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Hedera Hashgraph Price Prediction – Is the Crypto.com Coin a Good Investment in 2022?



When you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrency, the first project that comes to your mind might be Bitcoin. The second is, probably, Ethereum. However, those are the coins that have grown in value already. They have made their early investors millionaires. And therefore, you might benefit from investing in them, but it is difficult to believe that you might become a millionaire unless you invest a lot in these cryptos.

That’s why people pay more attention to the so-called gems. Those are the projects that may grow in value in the future, and their coins might be the most profitable investment that you can find nowadays.

Here, we will have a closer look at two projects that are very promising: CRO and Hedera Hashgraph.

CRO Coin

Is CRO a good investment? To reply to this question, you need to understand what is behind the coin, what project it supports, and what its perspectives are in the real world. On these factors, the coin’s future and, thus, its price depends. 

CRO is the coin behind Crypto.com, a cryptocurrency exchange that runs on its own blockchain and works on the development of several cryptocurrency projects. The main priority of the CRO chain is user privacy and user data. 

The coin came into existence in 2018. Its initial price was 0.017 USD, and during the next two years, the coin didn’t grow in value significantly. Its price fluctuated more or less around the initial value. 

Throughout 2022 and 2023, no significant changes are expected for the mentioned cryptocurrency. The majority of experts believe that its value is going to fluctuate somewhere around 3 USD per coin.

2024 is expected to be the turning point for CRO. It is the year when CRO is said to achieve the mark of 4 USD and will start growing in value. By the end of 2025, the cryptocurrency is expected to grow to the value of 6.5 USD.

In 2027, the crypto is going to cross the 1 USD value, and this move will mark a new stage in the CRO development. By the end of 2025, the Crypto-com native crypto is expected to achieve a value of 5 USD and move up.

HBAR Is Another Project to Consider

Hedera Hashgraph is a project that works on the development of a public blockchain that enables users to create their own Dapps. The HBAR blockchain is said to eliminate such common issues pertinent to blockchain as slow transactions and a high instability level.

The blockchain runs on the proof-of-stake consensus protocol that enables users who stake the required number of coins to benefit from transaction validation.

HBAR predictions are pretty optimistic. In August 2018, the ICO HBAR was sold at 0.12 USD per token. Further, the HBAR price dropped to 0.01 USD per token, and it fluctuated around this value throughout 2020. 

In the second half of 2022, the coin value is going to increase significantly. Some specialists tell us it might grow to 2 USD per token, and the bullish movement is going to continue. By the end of 2024, HBAR might reach the value of 4 USD, and further, by 2023, the HBAR price will exceed 7 USD.

Bottom Line

Both coins are definitely worth your attention. However, when choosing the best one to invest in, you shall consider that CRO is the coin behind a cryptocurrency exchange. If the company manages finely, the crypto value is likely to be growing. However, if the company gets bankrupt, you might stay with coins worth nothing. 

In the case of HBAR, you are investing in a promising project that will have value over the years.

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