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7 Wardrobe Accessories Every Man Needs



While plenty of men are sartorialists, there are just as many who feel lost when it comes to their wardrobes. Add to that wanting to stay current and look sharp; it can be intimidating. If you’re looking for an easy way to update your wardrobe, stay on trend and do it affordably, accessories are the way. This Fall, every guy needs several accessory trends in his closet. Keep reading to get the scoop on the wardrobe accessories every man needs this Fall and Winter.

Penny Loafers

While shoes could be considered their wardrobe category on their own, we include this fun trend with accessories for intents and purposes. Every man ought to own these shoes. Preppy is in for Fall, and the perfect way to put an instant prep in your step is with a pair of the iconic Penny loafers. Not only are Penny loafers flattering with any type of pants, but they can also be easily dressed up or down. So no matter what you wear that day, Penny loafers will keep you on trend and comfortable.

Plaid Scarves

Sticking with the preppy moment we’re in; a plaid scarf is a must-own this Fall and Winter. Not only do scarves keep you warm, but they also can tie together even the most casual Fall outfits.

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Additionally, plaid scarves, though in trend, are a classic staple in any closet, so invest in a high-quality plaid scarf you can wear for decades.

Unconventional Wedding Bands

If you’re tying the knot this Fall or Winter, it’s worth getting an unconventional wedding band. While gold and silver will always be in style, opting for black men’s wedding bands or a wooden ring is a must if you want to show off your fashion sense and love. Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend either – men’s bands with diamond inlays are having a moment, and we’re here for it.

Bucket Hats

With the Y2K resurgence in fashion, bucket hats have become an essential Fall accessory for men. Not only do the hats protect your head from the elements Fall is known for, like blistering winds and frequent rain, but they also keep you warm as the temperatures fluctuate. Opt for a woven bucket hat in fun, bright colors to bring some cheer to the season. Bright and bold colors are hot this Fall and Winter, so a bright orange, red, or cobalt blue bucket hat should be a staple in your Fall wardrobe.

Square Sunglasses

Men’s sunglass styles will always reign supreme, mainly the Aviator and the Wayfarer styles. But this year, the square sunglasses are on high-profile men everywhere, for a good reason. The square sunglasses style is flattering on virtually every face shape and age range and works with any aesthetic. You can opt for an oversized square sunglass for a more fashion-forward and dramatic look on something thinner if your look is more traditional.

Rectangular Watches

Sticking with the square theme, rectangular watches are the style du jour. While a stylish watch will always be in trend, keep your collection current with a rectangular watch if you’re a wristwatch collector.

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A solid silver link band is a nice upgrade to a casual look, but even a rectangular watch with a smooth leather band is a look you’ll be wearing all season, no matter your style.


Whether you identify as a cowboy in dress or personality, the bandana trend for men is a budget-friendly way to stay current with your wardrobe. Bandanas not only serve as a small, lightweight scarf to keep you comfortable in changing weather patterns, but they can serve as an impromptu mask if you’re heading somewhere that requires them. Bandanas are worn around the neck but can be easily taken off and stored in your back pocket when you get too warm or feel like taking them off. Not to mention, you’ve got a ready-made handkerchief this cold and flu season!

The above accessories are easy for every guy to stay on trend this Fall and Winter, and you can get miles of use out of them. Don’t forget Coco Chanel’s wise words, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Wearing them all at once may not be the best look!

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