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Decorating Ideas From Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger



home with keki interior design blogger

Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger

The world of interior design is ever-changing, and for someone who seeks fresh ideas, inspiration, and tips, Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger is a great resource. Keki’s blog is dedicated to helping people create beautiful living spaces that they can be proud of. With practical and easy-to-follow decorating ideas, readers can elevate their homes with minimal hassle or cost. From bedroom makeovers to kitchen revamps, Home With Keki offers insightful advice that is sure to impress.

In Keki’s blog posts, she shares her passion for interior design through stunning visuals and informative text. Her unique style incorporates a seamless blend of contemporary and traditional elements that appeal to many modern-day homeowners. Whether readers are looking for quick DIY projects or long-term renovations, Keki’s expertise shines through in every post.

One feature that sets Home With Keki apart from other design blogs is the personal touch that each article offers. Instead of just highlighting pictures of beautiful homes, Keki shares touching stories about how those spaces came together. In doing so, she helps readers connect with their own personal styles and encourages them to experiment with different design elements.

Keki’s journey began when she started her blog as a creative outlet while staying home with her children. Since then, it has blossomed into a full-time career where she shares her love for interior design with people around the world. Her approachable personality shines through in every post, making readers feel like they too can achieve the same results in their own homes.

Ready to elevate your living room game? Follow these tips from Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger and watch your guests marvel at your newfound sophistication (or fake it till you make it, we won’t judge).

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Decorating Ideas for Living Room

To transform your living room into a cosy and stylish space, choose the right colours and sofa that fit your personality. Adding wall stickers for the home as decorations and installing proper lighting can enhance the room’s ambiance. In addition, adding plants and curtains can give a fresh new look to your living room.

Choosing the Right Colors and Sofa for Living Room

Choosing the perfect sofa and colour scheme for your living room is a crucial aspect of interior design. Your choice of colours can significantly affect the ambiance, mood, and overall feel of your living space. Furthermore, the right sofa can elevate your comfort levels, add personality to your room, and tie all the elements together.

When selecting a colour scheme for your living room, it’s essential to consider the overall theme you’re trying to achieve. For instance, if you want a cosy and warm vibe in your living area, why not choose earthy tones like deep brown or terracotta? Alternatively, if you prefer something brighter and refreshing, adding pops of green or blue might do the trick.

In terms of choosing the perfect sofa for your living room, there are various factors to keep in mind. Consider measuring your space’s dimensions to ensure that your chosen couch fits seamlessly in place. You also want to pay attention to its material quality and durability since it is an investment.

A little-known trick when trying out different sofas is sitting on them before purchasing. This move offers insight into whether their level of comfort meets personal standards adequately.

The history behind choosing suitable colours and sofas dates back centuries ago when people were experimenting with different functional designs that catered exclusively to specific interior preferences.

Overall, these fundamental aspects regarding home design form an essential starting point in ensuring optimum aesthetic appeal while enhancing comfort levels within any living space.

Light up your life and your living room with some killer wall decor and lighting ideas.

Adding Wall Decorations and Lighting to Living Room

Give your living room a lively touch by incorporating wall decorations and lighting accents. Here are some ideas to try out:

  • Add a statement piece such as an oversized mirror or unique artwork that can be a conversation starter.
  • Install shelves to display decorative objects, potted plants or other artefacts that showcase your personality.
  • Use LED strip lights around bookshelves, under the sofa or behind the TV for ambient lighting.

Consider adding bug paintings or drawings for a unique touch in your living room. These artsy representations of nature spark conversations while blending indoor comfort with an outdoor vibe. Whether you opt for abstract or realistic insects, ensure they harmonize with your room’s colour palette.

For added WoW factor, you can position mirrors near windows to amplify natural light or pair tall floor lamps with shorter accent lamps. Play around with different combinations of lighting and decor styles until you find what works best for your space.

Pro Tip: Choose decor pieces that complement the overall theme of your living room. Also, ensure proper placement of lights to avoid unpleasant glare and shadows.

