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Essentials to Consider before Creating a White Label Casino



The start of the iGaming project is not a problem with a sufficient budget. On average, it takes around $300,000 to set up a fully-functional gaming environment with everything necessary to turn it into a source of passive income. But what if the budget is much smaller?

It is still possible to begin a money-making gambling activity with less than $25,000. This is so accessible thanks to the White Label casino opportunity. It is a rent-based organizational scheme that implies obtaining the most expensive elements of the gambling portal from a parent firm.

Let us break down this possibility in more detail.

What Is Included in the Solution

The initiation of an iGaming brand is a systematic procedure that consists of several stages. If all of them are covered by a single entrepreneur, the necessary budget rises and can exceed the average amount significantly.

White Label comes in handy here. It is a perfect way for a novice operator to gain managing experience for a small price, guided by a parent company.

Which elements does the supplier introduce to the leaser?

  1. They are matching gaming libraries according to the peculiarities of the target audience. The most significant advantage of the White Label casino is the absence of the necessity to buy any entertainment. The parent firm provides the integration procedure and installs the desired assortment of games to the platform.
  2. Official sublicence to work legally on the allowed premises. The second (or even sometimes the first) most expensive element of the gambling platform elaboration is the working permit. Its cost may rise to more than half of the budget of the independent assembly. In the case of a White Label scheme, the parent company grants a sublicence to work officially on its behalf.
  3. Tech support of the solution supplier to guarantee smooth operation. Though it is not about the question of the price, being able to receive help and upgrades regularly is essential for a new brand. Upon White Label conditions, the parent firm guides the leaser and aids in maintenance or other problems.

The most important criterion for a rent-based elaboration is the possibility of relying on an experienced mentor company and ensuring a smooth working process. At the same time, a novice operator should be aware that up to 60% of all revenue will be distributed to the parent organization for its leasing.

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Responsibilities of the Operator

Assistance from the guide organization is not just enough to receive a functional and lucrative gambling project. The novice operator must still exert much effort for a healthy platform to run.

Elements that are the manager’s responsibility during the White Label casino initiation:

  • Registration and branding. Even though entertainment and licensing are supplied by the service provider, an operator will work under a personal image. It means that individual branding and the company setup are required.
  • Site composition and design. Before integrating games, an operator needs to create a platform for them. Considering how many site-builders, tutorials, and professional studios are there, it will hardly be a problem.
  • Configuration of payment gateways. This is also the responsibility of an operator, and it is most beneficially fulfilled after studying the audience. A standard set of bank transferring means and e-wallets is obligatory, but which exactly is to be investigated by an owner of the site.
  • Security and administrative instruments. To ensure the safety of finances and personal information, an operator installs proficient CMS, supported by additional tools. Besides, standard protective measures in the form of a reliable firewall and 256-Bit SSL encryption are a must.
  • Advertising and popularisation. Considering that the brand is elaborated individually, its promotion is also conducted by an operator. Legal advertising methods should be used, so a prior investigation is required.

The combination of efforts by the parent brand and a manager create an auspicious White Label brand that can progress and develop at the same pace as individual projects. Besides, as enough experience and resources are gained, an operator can turn the firm into a completely independent organization, obtain a separate license, and start working with software vendors directly.

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Reliable Provider of White Label Services

The selection of a parent organization is a decisive factor in starting such a business. While the budget of a future operator is limited, it is still worth looking for offers from companies with extensive market experience and a recognized name.

One of such leaders of the niche is the 2WinPower aggregator. The company has been on the market for over two decades, offering multiple services in the gambling sphere. Besides White Label casino elaboration, the organization deals with turnkey solutions, franchising, and selling scripts for the platform.

The possibility to develop not only in conventional but also in other directions such as VR, live, Blockchain, and land-based open broad prospects for novice and experienced administrators.

If you need more information on cooperation with the aggregator, you can contact its customer support via:

  • Skype: twowinpower
  • Telegram: @Win2Power
  • e-mail: info@2wpower.com
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