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Why Does Artwork Inspire Us So Much?




Maybe for half an hour or so, just to see what it’s about. Then we find ourselves staying for forty minutes, then an hour, only for that hour to stretch into a full two hours, and we’re not even halfway through.

The hours sweep away in this instance because art does something to us. It grips our imagination and makes us linger, wanting to see the painting but wanting to see more, to look further, until we understand what drew us to it in the first place.

But why does art do this? What is it about art that inspires us so much and ignites that creative buzz inside our souls?

Good Art Tells Stories

Ever since we were little and our parents told us bedtime stories, we’ve always liked stretching our imagination and letting it run away with us. That’s why we still go to the movies or listen to albums from front to back.


Stories remain fascinating to us all throughout our lives, and good art can tell us the best stories. These are the ones that exist entirely in our imagination. The artwork itself gives us a way to escape our own world and venture a little further into a world of our own making.

Art Expresses Our Soul

As well as this, good art can also speak to us on a personal level. It can express the part of our soul that is often not on show. This is why religious or spiritual art remains so popular today.

“Art Of Joy” by Gitty Fuchs, for instance, tells us a number of different things about the Jewish religion through the simplest of means; three men dancing, surrounded by sweeping colors like the world is in motion, but their dance remains rooted to the spot – visit judaica store for more information on this. The piece relates to the Jewish experience and perseverance, and seeing this in a piece of art can truly inspire those of the Jewish faith who are looking for a way to visualize their own experience.

Art Represents Freedom And Meaning

The best art can also inspire the wish for freedom in the viewer, mostly because of the artist who is behind the piece. Artists themselves are free to pursue their dreams, but the rest of the world is typically rid of that romanticized lifestyle. When we look at art, then we’re reminded of our dreams and that feeling of freedom that we might have had as a child.

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It comes from a place that is distant from our reality, and, in this way, it gives us meaning in the midst of our ordinary lives. Art tells us to strip it back and allow ourselves to really see the world from our own perspectives. It is an expression in its purest forms, and that’s what pulls us in. We all want to express our personal selves, and art gives us the push to do that, even just for a few moments.

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