Not sure if my green thumb is strong enough to transform my living room into a jungle, but at least the curtains can provide some privacy for my failed attempts.

Transforming Living Room with Plants and Curtains

Transform your living room by blending nature with fashion. Utilising houseplants and curtains to transform your living space can easily achieve a fresh aesthetic.

  • Introduce different plant variations to add texture and colour in your decor scheme.
  • Curtains act as an elegant accessory, playfully accentuating the tone of any given theme.
  • Pick complementary colours for both plants and curtains to optimise the room’s natural vibrancy.

Furthermore, when exploring creative textile designs, consider layering different types of fabrics like silk or linen into beaded embroidery for a natural effect that highlights both plants and curtains simultaneously. Another option to enhance the uniqueness of your textile creations is to incorporate custom embroidery patches, which can add personalized elements and designs to your fabric artwork. These patches can be customized with various shapes, colors, and intricate stitching to bring an extra layer of creativity and customization to your textile projects.

To fully customise the intended look, choose from various plant shapes, sizes, colours, and textures amongst available curtain options. To tie everything together flawlessly, consider implementing matching materials or accessories that exist throughout the area.

Uniquely tailored looks can enhance natural light while supplementing privacy necessities when dealing with windowed walls. When executing this design concept be sure to consult professional resources if necessary.

Fun Fact:

Over time houses’ interior decoration has followed trends ranging from boho-chic to minimalism; however, incorporating plants and curtains has remained a reliable way to keep up with modern decor themes while stimulating rustic effervescence.

Get ready to sexify your sleeping quarters with these bedroom decorating ideas.

Decorating Ideas for Bedroom

To enhance your bedroom decor with expert advice, turn to Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger’s decorating ideas. Selecting the best bedding and furniture, enhancing the bedroom ambiance with paint and accessories, and creating a relaxing space with scents and lighting are some of the solutions provided in this section on bedroom decorating.

Selecting the Best Bedding and Furniture for Bedroom

When it comes to fashioning your bedroom, you want to ensure that you’re selecting the best bedding and furniture options available. Here are some aspects to keep in mind:

  • Bedding Comfort: Opt for bedding that suits your sleeping needs such as a duvet for colder climates or cotton sheets for summer nights.
  • Furniture Size: Consider the size of your room before buying furniture – Choosing too much or too large pieces in a small room leads to cluttering.
  • Personal Style: Think about your personal style when purchasing the bedding and furniture. It should resonate with your overall aesthetic.
  • Material Quality: The quality of materials used determine how long they will last so look out for premium quality settings for better durability.
  • Budget Constraints: Stick within budget and avoid lavish expenses by shopping during sales and promotions.
  • Storage Space: Go for furniture pieces with storage space if possible, since this helps utilise extra space efficiently.

And don’t forget about colour coordination, which is essential when it comes to creating a harmonious environment in your bedroom. With these suggestions, you can create an ideal sleep haven that reflects both tastes and preferences while staying on budget.

Who needs a fancy chandelier when you can just paint your ceiling to look like the night sky? #StarryNightGoals

Enhancing Bedroom Ambiance with Paint and Accessories

To create an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom, incorporate both paint and accessories. Use a warm colour palette on the walls to add cosiness and comfort to the space. Introduce unique textures and patterns through accent pillows, throws, and curtains. Hanging mirrors and art on the walls can provide depth and character to any bedroom.

Incorporating a variety of materials like wood, glass or metal into your accessories will bring dimension to the room. Experiment with lighting to set different moods. Consider adding table lamps or dimmable bulbs for a relaxed ambiance. Placing a fragrant candle or diffuser in your bedroom will also help you relax as well as freshen up the air.

And most importantly, don’t be afraid to get creative! Incorporate personal touches like picture frames with your favourite memories or small trinkets collected during travels.

A friend once told me he added string lights around his picture frames in his bedroom which casted a warm glow throughout his room every night that was not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Dim the lights and light a candle, because nothing screams relaxation like accidentally setting your bedding on fire.

