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Every Man Ought to Own These 5 Pairs of Shoes



Keeping your closet stocked with essential items goes a long way if you want to look properly put together and contemporary. It’s just as vital for men to develop a personal style these days.

A couple of simple shortcuts will make putting together your ensemble each day that much easier. One essential part of your wardrobe should be shoes.

Many men collect sneakers and keep them looking immaculate, which is okay, but if you’re an adult, you ought to have more than just sneakers in your closet. Some basic but on-trend pairs of shoes will help you assemble outfits to look modern and masculine.

To make getting ready for the day that much easier, here are the essential types of shoes that all men should have in their closets.

A Penny Loafer

Though the name sounds a bit old-fashioned, penny loafers never go out of style. They are casual enough to go with most daytime outfits but also classic enough to pair well with what you wear to work.

One good option is to pick a penny loafer-style shoe in leather. The material lasts for years, especially if you do basic upkeep. These can be everyday shoes you slip on when you want to get out the door quickly but still look fairly polished.

The Essential Sneakers

When it comes to sneakers, there are three main styles every guy should have on hand. You may already have these, but here’s an appropriate refresher.

Tennis shoes

These are the athletic shoes you’ll wear for workouts. They are more practical, but a new tennis shoe can look good with activewear.

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Basketball shoes

A basketball shoe is more suitable for specific sports and workouts, but it’s also a staple of men’s fashion. For more casual outfits and activewear looks, pull it all together with a basketball shoe.

Skate shoes

Finally, skater sneakers are ideal, even if you’ve never been interested in skateboarding. They go well with many different styles, and you can wear them for running errands or on casual Fridays.

A Chelsea Boot

You’ve probably heard about Chelsea boot styles because they are fairly popular right now. But, like the penny loafer, they are a classic enough option that will work with many activities.

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They come in various colors and materials and are great for fall, spring, and winter. If you need a versatile option, a Chelsea boot is a solid choice to have ready to hand.

A High-Quality Sandal

Finding shoes to wear in the summer can be a challenge. On really hot days, you want to choose something comfortable that lets your feet breathe, but you probably don’t want to settle for an old pair of flip-flops.

Instead, go for a higher-quality sandal. You have a few solid choices to choose from. A Birkenstock-style slip-on is casual but comfortable. Slightly more active options, like a Teva-style, offer more support.

A Hiking Boot

Even if you don’t go hiking or spend much time outdoors, you should have a solid option for the colder months. You don’t have to choose a style just for hiking, but you’d be smart to get something that looks good with a pair of jeans and is easy to walk around in.

Just remember you might have to devote a little time to break them in.

With the above shoe staples in your wardrobe, getting ready for anything you want to do will be simple. You can pair most of these shoes with many clothing options, so you’ll look sharp no matter what.

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