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Gaming Evolution: The Transition From Real-World to Social Casinos




Call it fate, luck, or just great planning, but when the first online casinos graced the internet in the mid-90s, its successful trail continued to grow leaps and bounds. While it’s hard to point to one specific moment for the iGaming boom, it’s clear that in recent years, especially in the American market that generated over $60 billion since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the future for casinos is online.

But, a growing sector in iGaming continues to be social casinos. Sweepstakes casinos are becoming so popular that they are gathering and growing a loyal following. Let’s take a closer look at why social casinos represent the new wave.

Maximum Security

With cyber thieves wreaking havoc and causing trillions in damages, social casinos have to be on their A-game to meet the challenge. Even though state gaming divisions and commissions don’t license these sites, they still share the same commitment to keeping online members’ personal information and financial information secure. This step and commitment to guarding player information is a non-negotiable term for online members, and social casinos more than meet the challenge.

Helps to Fill a Void

In America, only Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Michigan, and New Jersey regulate online casinos. That means 43 other states technically don’t have legal iGaming options. Again, that’s where social casinos help to fill the void. Except for Washington and a few other places, sweepstakes casinos are valid and legal alternatives for residents in those states to play their favorite casino games. The caveat is that players can only win cash-prize equivalents as opposed to real money like a legal online casino.

Features Familiar Games

There’s no question that for any casino, including online, an abundance of games by reputable developers is essential for success. Social casinos understand this premise quite well, which is why they use many of the same developers, such as Betsoft, Microgaming, and Pragmatic Play. Depending on the social casino, you might have more than your fair share of table games like blackjack and American and European roulette. However, some individual sites only work with slots.


Speaking of slots, social casinos offer many of the same leading titles as traditional online casinos, so they are highly comparable in this regard. You can enjoy many of the top video slots, Hold & Win, and Megaway titles like Gonzo’s Quest and more.

If you prefer to play for the thrill with a professional dealer or croupier, social casinos also offer the same excellent live dealer options by Evolution Gaming. To keep things fresh for its players, new sweepstakes casinos sometimes add new weekly titles.

A Unique Financial System

Social casinos stand greatly a part from their real money counterparts through the gold and sweep coin system. For those who want to compete for cash prizes, sweep coins open the door for that opportunity. However, gold coins let those who want to play their favorite casino games without financial risk. ​Also, with gold coins, those struggling with gambling disorders can potentially find solace and relief while still playing their favorite games.

Enriched Bonus Opportunities

When you log in to social casinos, that act is often enough to receive precious gold coins.


Replying or finishing daily tasks is usually enough to receive gold coins. You can use those golds to boost the cash prize value in the social casino VIP club.

The Future of Casino Play

While retail casinos continue to open in more states, there’s no denying that the general direction is with online casinos. Social casinos continue to help fill the gaps where legal iGaming sites can’t go. With this crucial feature alone, you can count on them to grow in scope and popularity.

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