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It’s Almost Spring: How Are You Organising Your Home?




As the days grow longer and the temperature begins to rise, it’s clear that spring is just around the corner. With the arrival of this vibrant season comes the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your home – But how are you organizing your home this coming spring?

This question catalyses our exploration of effective home organisation tips and tricks that will help you declutter, refresh, and prepare your living space for the joys of spring.

Start With a Plan

Before diving into organizing, it’s essential to set clear goals and schedule time to achieve them. Break down your organisation tasks into manageable chunks, and allocate specific times to tackle different areas of your home. A goal sheet or a home organization binder can be an excellent tool to keep track of your progress and stay motivated​​.

Declutter And Restock Essentials

Spring cleaning is synonymous with decluttering. Go through each room, cabinet, and closet, and decide what to keep, donate, or discard. As you declutter, also take the opportunity to restock necessary supplies like laundry products, beauty items, and entertaining essentials​​.

Deep Clean And Refresh Key Areas

Living Room:

  • Wash Pillows & Throws: Start by taking care of your throw blankets and pillows. Check the care labels to see if they can go in the washing machine or need handwashing. Dry them properly before putting them back on your sofa.
  • Take Care of Fireplaces: If you have a fireplace, it’s time for a deep clean. Remove soot, burnt logs, and clean glass doors. It’s a task worth doing as you won’t be using it much in spring.


  • Empty and Clean Your Fridge & Freezer: Start by taking everything out of your fridge and freezer. Check expiration dates and toss expired items. Wipe down shelves and drawers with soapy water, and dry them well. Don’t forget the freezer.
  • Organise Kitchenware: Arrange your pots, pans, and dishes based on how often you use them. Keep everyday dishes on easy-to-reach lower shelves and special-occasion pieces up high. Create a cooking zone around your stove for convenience.
  • Consider Spice Drawer Organisers: Invest in a spice drawer organiser. It comes with bottles and labels for a clean look. If you’re short on drawer space, a pull-out spice rack for upper cabinets is a great alternative.


  • Utilise Under-Bed Storage: If you’re running out of storage space, consider utilising under-bed storage. Invest in wheeled storage boxes or under-bed bags. Measure the clearance under your bed to ensure they fit.


  • Stackable Clear Plastic Organisers: Consider using stackable clear plastic organiser drawers for your bathroom. They’re perfect for cosmetics, beauty supplies, first aid kits, and more. These drawers keep everything tidy and easily accessible.
  • Under-Sink Organisation: Take a look under your bathroom sink. Organise cleaning supplies, extra toiletries, and other essentials with bins or baskets. Label them for quick identification.

Organise Outdoor Spaces

  • Clean and Arrange Patio Furniture: Start by cleaning your patio furniture. Remove dirt and dust, and check for any needed repairs. Arrange the furniture for a welcoming outdoor space.
  • Prepare Your Grill: Get your grill ready for spring and summer barbecues. Clean the grates, check the gas or charcoal supply, and ensure everything is in working order.
  • Organise Your Garage: Your garage can easily become cluttered. Take time to organize it. Use shelves, hooks, and bins to keep tools, sports equipment, and gardening supplies in order.

Final Touches For a Welcoming Home

  • Entryway: Enhance your entryway by adding hooks or a console table. These provide convenient spots for keys, bags, and coats. Create a designated drop zone for daily essentials, keeping your entryway clutter-free.
  • Laundry Room: Organise your laundry room with functional and stylish storage solutions. Shelving, cabinets, and baskets can help keep detergents, fabric softeners, and laundry supplies neatly arranged.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, spring is a season of renewal and growth, and it’s the ideal time to rejuvenate your living space. By following the comprehensive home organization tips outlined in this article, you can create a clutter-free, welcoming environment that embraces the spirit of spring.

From decluttering and deep cleaning to refreshing outdoor spaces, these strategies will leave you with a home that’s ready to embrace the beauty of the season.

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