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You will be Surprised by These April 1st Companies’ Jokes




Do you like to prank someone in your family or friends on April 1st? Usually, the funniest jokes take place in classrooms, where there are a lot of people to check out your efforts and laugh at them. For instance, do you remember being a victim of the backpack inside-out joke or some of the computer pranks, such as changing the names of the folders? Your professors were likely not very satisfied with these pranks. However, as you know, college and university time is not only about jokes and parties with friends; it is also about learning and submitting complex tasks. Therefore, you may benefit from help with your thesis for your Master’s degree.

You’re not the only one, while the world celebrates Fool’s Day differently, companies also like to prank their clients. In this article, we will tell you about the most famous and interesting April 1st pranks made by companies and how the clients reacted. This is going to be fun!

BMW 2015 Reverse Prank

BMW is known for pulling various pranks and has been making jokes since the 1980s! The clients’ clouds see such announcements as a new insect deflector screen or anti-rain sunroof. Therefore, BMW clients were already aware that the company likes to make jokes anyway until one year ago. 2015 appeared to be different. People in New Zealand have seen their announcement on Twitter and in various newspapers that the BMW company gives the very first person who will come to the dealership and will pronounce “ask for Tom” to the customer manager of the new brand BMW in exchange for their old car for free! The trick of this joke is that everyone thought that this was just a regular prank, and people were not pleased with the idea of presenting themselves as fools. Therefore, there were no lines of people at the dealership’s doors.


However, the main idea of this joke was to make people believe that this is actually a false announcement and BMW is just pulling another prank. In fact, the idea of the company was to see how many clients were willing to risk their reputation to “ask for Tom” for a chance to get the new BMW. However, Tiaana Marsh was a smart woman who wanted to exchange her old Nissan for a brand-new BMW, so she rushed to the dealership at 5:00 a.m. To everyone’s surprise, she was given a BMW 1 Series by the company for free! She was the only person who benefited from the BMW reverse prank that day. You can look at the photo of her and her car by following this webpage.

Elon Musk and His Recent Pranks

Elon Musk also likes pranking people, especially through social media like Twitter because he is its owner. The 2024 prank was directed at the Disney Company. Elon Musk joked about helping Disney be more “woke,” it’s like he means, “Hey, Disney, I’m here to make your movies and shows even more aware of social issues!” Basically, he was teasing Disney for trying too hard to be politically correct.


The 2018 joke was more outrageous. Elon Musk also used Twitter as a means to make everyone laugh. Kim has posted a photo where he lies near the Tesla company, holding a piece of cardboard with the word bankrupt written on it. He said that Tesla went bankrupt. However, no one believed him, and this post was a reason for even more debates among the users! You can check the posts out here.

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