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Exit Surveys and Feedback: Collecting Insights with Popup Templates




There are several ways available for collecting client feedback. However, it is critical to have a method for collecting their input while they are exploring your product, app, or website.

The idea is that some of these surveys are most effective when utilized as exit intent popups. Such a combination has shown to be a highly successful technique.

In this article, we’ll go through many use cases for popup surveys, feature popup template for survey questions, and share some best practices for making your surveys stand out to audiences, visitors, and users.

What is a Popup Survey?

Popup surveys may help connect, understand, and enrich the customer experience by recording preferences and revealing trouble spots.

These interactive elements are a type of consumer feedback survey that is also known as on-site surveys, on-page surveys, or survey widgets. They are an excellent method to get feedback or ask brief questions while users browse or engage with your website, app, or product.

Another distinguishing feature of such surveys is that they often consist of only one or two questions. This makes such popups quick and easy to fill out, resulting in a significant increase in response rates.

Why Use Pop-up Surveys?

Popup surveys may help businesses and organizations collect real-time feedback, improve user experience, and make data-driven choices.

●     Immediate Feedback

Popup surveys collect user insights at the time of encounter, delivering up-to-date, unfiltered replies while the experience is still fresh in the user’s memory.

●     User Engagement

They can boost user engagement by providing a simple and non-intrusive mechanism for visitors to express their ideas or complaints.

●     Customization

Popup surveys may be customized based on specific user behaviors or segments, ensuring that questions are pertinent to the individual’s journey.

●     Data Collection

They assist firms in gathering quantitative and qualitative data, allowing them to discover trends, pain spots, and opportunities for development.

Popup Survey Questions Examples

Let’s look at some useful popup survey questions you may use.

Cart Abandonment Popup Survey

● What prevented you from completing your purchase today?

● Were there any issues during the checkout process?Image3

● Did you find any hidden costs applied to your purchase?

● Can we assist you in finalizing your purchase?

Exit Intent Popup Survey

● Is there any specific reason for your leaving today?

● Did you locate the information or item you needed?

● Were your goals met using our website/product?

Content Feedback Survey

● How would you evaluate your interaction with us?

● Did you find this content informative and helpful?

● Did you find the content easy to understand?

Bug Reporting

● Please describe the bug or issue encountered.

● Have you come across this bug previously?

● Have you attempted the recommended solutions to fix the problem?

Overall Experience

● How would you rate your overall experience with us?

● Did we meet your requirements and anticipations effectively?

● Did you encounter any challenges while browsing our site?

How Exit Intent Popups Increase Website Conversions

Exit popups can assist in enhancing conversion rates in a variety of ways, including:

● Providing one last chance to convert visitors

Exit popups operate by giving visitors who might otherwise leave your site without taking any action one final chance to convert.

● Reducing cart abandonment

These pop-ups may efficiently minimize cart abandonment and motivate visitors to continue their purchase or sign up for a subscription by delivering a value proposition, such as a discount or a free resource.

● Increasing email subscriptions

Exit intent popups are essential for growing your email list by increasing email subscriptions. This way, you may build a larger consumer base and, more precisely, focus your marketing efforts.

● Boosting website engagement

These popups not only capture quick conversions but also generate potential for long-term engagement and consumer loyalty.

How to Create Effective Exit-Intent Popups?

Consider the following recommended practices when developing popups for your web page visitors to optimize their impact.

Provide value

Ensure that your exit intent popup offer is of true value to your website visitors. This might be a discount, a free resource, or exclusive access to some information/product. The more value you give, the more probable it is that your visitors will interact with the popup.

Have a Clear CTA.

A compelling call-to-action (CTA) is critical for increasing conversions. Make sure your CTA is clear and straightforward and that it conveys the benefits of interacting with the popup. Use terms that entice visitors to click, such as “Get My Discount” or “Download Now.”

Keep it Simple

While explaining the value of your service is important, you don’t want to overload your visitors with material. Maintain a concise, compelling text that focuses on the benefits of your product.

Personalize the Experience

Personalization should be used wherever feasible to personalize your exit intent popup to each visitor’s browsing habits, preferences, or history. This can result in more tailored offers, higher engagement rates, and overall better outcomes.

Time it Right

Exit intent popups should not be activated too early in the user experience since they might be intrusive and drive users to quit your site.


Allow them to explore your site for a few minutes before delivering the popup, ensuring they have had a chance to become acquainted with your brand.


Popup surveys are an excellent tool for gathering real-time customer feedback and insights. They provide a quick and easy way for clients to connect with your website, app, or product.

You may acquire useful feedback and make informed adjustments to the entire client experience by strategically employing the correct questions. You may use pop-up surveys to boost client satisfaction and contribute to the success of your organization if you take the appropriate strategy and employ good software.

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