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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step



Argumentative essays are written to establish a position on any matter using reasons and evidence to support your argument. It is not easy to write argumentative essays as you need to do extensive research to form a strong argument. Here are some tips that can help you write an argumentative essay. 

Finding Ideas to Write About

Log on to https://edujungles.com/write-my-argumentative-essay, where you can order a well-researched customized essay on how to look for ideas for argumentative essays. It will help you understand what measures you need to take to seek good ideas for your argumentative essay. You should choose a topic that triggers your interest and motivates you to research the topic. Working on ideas for an argumentative essay is a daunting task as you need to analyze your position from different perspectives. It would be easier for you to research and structure a topic for an argumentative essay that you find interesting. 

If you are wondering how to write an argumentative essay step by step, your first step should be to search for topics for your essay. It would be wise to select a specific topic for your argumentative essay because you will be able to construct your essay better. If you select a broad topic, you might not be able to focus on a particular argument. By selecting a broad topic, you will have to discuss various ideas and get confused with unnecessary details. Choosing good ideas as your topics will also help you write strong thesis statements for your argumentative essays.

After narrowing down your idea, you need to research whether you will find strong evidence to support your idea. You need to have an organized approach to executing this properly. You might find an idea appealing, but it might just be an opinion, and it would be very difficult for you to find strong evidence to back that opinion. So while you are figuring out how to start an argumentative essay, make sure that you don’t pick a topic that is just a popular opinion. You should remember that you need solid evidence to defend your topic. 

In addition, you need to read extensively to have a good overview of your idea. Research and collect sources as reference material related to your topic from books, journals, and blogs. Examine your idea from the perspective of others also to develop a balanced approach to it. If you select the right idea with comprehensive planning, writing an argumentative essay will be easier for you.

Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is an integral part of your argumentative essay. It informs your readers about the main idea. Through your thesis statement, you take a clear position on your topic. Ask any expert tips on how to write an argument essay effectively, and they will tell you that your success lies in creating a good thesis statement. While finalizing your thesis statement, you should make sure that it completely covers the main argument of your essay. You can develop your thesis statement in the following styles.

Question/Answer Format

It is an effective way of starting your introductory paragraph. You need to ask an intriguing question initially, which also acts as a hook for your audience. In this way, you create an interesting build-up for your thesis statement. Once you have involved your audience, lead them to answer your thesis statement. It is considered one of the most interesting steps to writing an argumentative essay introduction for developing effective thesis statements. 

Refute Objections

Another interesting method of developing your thesis statement is to present an opposing idea at the beginning of the introductory paragraph. After writing the opposing statement, you then write a counterargument in which you completely refuse the opposing idea with strong evidence and reasoning. It is a mighty effective way of establishing your credibility at the beginning of your argumentative essay. You can also use this method to counter any argument in your argumentative essay body paragraph. By following this style, you can write wonderful thesis statements and draw your readers’ attention.

Draft a Structure

Argumentative writing, which is considered a difficult form of academic writing, requires much planning. You need to have a definite plan that includes structuring your argumentative essay smartly. Also, you need to follow the argumentative essay format to draft a proper structure of your argumentative essay. 

Moreover, you should structure your argumentative essay so that your reader can understand your stance completely. You should have a proper introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement. You should also include at least three body paragraphs, and each body paragraph should contain a distinct argument. Place a comprehensive concluding paragraph at the end to complete your argumentative essay structure. You can number the different sections of your essay or write these sections in the form of bullets. Make sure that your reader can easily differentiate between different essay sections. One effective way of doing that is to write prominent headings for different sections. By following a standard pattern, you will be able to structure your argumentative essay in a better way.

Write a Convincing Conclusion

Writing a convincing conclusion is important because this section provides an overview of the whole argumentative essay. You don’t want to spoil your hard work by writing a poor conclusion. While writing your conclusion, you should ensure that you don’t provide any new information because concluding paragraphs summarize your papers. Their purpose is to provide a closing statement; hence you should not start a new argument in this section. 

If you take argumentative essay help from experts, they will tell you that you can use these ideas in writing your conclusion.

  • Inspire your reader to pledge for change.
  • Predict what would happen.
  • Show them the big picture.

Proofread and Edit

Proofreading your argumentative essay for error is one of the most important argumentative essay steps. First, you need to ensure that you don’t have any grammatical or spelling errors in your essay. If you submit an essay full of errors, you will not be able to get good marks from your teacher. Though you may find this task daunting, it is a crucial step, and you should keep your focus. You should pay attention to the following aspects while proofreading your argumentative essay.

  • Find all the grammatical and spelling errors and do the correction.
  • Find colloquial expressions and replace them with academic ones.
  • Find your weaker arguments and replace them with strong ones.

Remember that the key purpose of your argumentative essay is to convince your readers. You can achieve that by impressively presenting irrefutable arguments. You need to back these arguments with strong evidence. Practice every day to master your skills. You can get good grades by writing well-researched and structured argumentative essays.

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