Creating a Relaxing Space with Scents and Lighting

To transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven, consider using lighting and scents to create an environment that relaxes your mind and body. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use candles or essential oils to diffuse calming scents throughout the room.
  • Install dimmer switches or use lamps with adjustable brightness to control the level of lighting and create a calm ambiance.
  • Consider incorporating natural light by using sheer curtains or blinds to allow for soft sunlight during the day.

For added tranquillity, you can place potted plants in some corner of your room. Also, try out different scent combinations to find what works best for you.

Did you know that ancient Egyptian civilization used aromatherapy as part of their daily routines? They believed that certain fragrances could heal illnesses and help maintain healthy moods. This practice has been passed down from generation to generation, with modern-day individuals also utilising scented candles and oils for relaxation purposes.

Spice up your cooking (and dining) game with these kitchen and dining area decorating ideas.

Decorating Ideas for Kitchen and Dining Area

To personalise your kitchen and dining area with unique decoration ideas, follow our tips in this section on “Decorating Ideas for Kitchen and Dining Area” with Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger. Learn how to create a stunning backsplash and countertops to showcase your personal style. Make a statement with your kitchen cabinets, lighting, and elevate your dining experience with our table setting and decoration tips.

Elevate your kitchen’s atmosphere to new heights with a stylish vent hood that flawlessly complements your existing design scheme.

Personalizing Kitchen Space with Backsplashes and Countertops

To add a personal touch to your kitchen and dining area, consider customising your backsplashes and countertops. These subtle modifications can have a significant impact on the overall ambiance of your space.

For a better understanding, refer to the table below:

Custom Feature Description
Backsplashes Made with various materials such as glass, marble, stone, or ceramic tiles. They come in different sizes and shapes.
Countertops Can be made from granite, marble, quartz, concrete, or laminates. Each material has unique qualities in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to adding unique details to your kitchen space using these features, consider opting for less conventional materials such as bold colours or intricate patterns. Customise your backsplashes and countertops according to the theme you have in mind so that they align with the vision you want to showcase.

In fact, one homeowner decided to incorporate her love for nature into her kitchen design by installing custom backsplashes made entirely out of recycled wine bottles. This not only added a personal touch but also served as functional artistry within her dining area.

Who needs a spotlight on stage when you can have statement lighting in your kitchen?

Making a Statement with Kitchen Cabinets and Lighting

The kitchen cabinets and lighting are essential elements in making a bold statement for the kitchen and dining area. The right combination of cabinets and lighting can transform your kitchen space.

The following table shows some popular options for kitchen cabinets and lighting:

Kitchen Cabinets Lighting
Custom-made wood Pendant Lights
Glass-fronted Recessed Lighting
Open Shelving Under Cabinet Lighting

Custom-made wood, glass-fronted, and open shelving are popular options for kitchen cabinets that offer unique visual appeal. Pendant lights, recessed lighting, and under cabinet lighting complement the cabinetry with their warm glow.

Pro Tip: Use dimmer switches for your lights to create a cosy ambiance ideal for dinner parties. Who needs fancy table settings when you have a pizza box and a bottle of wine?

Elevating Dining Experience with Table Settings and Decorations

The ambience of a dining area can be elevated with creative table settings and decorations. By incorporating unique tableware and centrepieces that blend well with the overall interior design, you can create an inviting atmosphere that enhances your guests’ dining experience.

Using decorative placemats, napkins, and table runners can add texture and depth to your tabletops. Choosing colours and patterns that complement each other while avoiding overwhelming combinations is critical. A range of candle arrangements can introduce an additional element of warmth and romance.

For more variety, you may experiment with flatware styles to enhance the overall aesthetic quality. Shiny metallic cutlery complements dark crockery while matte finishes work well with pastel-coloured plates. Pairing contrasting styles creates intrigue in your place setting.

Incorporating fresh flowers like orchids or roses will beautify the dining area and release a pleasant aroma that adds freshness to the atmosphere. You may also want to use herbs like rosemary or thyme as part of the centrepiece.

