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How Plants Can Change the Feeling in Your Rented House



Avoiding the Feeling of Short-Term Occupancy

First things first: there are different definitions of “short-term”. A “short-term” rental generally refers to a unit that’s only rented a few days to a few weeks or a month. Normal rental is six months to a year or more. But all these time periods are short-term in reference to ownership. So whether you’re renting out a property, or you’ve just signed a lease, tenancy is “short”.

This writing is aimed at those who are renting a property and have signed a lease, rather than those who have made a property available for short-term occupancy. However, there is crossover: flora in the home is good in either scenario. We’ll explore a few reasons why.

Physical Enhancement Through Air Purification

When you can breathe better, you’re more healthy, full stop. Plants help purify the air. They obtain energy from three sources: photosynthesis, water, and respiration. They breathe in Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. The oxygen that plants intake often contains pollutants that plants naturally filter out.

Here’s a list of several house plants that filter the atmosphere in this precise way. Filling your home with them will not only make the air more healthy, but there will likely be a more pleasant aroma suffusing the space. You can experience these benefits immediately in a rental unit, or anywhere else you live.

A Huge Psychological Boost

Something else that’s a surprising positive benefit of adding plants to your rental involves the psychological benefits of having healthy, fresh and green plants in close proximity. Plants help you feel better. Just looking at them fills some sort of archetypical niche in your mind which is rooted in the natural harmony human beings are meant to have with their environment.

When there are plants around, you are more productive and less fatigued. You get more done. Now, this could be subconscious, it could be conscious, it could be a little bit of both. Whatever the case, for your mental health, especially in a rental situation where the permanency of residency is in question, this is worth considering.

Community Enhancement and Rental Attractiveness

Indoor foliage benefits any community. If you’re renting an office, putting plants around will likely impel nearby neighbors in the commercial complex to do the same. At a residence, it’s likely you’ll see the same phenomenon—and a property value hike.

If you’re a landlord renting properties on a short-term basis vis-a-vis Airbnb, plants make your unit desirable for repeat use. Now, if you are a landlord, you’ll have to be sure whatever clean-up company you pay to reset the property between tenants is careful to maintain the plants, but that’s a detail. If you’re a renter, this will be less of an issue; you’re already there.

If you’re a renter who lives with other rentals in, say, a home that’s been turned into a leasing option, plants help everybody stay happier and more productive, which is good for the community overall.

How Plants Can Change The Feeling In Your Rented House

The long and short of it is: plants are good for any place that people live. Whether you’re renting long-term or short-term, plants have benefits. Whether you own a property you’re renting out, or you’re in a commercial complex, plants have benefits. Said benefits come from three primary places: the mind, the body, and the community.

Plants make you physically healthier and mentally healthier. Together these things enhance your natural activeness, and that’s good for the community overall. So if you’re renting, and you want to make your residency more comfortable and healthy, acquiring and nurturing some plants in the unit is definitely to be recommended.

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