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4 Celebrities Who Love to Treat Themselves to a Round of Poker Occasionally



We’re often led to believe that celebrities, as they are always in the eye of the public, are required to be on their best behavior 24/7 and avoid all types of activities that might impact their public appearance negatively. However, we also often forget that the famous people we see on screens and in cinemas are, in fact, not that different from us. Well, unless you count all the millions and huge countryside villas. The point is our favorite actors and actresses also need a way to blow off steam, and from time to time, they also frequent nightclubs, casinos, etc.

Poker is, hands down, one of the most popular card games ever, and it’s especially a favorite with actors, singers, and other celebrities. What makes poker so exhilarating? It’s a card game where knowledge and skill don’t necessarily always result in a win. In order to score some cash, you need to be able to read your opponents and their facial expressions. Do they really have an ace up their sleeves, or are they just really good at bluffing? That’s up to you to decide. For the rich and famous, it’s a way to unwind and take a break from always being in the spotlight. Plus, it’s a great way to have some fun and spend some of that hard-earned money.

Naturally, some celebrities enjoy it more than others, so if you want to find out whether your favorite celebrity has also made our list, make sure to keep reading.

Jeniffer Tilly

In the past couple of years, the famous actress Jeniffer Tilly has been spotted several times visiting the casino and playing poker. The actress is known for starring in “Liar Liar”, “Drop Dead Diva,” “High Holiday,” etc. Not only is Jeniffer often described as funny and charming, but her co-stars and friends never miss out on the opportunity to praise her poker skills. She was definitely born with a winning hand, and she’s one of the rare people in the world of fame that decided to put a hold on her career and dedicate more time to playing poker professionally.

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Luckily, her efforts did pay off, and she managed to rake in huge amounts of money just by playing poker. She is also the proud winner of a WSOP bracelet which earned her almost $1,000,000. Jeniffer Tilly is one of the best examples of a celebrity who discovered a completely different calling and decided to put a hold on their current career.

Jason Alexander

The American comedian and director, known for his role in Seinfeld, is no stranger to the world of casinos and gambling. He has been playing poker for several years now and has made a significant profit from it. His total winnings are estimated to be somewhere in the ballpark of $30,000. In a way, he has also discovered a second career path through playing poker, as he has participated in many different poker shows and contests. Although he is known for his aggressive style of playing, he is also known for giving away his winnings to various charities in need. If you want to see him in action, you can watch his matches on YouTube and maybe learn a thing or two about poker basics.

Ben Affleck

The famous actor Ben Affleck started his gambling ways back in the 2000s, and he hasn’t stopped since. The male actor is probably one of the most famous names on this list and has started in some of the more well-known blockbuster movies such as “Gone Girl,” “Accountant,” and “Deep Water.”

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Not only does Aflleck play poker, but he has also taken private lessons from poker experts. After taking on a poker coach, his gameplay has become much better, and the number of his winnings has increased. There’s also a rumor going on that he was once thrown out of a casino as he was accused of reading cards at the table. Nonetheless, Ben Affleck is definitely a high-skilled player who knows his way around cards.

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