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How to Stop Dreaming and Start Achieving Your Goals



How to Stop Dreaming and Start Achieving Your Goals

Everyone has a dream that they desire to make a reality. However, few have the courage or the drive to make their dreams come true. Most people are stuck with their dreams mainly because of certain attitudes and behaviors that prevent them from fully committing themselves to fulfilling their goals. And if you are one such person, then it is essential for you to know how to stop being a dreamer and start becoming an achiever.  

Stop Waiting For Things to Happen

One big drawback of people who only dream about their desires but never achieve anything is that they wait for things to happen. What you have to understand is that the world does not exist for you. It is not putting things in motion so that you can achieve your goals. In fact, the world does not even care about whether you turn out to be a success or a failure.

There are only certain ‘events’ that happen. That’s it. How you take advantage of it and use it to achieve your goals is what will make you a winner. So, stop waiting for things to happen. Instead, go and look for opportunities that can help you in your cause. And when you see a useful opportunity, grab it by both hands.

Don’t Be Satisfied With Your Current Position

Some people, though they dream about big stuff, never seem to take any action to make it a reality mostly because they are comfortable with their current life. And, that is a bad attitude for someone who is looking to succeed in the world. When you are satisfied with what you have, then you have psychologically created a hurdle for yourself.

You are subconsciously telling yourself that you don’t need to do anything extra that might cause discomfort. As such, you end up playing it safe and never take any risks in your life; you never try out any new activities, etc. Consequently, you will only remain in your current position all through your life and never improving enough to achieve your dreams. 

Never Try to Be Someone Else

Admiring someone is okay. But, trying to change yourself so that you ‘become’ like the person you admire is downright problematic. If you look at the successful people around you, it should be clear enough that they have their own personalities. They never try to be someone else. And that plays a huge role in their success.

Only when a person is comfortable with who they are will they have the confidence to try new things even if it risks failure. But, when you are not comfortable with yourself, you might have a tendency to look at successful people and copy their behaviors and attitude. Never do such a thing. Just be yourself and confidently pursue the things you desire.

Others Are Not The Competition, You Are

Most people who have a competitive mentality often see other people as competitors. This is not a completely bad habit since the opponents will act as a big motivation for you to try and outperform them. However, being obsessed with the competitors and making their defeat your life’s purpose is an undesirable attitude. You might even sell yourself short and limit your fullest potential.

So, make yourself a competitor and compete against your own achievements. If you have made 10 sales the past month, then try to make 12 the next month. If you have mastered the basics of golf within the past 3 months, then try to master specialized techniques in the next 3 months. By competing with yourself, you will essentially be improving your own performance. And this attitude will definitely help you make all your dreams come true.

Be Honest About Your Mistakes and Shortcomings

Never ever lie to yourself about your mistakes and shortcomings. This alone will keep you from achieving your dreams. For example, you may want to become a world-famous movie star. However, you might not have the full range of acting chops to succeed as an actor. If you remain blind to this shortcoming and see yourself as an excellent actor, then you will only waste your life dreaming of being a movie star.

But, if you have a mature enough mind to accept your shortcomings, you might be able to discover something that you are specifically good at. And, by focusing on developing your specific skills, you can give yourself a chance to become successful at it.

Avoid Thinking In Terms of Failure

Some people also have a very negative attitude towards things. No matter what they set out to do, they think in terms of failure. And this can have disastrous consequences. When you think in terms of failure, you will shy away from things you are not confident about. As a result, you will never commit yourself to all opportunities and you will never be able to fulfill your dreams. So, stop thinking negatively.

Try every opportunity that comes your way, and give it your best shot. If you fail at it, then look at it as an educative step. Check out why you failed and ensure that you never repeat the mistake. Doing so will help you avoid thinking in terms of failure. Instead, you will start seeing opportunities as something that is useful for self-development.

Don’t Let Success Get to Your Head

Finally, never allow success to boost your ego. Just because you achieved something does not mean that you should start thinking too highly of yourself. That attitude will definitely prevent you from achieving bigger goals in life. You will start taking things in a more relaxed manner because of your excessive arrogance about your abilities.

So, take every success as a confirmation of your talent but never ever let it make you think that you are perfect. Remain humble and start focusing on your next goal. If you develop such an attitude, you will be more successful at making all your dreams a reality.

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