By applying these ideas into your kitchen-dining area, you can elevate your guests’ dining experience both aesthetically pleasingly but also indulge their olfactory system. Infusing creativity into the usage of designs while keeping true to harmony, balance and simplicity in combination brings together beautiful centrepieces.

Transform your bathroom from a room of necessity to a room of luxury with these decorating ideas.

Decorating Ideas for Bathroom

To enhance your bathroom décor and create a more functional space, maximise the storage and organising essentials, update the fixtures and accessories, and enhance the lighting and décor. In this section of “Decorating Ideas From Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger”, we’ll dive into these subsections to provide you with practical solutions for transforming your bathroom into a stylish and organised oasis.

Maximising Bathroom Storage and Organizing Essentials

Bathrooms are essential spaces in every household and require efficient storage solutions. To keep your bathroom essentials organised, make use of innovative storage solutions that create extra space. These solutions can be grouped into three main categories.

  • Wall-Mounted Storage: Utilise vertical spaces efficiently by installing cabinets or shelves on the walls. This will keep bathroom essentials off the floor and free up more space.
  • Cabinet Organisers: Use organisers like drawer dividers, under-sink storage baskets, and shower caddies to prevent cluttered countertops and maximise cabinet space.
  • Hanging Storage: Install hooks or towel bars behind the door or on the shower walls to hang towels, robes, and other items.

For additional organisation, consider sorting bathroom essentials according to function (such as hair care products, body washes) or by category (like makeup products). By doing this, you’ll increase visibility of each item and keep them easily accessible.

Consider investing in label makers for an organised aesthetic appeal. Lastly, creating a daily maintenance system will reduce clutter accumulation and prolong optimal utilisation of these storage options.

By implementing these functional yet chic storage hacks maximises your bathroom space while enjoying an uncluttered do-it-yourself spa experience at home. Why settle for a basic toilet when you can upgrade to a fancy throne fit for a king (or queen)?

Updating Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Giving Your Bathroom a New Look with Updated Fixtures and Accessories

Updating your bathroom fixtures and accessories can bring new life to your bathroom space. Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Change the taps: Updating old, worn-out taps for a more modern look will instantly uplift the bathroom’s aesthetic.
  • Replace shower heads: Get a rainfall showerhead or one that saves water to make your shower experience even better.
  • Add accessories: Get matching accessories like towel racks, soap dishes, and dispensers to add cohesiveness to the bathroom decor.

Creating a pleasant bathroom environment involves matching every detail of the room fixtures. Switching up small parts of your fixtures and accessories is a great way to customise this intimate space.

Did you know that beautiful bathroom ambiance has been impactful throughout human history? From ancient Roman baths to luxurious modern spas, the properties of water have inspired stunning design explorations in humans’ eternal quest for luxury.

Because mood lighting and a disco ball may not be appropriate for the bathroom, we’ve got some tasteful ways to enhance your bathroom lighting and decor.

Enhancing Bathroom Lighting and Decor

Enhance Your Bathroom’s Lighting and Aesthetic Appeal

To enhance the lighting and decor of your bathroom, consider these three simple but effective methods:

  • Install brighter bulbs and new light fixtures to improve visibility and overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Add a coloured or patterned shower curtain to give your bathroom a pop of colour and texture.
  • Create an accent wall with decorative tiles or wallpaper to draw attention to a particular area of your bathroom.

A unique way to add character to your bathroom is by incorporating vintage pieces such as an antique mirror or vintage light fixture. These elements can seamlessly blend with modern design for an eclectic yet sophisticated look.

One homeowner shared her experience of upgrading her dingy bathroom by adding natural light through a frosted glass window. The result was a bright, tranquil space that improved her mood each morning.

Time to take your decorating skills outside, because let’s face it, your lawn deserves more than just a plastic flamingo.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas

To transform your outdoor space into a welcoming and cosy area, take inspiration from Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger in her section on outdoor decorating ideas. With three subsections, including “Transforming Outdoor Space with Furniture and Lighting,” “Adding Greenery and Planters for Outdoor Aesthetics,” and “Creating an Entertaining Space with Fire Pits and Outdoor Seating,” you can add a personal touch to your outdoor area and create a comfortable space to relax and entertain.

