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When Renting, What Should You Expect of Your Landlord?

What is the role of the landlord when renting? They are more than just the person who owns the property; they have a few other expectations to fulfill.



When you choose to rent your accommodation rather than buy, there are several things that you should expect from your landlord. Though they are the ones providing you with somewhere to live, you also have rights and expectations as a renter that you must uphold. Here are some of the things you should expect from your landlord.

A Hospitable Place to Live

First and foremost, you should have a hospitable place to live. It should be finished to a high standard, and even if it is in need of a renovation, you should still be able to live there quite comfortably. Too many people end up having to rent somewhere that is not actually safe for them to live in. Whether it is mold, insects, or even just poor fittings, you should not have to put up with renting a place that could impact your health. You also don’t want to end up somewhere overpriced for what is on offer, especially if you have another goal in mind, such as saving up for a house of your own while renting in the meantime.

Always try to view a property at least once before you commit to renting it. This can be quite difficult if you need to move in a hurry, but it can really make all the difference when it comes to finding the right quality of place to stay in. If a landlord is hesitant to let you tour the apartment before you rent it, it is likely to be for a good reason. It can take a little longer to find somewhere that is actually of a standard you might expect, but it will be worth it when it comes to looking after your health.


Insurance is a little tricky when it comes to renting a property. Your landlord must have specific insurance policies in place to protect them as the property owners and the building itself. However, such insurance policies usually only cover the structure of the property. If a tree falls on your rental house, it will be an issue for the landlord to fix. If something happens to your belongings while they are stored on the property, it might be on you and not your landlord.

It is important to determine exactly what is covered by renter insurance, so you know where responsibility falls with you and where it belongs to your landlord. It is vital to have a renter insurance policy in place as it can really help to protect your belongings. You might even find some policies protect you when you are out and about, too – so if your laptop or smartphone is swiped, you might still be covered by your renter insurance. It is an extremely useful policy to have on your side.


There are many small but important agreements that you need to discuss with your landlord to ensure that you know where you stand as their tenant. For example, some landlords are happy to allow their tenants to paint or put up wallpaper, and some can be super strict about what is put on the walls – causing some tenants to use command strips and other helpful tools.

Establishing who to call for help is also vital. Some landlords might prefer for you to get in touch with them if you have a leaky pipe or some electrical issue, as they will have a preferred handyman to send around. Others are happy for you to source your own. These might be small points to discuss compared to rent and lease length, but it is incredibly important to discuss with your landlord, so you know where you stand.

As a renter, you have certain rights. Whether you have a corporate or private landlord, you need to know what those rights are so that you can properly execute them. This can help to ensure that you have as happy a lease as possible regardless of where you wish to live. Tracking down the right sort of rental can be incredibly difficult to do, but you will hopefully be able to find the right one. Don’t diminish the role of the landlord in everything you do – a good property with a difficult landlord will have as many issues like a bad place to live with an understanding landlord!

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