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Ways to Increase Your Chances of a Personal Loan



The global economy is witnessing a slowdown. Banks and financial institutions are not as forthcoming with personal loans as they used to be in the past. This makes it difficult for individuals to get their hands on funds to finance their goals.

But why need a personal loan in the first place? Well, if you need money to pay off your bills or just want to enjoy the luxuries of life, applying for a personal loan can be a great way to go about it. However, only about ten percent of people who apply for one actually get approved for it, making the odds against you rather high unless you know what to do.

Did you know? In New Zealand, banks are very strict about personal loan applications. You need to have a good credit history to get approved for one. And the interest rates that you’ll be charged are usually higher than those of mortgages and credit cards. If you want to improve your odds, you must make sure that you pay off all your debts beforehand and have a good credit history. You might also want to check if the bank you are applying to is giving loans to people with similar circumstances as yours.

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Here’s how you can increase your chances of getting a personal loan:

Make sure that you are eligible

You can increase your chances of getting the loan approved if you make sure that you are eligible. First and foremost, check your credit history. If anything in it could bring down your score, make sure it is resolved beforehand. Also, look at your finances and ensure that you have no outstanding debts or payments to be made on time.

The internet has made it easier than ever to check your eligibility for a loan. Just visit the bank website you are applying to and enter the necessary information about yourself, your income, financial documents, etc. The bank can tell you if you qualify for a loan and your interest rate based on this information.

One of the leading institutions, Nectar, ensures that its requirements are met and that it is easier for you to get a personal loan. You can look up personal loans in NZ to have a fair idea about what to expect. The more you know about personal loans, the better! Most importantly, you must ensure you have a good job and earn enough to repay your loan on time.

Take a good look at your credit score

Your credit score, or FICO score for short, is one of the essential factors in your loan application. A good credit score can increase your chances of getting approved, while a poor one can have the opposite effect.

Checking your credit score is easy nowadays, with many companies offering free reports and services to help you keep a good credit history. This way, you can ensure that your score is in good shape and will not reduce your chances of getting a loan.

If you have a low credit score, there are things that you can do to improve it. For example, pay off all your outstanding debts and don’t miss any payments. This will help your score along the way.

However, even with a good credit score, be realistic about what you can afford. Don’t sign up for a loan that is too big for you to pay off easily. It’s better to get a smaller loan that you can pay off on time than to struggle with larger payments and risk losing your credit score.

Know your options

There are a few different ways to get a loan approved. For example, some banks might be more lenient about giving loans than others, or you might have different options if you want to get a secured or unsecured loan.

Make sure you know all your options before applying for a personal loan. Do thorough research and compare the benefits of each one. For example, some banks might be more flexible about letting you pay off the loan in installments, while others might offer a better interest rate.

Take your time to choose the right loan and ensure you have the resources to pay it off. This way, you can rest assured that your loan application will be approved and you will get the money you need as soon as possible.

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Stay organized and prepare

Finally, ensure you are well-organized and prepared for the application process. This includes gathering all the documents you need, such as proof of income and bank statements. You might also need to write a short description of your finances or prove that you have a good credit score.

It’s also a good idea to contact the bank ahead of time and ask about their requirements. This way, you can ensure you have all the necessary documents and know what to expect. Staying organized and prepared will help ensure that your application goes smoothly and you get your loan as quickly as possible.


One of the most important things to do before applying for a personal loan is to check your eligibility and credit score. You should also know your options, such as different types of loans and how to get approved. Additionally, it’s important to be well-organized and prepared for the application process, including gathering all the necessary documents and contacting the bank ahead of time. With these tips, you can increase your chances of getting the personal loan you need to achieve your goals.

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