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What time does direct deposit hit Comdata? |



Do you rely on direct deposit to help you pay your bills? If so, you know the anxiousness of waiting on the money to hit. You can ask your employer when it should be hitting but if they are not able to give you a definitive answer, this blog post will provide you with the details you need to understand when direct deposit hits Comdata.

What does a Comdata check entail?

A Comdata check is an electronic payment made on behalf of an employer to their employees. This type of payment includes direct deposits, debit cards, and prepaid cards. Comdata checks offer employees more flexibility than a paper check, as there is no need for manual processing or waiting for the mail to arrive.

Direct deposits hit Comdata accounts on the same day that it was initially sent from the employer’s account. Depending on the company policy and financial institution involved, this could be any weekday (Monday through Friday). Although funds can sometimes be available when sent, there may be a time lapse until the actual “deposit date” which occurs at varying times depending on the company and financial institution. Employees may also be subject to bank fees if they are not enrolled in their employer’s direct deposit program.

Is Walmart willing to accept Comchecks?

Walmart and Comdata have an established relationship to provide their customers with the convenience of cashless payment options. By taking advantage of this relationship, Walmart stores can accept Comchecks as a form of payment. The company’s policy is to generally accept the checks within 30 minutes of when they are issued.

When it comes to direct deposit, there is no set time for when the money hits your account. Generally, if you have already signed up for direct deposit services with Comdata, you will receive your funds on the same day that they are issued by your employer. However, there could be a delay due to weekends and holidays, or other technical issues associated with processing times from banks and other financial institutions involved in the transaction.

Is it possible to recharge Comdata cards?

It is possible to recharge Comdata cards as long as you are the primary cardholder. Recharging can be done online, by calling the toll-free number on the back of your Comdata card, or in person at your selected participating location. To make a direct deposit to your Comdata card, you must first register your account with the company and link it to the recharge bank account of your choice. Your funds will typically be available one working day after they have been processed, though this can vary depending on where you bank is located and what time it processes funds. Check with your bank for more details.

How can I make a cash withdrawal from my Comdata card?

The Comdata Card is a great way to access your earned wages before payday via direct deposit. When direct deposits are processed by your employer, usually overnight on weekdays, your funds will be available for use at 6AM the following morning. If there is a holiday or weekend between the date of deposit and the date of access, the funds will typically be accessible on the first business day after posting.

Withdrawing cash from your Comdata Card is easy and convenient. You may withdraw cash from most ATM machines bearing the STAR, Cirrus, PULSE or Maestro symbols. You may also get cash back from many retail outlets such as grocery or convenience stores worldwide directly from your Comdata Card. Cash back amounts will depend on each merchant and their policies concerning cash back amounts with debit cards. Please note that while most large chain stores accept Comdata Cards, smaller stores and other merchants may not accept them at all times.

What is the Comdata Activation through the internet code?

Comdata Activation through the internet code (ACTCODE) is a one-time use code which can be used to activate Comdata’s Online Banking services and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) deposits. The ACTCODE is a 16-digit number on the Comdata Card, provided to the customer upon signing up for their services.

To initiate your direct deposit using Comdata, you will need information from your employer, including the bank deposit routing ABA number, your personal account information and reference/comment field that can be used to identify you when applied during the setup process of direct deposit or payroll deductions.

Direct Deposit is subject to funds being received by Comdata by 5 p.m., local time, on or before your payment date in order for them to post on that same day. It should take approximately 2-3 business days once receive those funds for your money to become available in your account. Funds deposited after 5 p.m., local time are posted into the next business day accounts at 12:00 am ET (midnight). However, you may check with your employer as employers have varying operating schedules which could affect when funds are available in your account.

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