Transforming Outdoor Space with Furniture and Lighting

The art of accentuating outdoor spaces with proper furniture and lighting is a remarkable endeavour. By selecting the perfect outdoor furniture and appropriate lighting, you can transform your backyard into a peaceful oasis or an exhilarating entertainment area. With modern-day developments in design and material science, outdoor décor has numerous options to choose from.

Below is a table outlining key components and factors necessary when designing for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Space Design Furniture Lighting
Components Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Benches, Fire pits Lanterns, String Lights, Path Lights, Spotlights
Factors Considered Weather Resistance, Versatility in Style and Material Brightness Level & Color Balance

When planning your outdoor space design, it is vital to consider unique details such as surrounding flora and fauna that could affect colour schemes and patterns. It’s also essential to select weather-resistant materials that don’t easily damage or degrade due to moisture and sunlight exposure.

Cultivating beautiful lawns has been integral throughout history dating back to the Victorian Era where garden-fronted homes were encouraged for style purposes. Additionally, In ancient Rome extravagant gardens with ponds and fountains were regarded as status symbols of wealth.

Want to give your outdoor space some serious flower power? Add some greenery and planters for a bloomin’ good time!

Adding Greenery and Planters for Outdoor Aesthetics

Give your outdoor space a refreshing makeover by incorporating lush planters and greenery that not only elevate its aesthetic appeal but also create a calm and serene atmosphere. Here are five ways to add greenery and planters for an effortlessly chic look:

  • Hang planters from your porch or balcony railings for an eye-catching display.
  • Add potted plants to your outdoor seating area for a pop of colour.
  • Create a vertical garden on a bare wall using stacked containers or hanging baskets.
  • Line walkways with sculptural plants like boxwoods or succulents for definition.
  • Incorporate climbing vines for trellises along fences or walls to fill in empty spaces.

Maximise the natural beauty of your outdoor area by harnessing the power of greenery. You can also play around with different planter sizes and shapes, textures, and plant species to create an individualised design that speaks to your style.

Don’t Limit Yourself-There’s So Much More You Can Do

Apart from adding foliage in various creative ways, there are numerous other elements you can use to boost the overall appearance of your outdoor space. One example is incorporating pieces made from natural materials such as stone, timber boards, and woven fibers to add an organic feel to the atmosphere. Try including items such as birdbaths, wind chimes, strings lights, and lanterns to highlight different focal points.

Revamp Your Outdoor Oasis Today!

No matter what you choose, remember that there’s no ‘right’ way when it comes to decorating your outdoor space. The important thing is that you create an environment that feels both inviting and comfortable. With these straightforward tips, you can now begin elevating your home’s kerb appeal while creating an environment everyone will want to spend time in. Start by incorporating some planters and greenery, and work your way through the various elements until you find a design that truly speaks to you. Don’t wait too long- start revamping your outdoor oasis today!

Who needs a fireplace when you can roast marshmallows over a fire pit and gossip with your friends on comfy outdoor seating?

Creating an Entertaining Space with Fire Pits and Outdoor Seating

Designing an outdoor living space with fire features and seating arrangements is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining guests. This customizable area can be the perfect spot for hosting gatherings or simply relaxing after a long day.

To achieve this, you may consider designing a table that includes a custom fire pit as the centrepiece and surrounding it with comfortable, durable seating for guests to relax on. You could also include additional features such as benches, lighting fixtures, or landscaping elements to further enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

One unique detail to consider could be incorporating colourful cushions or pillows that complement your home’s decor into the seating area. This simple addition can provide both comfort and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living area.

Speaking of entertaining in your newly designed space, one true story might involve hosting a successful dinner party where guests enjoyed s’mores over the fire pit while lounging on cushioned chairs. By creating an outdoor haven with fire pits and comfortable seating arrangement, you can enjoy many memorable moments with friends and family alike.

Get ready to add some spice to your exterior with these outdoor decorating ideas – just don’t blame us when the neighbours start getting jealous.

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