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Different Types of Property Crimes and the Bail Bonds for Getting Rid of Them



When any destruction of property or theft occurs, the law considers these activities as property crimes. The property crime charges may range from a felony to a misdemeanor, depending on the crime degree and how much property has been damaged or stolen. All the people arrested for property crime charges may not be guilty of the offense, and the bail bonds can help them to remain on the right track. Let us go through different types of property crimes and the purpose of applying for bail bonds as soon as possible.


When any property is destroyed by fire, it may be considered Arson. These cases can be both unintentional and intentional. But even if the fire starts accidentally, the persons behind them can be guilty of serious charges. Even though the fire was not responsible for killing or injuring any lives, fines can go up to ten thousand dollars, and the guilty persons may end up staying several years in prison.


It is that kind of crime where one person provides threats to another person with the mission of giving up their property. Some examples of extortion are as follows

  • Spreading rumors about a person whose property needs to be forcefully taken
  • Threats of physical assault
  • Exposing any private information until the victim surrenders to the offender

Fines up to $10000 and prison time of more than 15 years can be the minimum punishment for extortion. Castle Bail Bonds in Columbus can help defendants in reducing their prison time till they appear in court for legal proceedings.

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When you are breaking into any private property without intimating the owner, the committed crime is known as burglary. The crime can be anything ranging from physical assault to theft, and the offender when breaks into private property. The punishment for the burglary can be a prison time of 20 years and class 3 felony charges.


When the property of one person is taken by the other without the intention of returning them to the original owner, theft occurs. With embezzlement and robbery, the entire crime depends on the amount of the stolen property and the ways in which the theft has occurred. For example, simple shoplifting would attract only a fine, but for armed robbery, you may end up with a few years of prison time.

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Bail Bonds for Property Crime

When you are convicted of property crimes, you may spend decades behind the bards or end up paying hefty fines of around 10000 dollars. Criminal defense lawyers can therefore help you to reduce your prison time or save a huge amount of money on charges or fines.


All the above-mentioned crimes are property crimes where the punishment can lead to decades of prison time or can create a hole in your pocket through huge fines and charges. When you want to reduce prison time, you can contact the attorneys to post the bail bonds at the right time. When you are unable to post the bail bonds on your own, you should contact professional bail bond agencies to post the bonds on your behalf.

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