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How do you use the word peril in a sentence? |



The definition of peril is: the state or condition of being in danger.
Presumably, you would use this word to describe someone who’s in a dangerous situation and needs help. I have also seen some people use it as an adjective to mean “dangerous” or “risky.” This could be applied by saying that something was perilous, which means risky and potentially (but not necessarily) deadly.

at your peril sentence” is a phrase that means you are taking a risk. The word “peril” can be used in a sentence to describe someone or something that is dangerous, risky, or threatening.

Examples of Dangerous Sentences

  1. Gibbon’s aesthetic deception both avoided punishment and made the assault more revealing.
  2. The Latin kingdom’s hour of crisis had finally arrived.
  3. He is in serious danger of losing his life.

People also wonder what constitutes a peril.

A hazard is anything that has the potential to bring financial harm. Falling, wrecking your automobile, fire, wind, hail, lightning, water, volcanic eruptions, falling items, disease, and death are all examples of natural disasters. A hazard is any state or circumstance that increases the likelihood of a risk occurring.

Also, how do you use the word blazon in a sentence? ?

  1. The monarch donned a crown encrusted with hundreds of gems to flaunt his riches.
  2. The players will blazon their victory by running through the stands with the trophy after the championship game.
  3. The firm hired a social media guru to plaster its brand all over the web.

What does it mean to be in danger, anyway?

peril. You might be in danger if you find your rock climbing rope is frayed in the middle of a climb. The term “peril” refers to a serious threat to one’s life or limb. peril is derived from the Latin word peric(u)lum, which means danger. It’s now frequently used in conjunction with the word mortal, which refers to death.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the term befuddlement?

Examples of Sentences

  1. “Strong words and capped threats from the administration will merely produce tired befuddlement,” he warned.
  2. It helps to have a place to turn with your queries, times of worry, and other worries, from desires for your favorite prepared dishes to perplexity about what precisely you can consume.

Answers to Related Questions

What is a synonym for the word peril?

danger, distress, endangerment, danger, imperilment, hazard, risk, and difficulty are all synonyms for danger. Words that have a perilous connotation. Exposure, responsibility, openness, and vulnerability are all terms that might be used to describe a situation. Precariousness and danger are two words that come to mind when thinking about precariousness and

What are the many forms of dangers?

The following are the six major types of dangers:

  • Biological. Biological risks include viruses, bacteria, insects, animals, and other organisms that may harm one’s health.
  • Chemical. Chemical risks are compounds that have the potential to cause damage.
  • Physical.
  • Safety.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Psychosocial.

What are the most common dangers?

Fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, windstorm, hail, riot, civil unrest, aircraft, automobiles, vandalism, sprinkler leakage, sinkhole collapse, and volcanic eruption are all covered under the fundamental causes of loss form (CP 10 10).

What are the three types of dangers?

natural dangers One of the three types of dangers that insurance companies assess, the other two being human and economic risks. Injury and damage caused by natural factors such as rain, ice, snow, typhoon, hurricane, volcano, wave action, wind, earthquake, or flood are included in this category.

What is the definition of a peril loss?

A fire, windstorm, flood, or theft is an example of a particular risk or cause of loss covered by an insurance policy. In contrast to an all-risk insurance, which covers all causes of loss except those expressly excluded, a named-peril policy protects the policyholder exclusively for the risks mentioned in the policy.

Is it dangerous to smoke?

peril is the direct cause of loss, while risk is the possibility of loss. When a house burns down, fire is the danger. As a result, smoking is a health risk that increases the risk of a house fire and illness. Dishonesty causes moral hazards, which are losses.

What is the distinction between a hazard and a peril?

In the insurance industry, the terms “peril” and “hazard” are frequently used interchangeably. A peril is something that causes or can cause a loss, whereas a hazard is something that increases the likelihood of a peril or loss occurring.

What are the 16 hazards that have been named?

There are 16 specific dangers:

  • Lightning or fire.
  • Hail or a windstorm
  • Explosion.
  • Riots.
  • Aircraft.
  • Vehicles.
  • Smoke.
  • Vandalism.

What is the definition of a perilous sentence?

In a sentence, use the word hazard. Shirley didn’t want to think about how her life may be in danger as she prepared to bungee jump from a cliff. ThinkStockPhoto provided the license. noun. peril is the state of being in danger or being exposed to harm.

What exactly is a common hazard?

Any event, situation, or incident that causes property damage or loss is referred to as a peril. Common risks covered by homes insurance include fire, theft, wind, and vandalism.

What does it mean to be forlornly?

adjective. forlorn or gloomy; unpleasant or depressed, as in mood, state, or aspect. Forsaken, lonely, and sorrowful. Forlorn looks are expressions of pessimism and sadness.

What does the word Pearl mean?

An oyster or clam produces a pearl, which is a white, spherical jewel. A pearl may also refer to anything that has a color or shape similar to the gem, such as a pearl of perspiration that develops on your forehead when you’re hot. The origin of the Medieval Latin term perla is unknown.

What do you mean when you say you’re frazzled?

Frazzle is a funny-sounding term that denotes something less amusing: being physically or mentally fatigued. Parents are stressed out by their children’s wailing and chasing after them. A challenging profession such as becoming a police officer may be exceedingly perplexing.

What does it mean to be placidly?

In a tranquil way, something is done placidly. You glided peacefully downstream, totally ignorant of the rapids. I hope you remembered to bring your life jacket! Some words don’t change much during their growth, such as placidly, which is the adverb form of placid, which implies “calm and tranquil.”

peril is a word in the English language that means danger.


portion of a sentence: noun
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portion of a sentence: verb that is transitive
inflections: periling, periled, periling, periling, periling, periling, periling
definition: to endanger, endanger, or endanger; endanger endanger, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, menace, risk, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky, risky

In poetry, what is a blazon?

Blazon. A literary blazon (or blason) catalogs the physical features of a topic, generally female, and is French for “coat-of-arms” or “shield.” Petrarch popularized the technique, which was widely employed by Elizabethan poets.

What is the best way to use the word fractious in a sentence?

fractious Examples of Sentences

  1. Greenlee’s contentious and even caustic nature got even more challenging during this time.
  2. a tumultuous kid
  3. Do you sense that things are becoming a little fractious?
  4. The conference became acrimonious in the second half, and I, for one, would like some actual food.
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