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How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work Online



There is more to a casino’s array of blackjack games than meets the eye. Sometimes, it really is a case of what you see is what you get at blackjack betting sites. However, on other occasions, there may be blackjack tournaments ready and waiting for you. These can provide you with a wealth of alternative gaming options, some of which can be exceptional and fun. Join us as we explore how blackjack tournaments work when playing at internet casino sites.

Not Every Casino Offers Blackjack Tournaments

You should note that not every online casino offers blackjack tournaments. In fact, only the biggest and best sites that are dedicated to supporting an array of blackjack games are likely to have table game tournaments at all, let alone blackjack ones. However, if you’re playing at a top site, then you shouldn’t have a problem finding such offerings.

Head-to-Head or Single Competition

There are two types of blackjack tournaments out there. The first of these is the head-to-head tournament, while the second is a singles competition. In the head-to-head tournaments, you’ll be sitting at a blackjack table and taking on the dealer and possibly other players at the same time. By contrast, a singles competition will see you take on the dealer alone, and you will earn points when you manage to complete objectives instead.

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Winner Takes All

In head-to-head tournaments, you can expect a winner-takes-all kind of blackjack experience. These tournaments can last quite a while. Once a player has run out of chips, they are out of the game. The player that remains once everybody else has fallen is declared the winner. It is rare to find these tournaments online – in most cases, they are found in the VIP section of land-based casinos.

How to Earn Points in Single Competitions

By contrast, single competitions offer you points based on completing objectives, as mentioned. For instance, you can snap up points based on the amount you wager. Similarly, you can earn points based on the amount you win. These points will then see you ranked according to a leaderboard. At the tournament’s conclusion, the players who top the leaderboard will pocket the greatest shares of the prize pool.

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Where Can I Find Blackjack Tournaments Online

Now, as mentioned earlier – blackjack tournaments aren’t always easy to come across. Therefore, it would help if you knew where to find them. RNG and live dealer tournaments can be found online, and these can vary from site to site. In our experience, your best shot of finding such games is to head to casinos where blackjack games can be found in abundance. The more blackjack games there are at an online casino, the more likely you are to find a wealth of single-competition tournaments. Head-to-head games are most commonly found in land-based casinos or in VIP online poker rooms, as mentioned.

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