Bahar. To end up with a successful bet, players must successfully choose the side where the card with the same value will show up.

Simply stated, if a player chooses Andar and then finds the card with equal value on the side of the Andar, this player wins the bet. However, if the player chooses Bahar and the same-value card shows up on the other side, the bet loses.

Online Andar Bahar Game

Of course, the setup is different in an online context since the game is now conducted in a computer-operated space. However, the goal and dynamics of the game are still the same. Players must still choose between the two sides. If the same-value card shows up on their chosen side, they win the round.

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Players have the liberty to play the game again and again. Moreover, because it is a gambling game that involves real money, they can also gain winnings (or incur losses) again and again.

Where Can You Play Andar Bahar?

As mentioned earlier, several online casinos now offer Andar Bahar in their game lineup. In fact, over the years, the online game has garnered rising popularity in the overall eGaming space.

To play online Andar Bahar, punters can tune in to these casinos.


10Cric is an online casino and sportsbook that was specifically designed for Indians. While it specializes in cricket and IPL betting, it still offers Andar Bahar in its wide selection of games. Punters can access up to 2,500 various games—including Andar Bahar, roulette, slots, and other classic casino games. Not to mention, their players can avail of casino bonuses, including reloads, free spins, and cash backs.

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Glassi is another online casino that Indian punters also enjoy. Punters can play Andar Bahar in the online casino’s game lineup. Glassi also offers match-up bonuses that could reach ₹105,000. With a minimum deposit of just ₹350, punters can get started with playing and availing of noteworthy bonuses.


While its visuals may not be on par with others, Parimatch has noteworthy offerings for Indian punters. Punters can try out Andar Bahar and explore other betting and casino games on the platform. Like Glass, it also offers a match-up bonus that could reach ₹105,000—making it a platform worth exploring for great bonuses as well.

The Bottom Line

Andar Bahar has left a mark on the Indian landscape, and its mark is bound to stay as it has become a prominent game in the iGaming space. Punters need not find a physical table and set up cards; they can just tune into the website or the app.

There are still other online casinos that offer Andar Bahar in their lineup and selection of games. So while there’s no harm in trying out other casinos and their games, it won’t hurt to give these a try as well.

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