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Tineco; Changing the Game with the ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner




Since its establishment, in 1998 Tineco has been a symbol of innovation and excellence in the household appliance industry. With a commitment to pushing boundaries Tineco has consistently transformed the way we approach cleaning tasks. At the core of their product range is the Tineco PURE ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner showcasing their dedication to quality and innovation.

The Ultimate Cleaning Partner;

The Tineco PURE ONE S11 isn’t a vacuum cleaner; it’s a game changer in the world of home cleaning. Featuring a motor that delivers 130W of suction power this cordless vacuum effortlessly tackles dirt, dust and debris on all types of surfaces from hardwood floors to plush carpets and everything in, between.

Smart Cleaning Innovation;

What sets the ONE S11 apart is its features, led by the iLoop Smart Sensor technology. This advanced sensor can detect dirt and particles automatically, adjusting suction power for performance. Through the Tineco app users can track performance metrics receive cleaning updates and enjoy a cleaning experience like never before.

Versatility and Convenience Combined;

The tineco PURE ONE S11 is crafted for comfort effortlessly transitioning from a stick vacuum to a handheld device. Ideal, for cleaning spaces, upholstery and even car interiors its portable design and cordless feature make cleaning easier and more convenient, than before.

Extended Battery Life:

With a detachable 2,500 mAh Lithium battery offering as much as 40 minutes of continuous runtime consistent with price, the PURE ONE S11 guarantees that you could smooth your whole domestic without interruption. Plus, with the selection to purchase extra battery packs, you could in no manner need to fear approximately jogging out of power mid-easy.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

At Tineco, client pleasure is paramount. That’s why every purchase of the PURE ONE S11 comes with free transport, a 2-one year warranty, and a 30-day money-lower lower back assure. With Tineco, you are not just making an investment in a vacuum purifier; you are investing in a cleaner, extra healthy domestic and a way of life of convenience.

Unrivaled Cleaning Power

When it comes to cleansing electricity, the tineco PURE ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner stands head and shoulders above the opposition. With its powerful virtual motor turning in a remarkable 130W of suction power, no mess is too large or too small for this powerhouse of a vacuum purifier. From extraordinary dust to stubborn pet hair, the PURE ONE S11 effortlessly tackles any cleaning venture without trouble, leaving your home glowing easy.

Intelligent Cleaning Technology

What devices the PURE ONE S11 apart is its smart cleaning technology, powered by way of the modern iLoop Smart Sensor. This superior sensor detects hidden dust and debris, automatically adjusting the suction energy for top-rated cleansing performance.


With the Tineco app, clients can take manage in their cleaning experience, tracking overall performance, receiving cleaning reports, or maybe placing reminders for protection responsibilities.

Versatility Redefined

Say goodbye to a couple of cleaning tools cluttering your house, because the tineco PURE ONE S11 is designed to do it all. With its versatile layout, this cordless vacuum seamlessly transforms from a stick vacuum to a handheld device, making it nice for cleaning flooring, upholstery, stairs, or even vehicle interiors. Plus, its lightweight and ergonomic layout make it easy to move round furniture and into tight areas in reality.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Cleaning your house shouldn’t imply disturbing the peace, which is why the PURE ONE S11 functions whisper-quiet operation. Thanks to its quiet motor and noise-discount engineering, this vacuum cleaner operates at a noise diploma as low as seventy two dB, allowing you to smooth with peace of thoughts, even supposing youngsters and pets are close by.

Extended Battery Life

With the tineco PURE ONE S11, you can in no manner have to worry approximately on foot out of strength mid-clean. The removable 2,500 mAh Lithium battery gives as much as 40 mins of continuous runtime in line with charge, ensuring that you could smooth your entire domestic without interruption. And with the option to shop for extra battery packs, you could make bigger your cleaning sessions even further.

Superior Filtration System

Not simplest does the tineco PURE ONE S11 deliver unmatched cleansing strength, but it also ensures purifier air in your home. Equipped with a very sealed, four-stage filtration tool and cyclonic technology, this vacuum captures ninety nine. Ninety seven% of debris as small as 0.Three microns, such as allergens and pollution, leaving your house now not simply smooth, but additionally more healthy.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Tineco, customer satisfaction is our pinnacle precedence. That’s why each buy of the tineco PURE ONE S11 comes with unfastened delivery, a 2-three hundred and sixty five days assure, and a 30-day coins-decrease returned guarantee. With Tineco, you may keep with self-notion, understanding which you’re making a funding in a purifier, healthier domestic and a life-style of comfort.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

Tineco is conscious the significance of sustainability in brand new international that is why the PURE ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is designed with green functions. By putting off the want for disposable bags and the usage of rechargeable batteries, the PURE ONE S11 reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact.


Additionally, the vacuum’s strength-inexperienced layout enables maintain strength, making it an accountable preference for environmentally-aware customers.

Seamless Cleaning Experience

With the tineco PURE ONE S11, cleansing your private home has in no way been less complicated or more on hand. The vacuum’s light-weight and ergonomic layout, blended with its cordless capability, allow for handy maneuverability around fixtures and into tight areas. Plus, with its detachable battery and large dustbin ability, you could easy extra efficaciously and effectively, with fewer interruptions for emptying or recharging.

Transform Your Cleaning Routine

Say goodbye to antique cleaning strategies and hi there to the destiny of domestic cleansing with Tineco. Whether you are handling regular messes or tackling difficult cleaning duties, the tineco PURE ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is as tons as the project. With its effective overall performance, smart abilities, and unequalled versatility, the PURE ONE S11 redefines what it approach to have a clean domestic. Experience the difference for yourself and be part of the heaps of glad clients who have already made the switch to Tineco.


In stop, Tineco’s dedication to excellence shines through in each aspect of the PURE ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. With its effective typical performance, clever capabilities, and unrivaled consolation, the PURE ONE S11 is poised to revolutionize the manner you clean your private home. Experience the destiny of cleanliness with Tineco and raise your cleansing routine to new heights.

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