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Essential Skills for Writing a Literature-Based Dissertation – A Complete Guide




A literature-based dissertation involves crafting data from existing literature rather than primary sources. Conducting a literature review may offer several advantages. The University of Edinburgh says writing a dissertation based on literature establishes your familiarity with the previous knowledge before conducting further investigation.

Such dissertations might be more difficult than the generic thesis. In a generic write-up, the examiner is more concerned about your findings. However, in the literature review, everything is based on your deep analysis and how you present it in your own way. So, you should have essential research as well as critical skills to craft it up to the mark.

Here we will talk about the essential tools that can help you in crafting your dissertations based on literature. However, if the guide below seems insufficient for writing this important document, then availing dissertation writing services can be useful for ultimate results. These experts guarantee a quality that will gain a cutting edge.

Let’s first define the term before we discuss the topic.

What Is a Literature-Based Dissertation?

A literature-based dissertation is an academic work that requires researchers to use their analysis, research, and writing skills. It is an important part of their academic endeavor that illustrates their ability to analyze the existing knowledge. Consequently, they can draw meaningful conclusions that can help future researchers.

What are the Essentials to Write a Literature-Based Dissertation?

Have you been ever asked to write literature-based dissertations? It might not be easy as you need to perform deep study in various aspects of the topic. But do you know there are some basic skills that can make your dissertation writing journey smooth? Keep reading to know about it.

Research Skills

You should have the ability to search data in various databases and platforms. Built expertise and know how to search with keywords, filters or operators. These different types of sources may be books, journals, websites, peer reviews, etc. However, sometimes, the related data is so immense that you can’t figure out which one is more relevant. Here, your research skills will help you narrow down the ideas by evaluating their quality, credibility, and relevance.

Reading Skills

For literature-based dissertation writing, you should be able to read and comprehend the sources you gathered. Read from various sources to build your argument, and know the methodologies, findings and implications. Consequently, you can relate it to your research question and define your research objectives.


However, it is not about randomly reading all the available data. The essential skill will make you able to know its strengths and weaknesses. The outcome is you will be selective in taking note of the key points.

Writing Skills

Writing a coherent and structured literature-based dissertation is essential for effective communication. After gathering data from various sources, you should compile it in a framework or category that can answer your research question. Furthermore, write it clearly and precisely with the correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. All will contribute to a better comprehension of the text for the reader.

However, if you are the one who is not an expert in writing these reviews and fear getting rejected from the journal due to numerous flaws in the write-up, availing dissertation help online from experts can benefit you. These professionals can craft a quality document that can stand unique.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is essential for any research role. It helps you to synthesise information from various sources, solve problems and make decisions. Being a master in critical analysis helps you to identify credible sources to present an insightful analysis. This way you can bridge the gaps, limitations and controversies in existing literature. You can generate new perspectives and questions from literature and can suggest how they should be addressed.

Self-Management Skills

Self-management skills make you able to organise yourself and offer insightful ideas about literature-based dissertations. The outcome is you can organise the whole process, set realistic goals and meet the deadlines. On the way, evaluate your progress, identify the challenges and find the relevant solutions.


Self-management is also important when working independently or in a team, depending on the nature of the project. It will help you balance the writing process along with other academic and daily obligations.

Literature-Based Dissertation Topics

Embarking on the journey of literature-based dissertation writing holds significant importance in the academic career of any learner. In this whole process, the choice of topic holds significant importance. Let’s know some important topics that can work best for writing a literature review.

  1. Analyze the Theme of Identity in Postcolonial Literature.
  2. Investigate the Role of Nature in Romantic Poetry.
  3. Analyze the Feminist Perspectives in Contemporary Adult Literature.
  4. What Is the Role of Literature in Social Activism?

Literature-Based Dissertation Research Questions

Depending on the research design the research question is decided accordingly. The following are some of the questions that can help you in brainstorming literature-based dissertation ideas.

●     How does a family planning program affect the rate of childbirth?

●     Will owning a pet improve the quality of life of old people?

●     Is there a supreme power in the universe?

●     What are the possible solutions to reduce the carbon content in the environment?

Literature-Based Dissertation Examples

A literature review of “DNA fingerprinting in zoology: past, present, future” has been published by Springer Link. Find below a fragment defining the protocol used.


The literature-based dissertation is difficult to write. The complexity lies not only in the task but also because it requires extra expertise to get done efficiently. Without this expertise, you may write a paper that is not worthy to be called a good literature review. These essential skills are reading, writing, critical thinking, research, and self-management.

Master all of these basics so that you can work in the best possible manner. However, if you are not a writing expert and don’t know the relevant and credible sources to consult for your thesis, then ask a dissertation writer to write an exceptional document. These professionals have years of expertise to help you with quality paper without any errors.

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