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5 Design Moves That Could Hurt Your Home’s Value




Who doesn’t love designing their home the way they want? Be it a hot tub installation or a handpainted wall, these modifications add a personal touch to the design. It makes the place feel like a home.

But unless you plan to sell it to this cash home buyer in Kansas City, it’s better to first think about what impact will the design move have on your property’s sale value. Will it increase or decrease the worth?

This is a very important question. Many homeowners have to sell their property for way less money simply because potential buyers don’t like the design. So, if you don’t want to end up with regrets, read this article to learn top design moves that could hurt your home’s value!

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs may seem like an amazing addition to your bathrooms. The large tub of warm water is the perfect way of releasing daily stress and calming down. However, only some buyers are going to appreciate this.

Most people will consider it a con because built-in hot tubs require maintenance. Plus, children and pets can easily fall into the tub and hurt themselves. So, if you really want to use a hot tub, go for a portable unit.


Changing the Number of Rooms

When you own a property, it’s natural to think of structural modifications that can make your life easier and simpler. You may want to merge two bedrooms to create a master bedroom. Or, you may want to eradicate a room for more open space.

But while this will make your life convenient, the property value will drop significantly. Potential buyers would not pay the same amount of money as for other houses on the block because it doesn’t have the standard structure.

And so, the modified house may or may not fulfill the needs of the buyer. They might want more rooms in the house. You can’t possibly reverse the structural changes to increase the property’s appeal.

Even if you do, this would cost you a lot of money and time. You would end up making a loss instead of a profit!

DIY Painting & Repairs

People are DIY fanatics nowadays. It doesn’t matter whether they want to paint a cabinet or fix the broken drawers. With the help of YouTube, people are willing to do everything themselves because this helps save money.

However, in the long run, DIY stuff only causes a loss. Anyone can spot a self-painted wall and a self-fixed doorknob. Although you might have executed the task perfectly, thoughts like it looks ugly & what if it falls down will still linger in the buyer’s mind.

So, a better approach is to seek professional help. If you think that is too expensive, wait until you have saved enough money.


Built-in Items

Built-in cupboards, desks, and refrigerators sound like an excellent idea. The item has a dedicated space, which organizes the house and improves the look. But this becomes a point of conflict in the selling process.

What if the buyer doesn’t want built-in desks in the room? What if they don’t want to have that lavish built-in aquarium? Many what-ifs can pop up and make your house a bad deal for the buyer!

This particular design move is a big no-no, especially when you plan to sell the property in a few years.

Personalized Tiling

Most homes have tiled floors in neutral colors like white and beige. This keeps the room open for different interior styles. People can decorate the interior any way they want.

However, when there is a tiling of a specific color or pattern, the options become very limited. For example, a maroon-tiled bedroom can’t have green furniture. It would look very weird and off-putting.

Your potential buyer would have to either remove the tiles or change the furniture. Both are very expensive choices – something that a buyer avoids. So, it’s best not to personalize the tiles and go with carpets instead. You can roll them up anytime!

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